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    Apr 2012

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    Default dead betta - dropsy in other fish!

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    Hello, great site, Ive been browsing up until now but I have a wee problem in my tanks and need your help. Its quite a long message but any ideas would be appreciated as I might be in danger of catastrophe.

    I have a 160 litre freshwater tropical tank. up and running for a year.
    I have a few tetras, 5 mountain minnows, 5 small corys, two female fighters, two small bristlenose plecs, a young pair of checker board cichlids, two female siamese fighters and a male, a banjo cat and a small clown loach (his friends wouldn't eat when we got them and died within a couple of days so he's on his own at present)

    Everything was going great with bubble nests being regularly built and baby minnows occassionally scooped out of the tank, until recently when my female fighters developed a white/grey sheen to parts of their body the male fighter became sluggish, developed dropsy quite suddenly and died. I carry out weekly water changes, the parameters are always safe (although I only use the strips to test and not a pro kit)
    shortly before this i had been feeding them a mixture of flake, frozen and live food. I read somewhere that frozen often carrys ick and I know the risks with live but I figured its worth the risk for a balanced diet.
    I dosed the tank with methelyne blue a couple of days before the male died three weeks ago and have done so again three days ago, i have also been adding tonic salts in the dosage stated on the packet. this seems to have improved the females complexion but not cured it. What worries me know though is that one of the minnows started separating himself from the others a few days ago, his tail was bent slightly and i thought he had maybe been injured by one of the other males. This morning he was really bloated with dropsy so I have separated him. This was the behaviour of the male (althogh he wasnt crooked) and Im worried whatever it is has spread to another species. All the other fish appear healthy, although one of the female minnows is looking a bit paler.

    Any ideas would be appreciated. Other than continuing to change the water everyday and adding slats im at a loss. i dont want to keep using meth blue as it knocks out the filters I hear.
    Hope someone has some suggestions.
    All the best

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    What are your water testing parameters of the tank?

    ammonia nitrite and nitrate?

    Aside from this, it is -disaster- to house male and female Betta's together, and is highly warned against. After mating, the male will kill the female. You state you have two female fighters and 2 siamese fighters? I am assuming these are all Female Bettas.

    Female Betta can be kept in a sorority tank, rarely. It is a difficult ambition and one usually reserved for extremely experienced Betta keepers. Females are every bit as territorial and aggressive as males.

    I would likely guess, many of the ailments of the Betta's are extreme stress related.

    The minnows are cold water fish, and the fighters are tropical. That would kinda sorta answer that.
    Last edited by Tiari; 04-27-2012 at 03:03 AM.
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. Sorry i had miss typed there were only two females and a male fighter in the tank. With plenty of hiding paces. I had been advised to put the females in as the male was constantly flaring at his reflection in the glass and knakering himself. As with the minnows they were sold as tropical and are content enough to be breeding. I have kept the fry i can save in a non heated tank and they are doing fine also. Since this post I have had a neon and a minnow die. First they start to swim with twitches then develop dropsy. All other fish seem great appart from one of the remaining fighters which still has cloudy patches on her face and side.
    Ive been carrying out regular water changes and changed the filter medium so hopefully Ive averted any more dropsy like deaths.

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    Well unfortunately this is a disaster. The stocking is out of line for the types of fish. The clown loach alone will get too big for that tank. Some other points were also already stated. Salt use is ill advised for corys.

    By changing the filter media you probably have eliminated the beneficial bacteria and can expect a mini-cycle.
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