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    Default Whisper filter & bio-bags

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    Hi -

    I'm setting up a new tank for a betta. It's a 5-gallon Marineland tank that came with a Whisper filter. It takes medium Bio-Bags.

    I've been reading a lot about tank setup and maintenance as I cycle the tank, and have a few questions:

    • What kind of filter is this? (I'm guessing it's cartridge style; it's submersed in the water, not a HOB)
    • What's in the filter? The name "Bio-Bag" makes me wonder if it comes seeded with friendly bacteria - or is it just carbon and mesh?
    • Given what I've read about the non-necessity of carbon, does the bio-bag actually need changing, or just a rinse in tank water when I do a change?

    Thanks. Y'all are champs!

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    We have had the whisper filter with bio bags. The bags are the mesh outside, and carbon inside.

    While you cycle the tank do NOT change this cartridge. As a matter of fact, never throw this cartridge out. When you do, you throw out the cycle with the cartridge.

    Here's how to get around not changing the bio bag:

    After a month, and the carbon is dead, slide the top part off the bag, dump out the carbon, and insert rinsed loose carbon you can get at any aquarium supply shop.

    Alternately, if you do not want to use carbon, fill the interior of the mesh bag with bio media like fluval's bio beads or similar product.

    When the bag starts breaking down, open a new package, and stuff the old breaking apart bio bag into the new bag. If you've moved to using bio balls/beads as well, (Highly recommended), take out around half the carbon in the new bag, and just put in your bio beads.

    Never rinse the media in tap water, always rinse in water you've taken out of the tank during a water change!

    Hope this helps.

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    Ty Tiara, you just educated me...and saved me money!

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    Tiari, sorry

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    With the whisper filters you can usually find plastic clamshell holders that fit them. You can put foam and floss in it and not have it come apart on you.

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