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  1. Exclamation oh no!!! is it a female????????

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    I am just noticing today that one of the guppies is getting huge and the males are following and harassing, though when I separate them with the net, that one swims back to them... I don't want it to be a female as I only have 4 live plants in there and a bubble strip, so the water moves around quite a bit.. I have been turning the bubble strip off at night and just the filter is pushing air and water into the tank over night... will she dies because of the harassment from the males? I bought all males.. so this is a complete surprise! any suggestions???? oh yes I did add a piece of drift wood to float on top of the tank too.

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    Post this in the general aquarium or livebearer forum for answers.
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    it would be easier to tell you if it was female if you had a picture of it. If it is female, then yes, the males will eventually harrass it to death. Your store should take it back if you show them the reciept that says you bought males and show them that it is not a male.
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    Female guppies have shorter fins so that might give you a good idea if it really is a male or a female.

    And, one thing about the bubbler, it might be better to turn it off in the morning and turn it on at night for extra oxygen for the fish. Turn it off in the morning so that you don't have too much CO2 loss for your plants.
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    Use this handy outline guide to figure out the gender:

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    Ekfish... I am sorry, I don't know how to size the pics to fit. I will try though and get the pic. I heard it was possible for a male to turn into a female???
    If it isn't a female and just big male... why would the other be constantly swimming around it?? 3 of them.. strangely the big orange and 2 smaller oranges have taken to swimming very fast up and down behind the bubbles. I bought a couple new plants too... just in case and sunk the drift wood with a rock.

    Thank you all so much for helping!

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    ok here are some pics.. sorry it took so long!
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    lmao I will try again! I know I am the worst photographer!
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    I can't tell from the pics. Check out the link that Trillianne posted though. Sexing livebearers is very straightforward, you just have to see if the have a gonopodium or an anal fin.
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    Not to get a bit G-rated crude, but it helps to think about sexing live bearers like this:
    If you see a rod near it's butt, the you got a Male
    If you don't see a rod near it's butt, but a regular fin instead, you got a Female.

    No Rod=Female

    Compare with link Trillianne posted.

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