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  1. Default Mystery fish fry

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    SO i noticed a tiny fish fry trapped in my syphon media about 2 months ago. I left it there for a couple of weeks to grow as it was obviously a good place for it to be as food waste etc was syphoned off into the media. I eventualy moved it to a breeding trap where it has done very well considering iv been feedin it ground up fish flakes. I assumed it was a baby silvertip or glowlight tetra but now its big enough to actualy see properly i dont think it is. THe fins and tail are totaly wrong for tetras, which are very pointy and arrow shaped whereas the frys is rounded and quite large for its body size. Its also grown very slowly and still only about 1 cm long dispite being a couple of months ish old now. It has a wide head, huge boggly eyes and a big belly and has turned from a plain tan colour to orange in the last couple of weeks. You could say its looks similar to a platty but the underside fin is different, its the same as the dorsal fin rather than having 2 and softer like the platty. Its to small to get a clear picture of it but i was wondering if anyone knew what it was. Ive not introduced anything new to the tank for some time now so i just cant explain where its come from. Thanks
    Small outside pond with a few common goldfish.

    60l Indoor aquaponics setup with 3 small fantail goldfish, 5 danios and 1 silver tip tetra.

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    If this is the first tank in your signature, could it be a baby dwarf gourami? It could be that it's feelers are too fine/small to see, and they do have the anal fin that runs quite far along their body and looks similar to the top fin... and orangish colour would be right, too.
    The only other explanation would be if you got some fertilized eggs on plants or decor you may have added from someone else's aquarium, in which case your best candidates would probably be some kind of annual killifish (eggs strong enough to withstand being out of water and getting jostled about some).

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    Any chance you get get a photo?? It would help to ID what fish it is...

    4 ft 60g FW: 2 angels, 4 blind cave, 1 whiteskirt, 4 gold widows, 6 serpaes, 1 neonhead apisto, 4 clown loaches, 4 albino cory, 2 bronze corys & 3 BN plecos.
    23g FW: 1 neonhead apisto, 1 yoyo, 2 albino BN plecos & 4 pepper cory
    5.5g: Crowntail Betta, 6 black Khuli's & RCS
    5 g: Crowntail Betta, 1 albino cory (Quasi), 4 baby khuli's & RCS
    7 g: Dragontail Betta & 2 albino cory
    3ft Axi tank: 1 black, 1 gold - 1 redcap oranda & 2 albino cory

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    Theres only one gourami and its a male. He now lives in another tank, i need to update my siggy lol. The only thing it can be is a platy, i got 2 a few months ago and the female died randomly after just a few weeks. The only thin i can think of is she was pregnant when she arived and droped before she died, although she was never fat. I went To my lfs earlyer and they showed me some baby platy fry and they looked the same as "squirt" did when it was tiny. AS i said before theres no new plants, rocks or gravel in the tank for some time now so it cant be that. Im pretty sure its a platy thats just growing very slowly.
    Small outside pond with a few common goldfish.

    60l Indoor aquaponics setup with 3 small fantail goldfish, 5 danios and 1 silver tip tetra.

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    Sounds like the only thing it can be is a platy. Most leave a pet store gravid.
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