So this is tank that has been in storage for almost a year. I only had it running for 12 months before I shut it down, so you can imagine my frustration of not using it this past year.

So, in the last 24 hrs I've set a band of fluorite substrate with light gravel on top and areas of black sand on either end of the tank. I really wanted the focus to be on the beautiful piece of driftwood in the middle.

In the next few days I am adding more rocks to the base of the wood and tapering off out to either side. I've got some java fern that can grow on the wood and a propagating banana plant but I'm still looking for other plants to add. I am also going to cover that window.

This is going to be an angelfish or discus tank... I think but I wanted to tap into some great minds and see if anyone had any input for the direction of this tank.

I appreciate the feedback!

120 Gallon
5 ft wide, 2 ft tall and 18" across
2 Magnum 350 canister filters
(1st Filter) 4 Bio-wheel Pro 30's, Pro-biotic canister medium (gravel)
(2nd Filter) Gamma U.V. 15W sterilizer, Activated charcoal medium
Glo dual T5 48" 2X54w
2 LED Stunner strips