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Thread: Blood Parrots

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    Default Blood Parrots

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    Hello. Five weeks ago I inherited a 40 gallon tank with two, two-year old Blood Parrot Cichlids. The fish have been fine until a few days ago. Both are VERY inactive, and lay on the floor or lean up against a decoration. Sometimes they lay on their side. It is as though they are sleeping or dead! Then I lightly tap the glass and they become active. They are very active at feedings. There are a few more fish in the tank. The Blood Parrots seem to dominate the tank.

    Also, I had my water tested and it is perfect. No changes at all since I got the aquarium. Any ideas? Could they be getting ready to lay eggs?

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    Doesn't matter if they lay eggs because all males are infertile. But blood parrots do not lay on the bottom or lean up against decorations.

    I suggest you check that water again. Nitrates under 20 and 0 ammonia and nitrites. How much is a few more fish in the tank?

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    Aside from the Blood Parrots, there are two Silver Dollar Cichlids, two plecos, and four small Tiger Barbs. All of the other fish are doing fine. I did forget to mention, I was told to move the decorations around because the fish become very territorial if things remain the same after a while. So, I did. I swapped artificial coral from one side of the tank to the other. Their behavior did not change.

    I took a sample of the water into an aquarium shop where they test the water for free for Nitrates, Nitrites, etc. He performed two different tests. He said the water looked perfect.

    The Blood Parrots were moving the sand and rock around quite a bit prior to this, and they were "lip locking" a bunch. I thought I read that meant they were preparing to spawn.

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    Silver dollars are not cichlids, they are characins.

    Blood parrot in the photo looks stressed, also they aren't ment to 'tilt to the side, somethings up with them or the tank.
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    What should the water temperature be? It's been set at 78 degrees since I've owned it at the recommendation of my local aquarium guy. However, a friend of mine said it should be at no more that 72 degrees...

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    I have blood parrots and my tank is always kept at 78.

    They pick their spots and that's their comfort area. Moving things around means they have to start finding a new spot to call their own. I move stuff to clean the tank but also try to put it back in the same place.

    With a tank of your own, you should also have tests of your own rather than rely on whoever is working at the pet shop to take the tests. And if you want to check the water in the middle of night, you can. API is a good liquid tester.

    Make sure you feed those Silver Dollars greens. Vegetables are an important part of their diet. Don't put plants in the tank because they will eat them all. They should be in a larger number just as tetra's are kept. But they do love their lettuce and other greens.

    The parrot looks as it's leaning because the substrate is so deep. Dig some of it out from under that decoration so he has more room under there.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 04-26-2012 at 05:24 AM.

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    They have Ich... =(

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    Gutted, check out the disease forum, loadsa info there
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    I just hope its not too late. The white spots are clearly visible now, where they weren't yesterday. But the fish have been incredibly "lazy" for a few days now.

    I did a 25% water change, removed the charcoal filters, raised the temp to 80, and treated the water with Kordon Rid-Ich Plus. Should I use salt as well? I think I read 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons of water. Does that sound correct???

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    Actually it's 1 T. per 5 gallons.

    Apparently something new has been added to the tank that brought the ick with it. You seldom see ick in tanks that are established and no new fish unless stress or cold temps brought it on.

    The Silver Dollars are now a problem because they don't do well with Ick meds.

    It's generally recommended to either treat with the salt and raised tank temp OR use the medication. Reason being that both methods reduce oxygen in the tank. You might want to add an airstone in both treatments.

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