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    Default Penguin 300 & HOT Magnum media combinations

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    I have a Penguin 300 and a HOT Magnum filter in a 55 Gal fresh water tank. I try to do water change once a week up to two week max. I usually wash the type C filter in the syphoned water and change it every two months. I have been running carbon in the Magnum.

    I have been trying to figure out the best set up. I've read a lot that you don't need a lot of carbon in the system and it doesn't last long so it gets expensive. The Penguin type C filter has the carbon media in it so that will be changed regularly. I was thinking I don't need the carbon in the Magnum, but not sure what other media would be good to run. I was also thinking of using the media bin in the Penguin but again not sure what to use. The water balance has been fine and clarity hasn't been an issue. I tend to get matter in the filters regualry. My pelco loves to kick up gunk which is fine as it sends it into the filters. Thus why I was thinking of running some extra media in the bin to catch the particles being sucked up into the Penguin.

    If it matters I have the a Pleco, a Gourami, a dwarf Gourami, 2 Tetra Neons, a Guppie, a snail, and a Striped Barb.

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    You need gifts!!  Happy New Year! :) - Ellen4God   Thanks for the heads up on tank size - Intentional or not  :-P - 850R   


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    Tetras needs to be in school. Don't be conservative on their numbers since you have a 55G anyways. Same as barbs, or else they will be nippy. Or maybe, you can rehome (or bring back to LFS) the neons as they will just hide away if there are bigger fish than them in the tank, then get another specie of your choosing.

    I would suggest upping the numbers of the barbs to 8-9 and the tetra (if not going to rehome) at around 15-20. Or maybe just rehome the barb and get all neons, you can go for around 30+ of them in that tank.

    Also, 2 gouramis, of ANY kind should not be places in the same tank unless it is 80G+. They will just be aggressive towards each other.

    On the side note, a common pleco will outgrow your tank, so it is best to rehome him NOW if he is a common one.

    For the media part, you don't really need carbon unless you're using it to remove meds from your tank. So you can just replace that with any bio-filter you want : either bio-max or seachem matrix will work for the magnum. For the penguin, just cut a slit through the top of the cartridge and throw out the carbon inside it. You can add filter wool if there is any space.
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