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Thread: Corys breeding!

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    Jun 2011
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    Default Corys breeding!

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    I currently have a very fat, eggy cory (peppered cory I think) who is having a lovely time with her 3 males. I've never had fish breed before, and this was a bit of a surprise, so I don't really know what to expect!

    Firstly, she's got about 4 eggs hanging out of her in a string, is that normal? Maybe she can't decide where to put them! She looks like there are a LOT more on the way.

    Also, when the eggs appear, I think I'll put them in a plastic jar inside the tank with little holes for water flow, and add a bit of anti-fungal to the whole tank. Does this sound sensible? I do have a little tank, empty, that I think has finished cycling (trites at 0 when I checked the other day, but I've only had it a month or so and I'm not sure I trust it) so I was thinking of moving them over when they've hatched and grown a bit.

    Input please!


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    My mom says they do that with their eggs before they put them on their ventral fins and then stick them to everything (especially the walls). I suggest putting your plastic jar thing in front of the filter output when u do that, so that the water rushes nicely over the eggs. If you do that, you shouldnt really need anti-fungal medicines. The eggs take 3-5 days to hatch my mom says, and then the babies are tiny little things. You can feed them baby brine shrimp or anything like that that is fry food. Then as long as that other little tank is cycled it should be a great place to raise them. Good luck!
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    i didn't realize my emerald cory was full of eggs. i ended up moving my tank across the room and the huge water change caused them to spawn! i don't think i had any survivors unfortunately. good luck with yours though!
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    Mar 2012
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    Corys are great! I had the same thing when suddenly eggs started appearing. When shes happy she will stick them all over the tank, can be very hard to see but keep an eye out.

    The ones that are fertilised apparently have a brown spot in them. The eggs are pretty strong so you can just pick them off the surfaces. I managed to get about 30 eggs and in about 4 days i had micro cory's. I used liqifry which i used a few drops of, plus i also used a mortar to smoosh up flakes and they seemed to like it.

    My nursery was near the pump outlet and air stone so it kept the water flow.

    I now have just under 20 little guys in their own tank and are great fun to watch zipping around together!

    Good luck!!

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