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  1. Question I'm stumped.....

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    Ok so quick rundown here about 3 weeks ago I started having ammonia issues. At one point it got up to 4! And I'm still battling that issue for some reason I can only get it down to .5-1. Well I've added a Rena xp3 which I seeded with filter media and bio rings about 2 weeks now. So at that same time I was setting up my new filter I noticed my fish had ich. So after a week long battle with that and a loss of 6-7 fish I'm in the clear(sorta). My remaining fish are all happy and colorful and swimming around again enjoying there new 15 pack of cichlid stones. Well my problem is my one yellow lab(male I believe) is acting real strange. He never really suffered from the ich as bad as everyone else but for the past week he has been extremely lethargic he literally sits on a leaf the whole day. He will come out to eat though. He doesn't really have anything wrong that I can see except he has this small white patch on his side. It's not raised or cotton like its just a flat faint white spot. His fins are not clamped there usually "puffed out" when he does come out for food. I would say his breathing is slightly heavier then the other fish and he's not even moving. And the only other thing I could notice is that his tail looks kinda beat up(tail rot?) he doesn't really have any other symptoms of it. It kinda looks like a combination of nipping and possibly tail rot. I'm stumped any help would be appreciated. My tank is a 75 gallon mbuna with an Aqueon 55/75 HOB and a Rena xp3. And I've been doing daily water changes 50% average to keep the ammonia down and I've been treating with prime. And my nitrites are 0 and nitrates average between 5-20

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    Too much ammonia. And ick on top of it in an uncycled tank has added to their stress. You need to get that ammonia down so you know it's not .50-1.0 and more like .25.

    Did you add charcoal to remove the ick medication?

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    Yes I did and the tank is cycled its been up for almost 5 months now.

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    Your tank is not cycled or you would not be having ammonia nor nitrites. It may have been before but it isn't now.

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