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  1. Default Mopey Mystery snail with gray fuzz

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    My normally very active Mystery snail is moping on the bottom of the tank this morning. It's moving slightly (at one point it snapped its operculum closed), so I know it's alive.

    But it's mostly staying still with the trap half-open, and this grayish fuzzy-gelatinous-looking stuff on its foot:


    Parameters: 78 degrees, pH 6.2, ammonia .25, nitrite 0, nitrates 0.

    (The pH has been gradually dropping over the last few weeks, but no sudden changes. The ammonia rise happened since yesterday.)

  2. Default

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    looks like some bacterial thing to me =/ dont much about snails though.

  3. Default

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    What's in your tank besides the snail? With slight ammonia & no nitrates I am assuming your tank isn't cycled yet? Maybe the ammonia is affecting it?

  4. Default

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    The only other occupant is a betta. It's a 5-gallon tank, which was cycled, but I switched filters a few days ago (from a Tetra Whisper to AC20).

    I transferred the Biomax beads from the old to new filter. I'm probably having a mini-cycle. I'll be doing a water change in about an hour.

    The snail has started moving around, but not at its normal pace (which is pretty impressive, for a snail).

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    my mystery snails would occasionally leave something that looked like that on the driftwood. No idea what it was. If it was a pond snail or something I'd say it was eggs, but mystery snail eggs don't look anything like that.
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  6. Default

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    Little Ronnie Jeremy seems to be fine now.

  7. Default

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    I was having some problems awhile back with my snails and they were doing this same thing. I was told they were reacting to an irritant in the water. Unfortunately mine didn't fare as well as yours. Glad yours is back to normal now. He looks a lot like one of mine. :)

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