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  1. Default My favorite betta.

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    I have a crowntail betta named Harold who has always been my favorite. He has always lived with other fish (mainly guppies) and has never been aggressive. He seems to live happily in a community tank and never beats up on the other fish, or gets beat up himself. Does anyone else have a betta that gets along well with others? Is it a common misconception that bettas can't live with other fish? I realize other male bettas would cause problems, but my betta doesn't seem to mind his tank mates at all.

  2. Default

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    my male Betta lives with tetras, no problems i have even watched them swim together. i do make sure to watch closely and look for signs that they are not getting along.

  3. Default

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    It is a misconception. There are some fish you still shouldn't put a Betta with but they are not as solitary as people think they are. There's actually quite a variety of fish they can live with :)
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    My Betta Tiberius, and my Daughter's Kasai, both actually really like the otto cats in with them. LOL
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  5. Default

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    Its cool to hear of others having friendly Bettas :) They deserve full size aquariums! Not vases or small desktop containers because people think they have to be alone. They add an awesome touch to a community aquarium with peaceful fish.

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    It is not a misconception, but like most fish each betta has it's own personality. My father and daughter had betta's that would kill anything they tried to put in the tank with them. I had a betta that seemed to enjoy the company of 11 glowlight tetra's and some cory's in his tank. Those same glowlights are now in my daughters tank with another betta who tolerates them.
    It's hit or miss with betta's. The main thing is to be prepared to remove it to it's own appropriate sized cycled aquarium that has a heater and filter if he decides he doesn't like company, but it doesn't hurt to try one in a community tank.
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    yea they can be aggressive sometimes. I stick to tank mates that do not have long flowing fins and that are not bigger then the Betta seems to be working good. but i agree with above poster it mostly depends on the Betta if they will be good in a community take or in there own 5-10gallon home.

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    I've got one betta who won't even flare at his own reflection and would probably do well in a community setting, and then I've got a couple who freak out if you so much as look at them funny. It all depends on the betta

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    My betta doesnt mind his tankmates at all. He lives with 6 glowlight tetras and a zebra nerite snail. He doesnt even get mad when the tetras steal his pellets instead of eating their food (the tetras cant eat the pellets they are too big, they just swim around with them in their mouths).

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