Hey guys! I have entered a photo contest at That Fish Place while i was there for their huge 39th Annual Anniversary Sale this past weekend and i was wondering if you guys thought he was cute if you could just click like for me there. If not thats fine. Just figured it was a better way to get the word out there so that maybe more people could see his pic and like it if they wanted. Also there are 100s more candidates if you have the time to scroll thru them all. Lots of adorable puppies!

He is such a good kitty! Took him there and when i took off his leash the lady freaked out thinking he was gonna run. But i knew he wouldnt. He had so much fun, it was an awesomely fun day. Everybody we ran into was like "omg a cat!!! Can i pet him? Is he nice?" They all loved him. His favorite part was when i wheeled him by the bird area. Told him he could pick out his own lunch. His favorite was the finches. He stared at them for 5 minutes, loving every minute of watching them flutter past his face, only a screen and some bars away from his longing claws...

So yea, here's the link to the picture on facebook, if you want, you can like it for me. Anybody else go there for the big sale? If so, did you take your pets?