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    Default What can I put in my 10 gal with my chinese algae eater?

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    I moved my chinese algae eater out of my 55gal last week and into a 10 gal by himself. Was wondering if there is anything I can safely put in there with him. Any ideas?
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    chinese algae eaters get big and mean. A 10 gallon tank is not suitable for one, and if you add anything else the CAE will likely badger it to death. Why did you move the CAE out of the 55g? Was it picking on the fish in there?
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    Don't even bother with CAE's. They're ruthless killers.
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    you might as well bring the CAE back to the store. A CAE in a ten gallon won't be healthy long.

    "Ruthless killers" is a bit strong. They are aggressive, but in aggressive tanks they are fine.
    Last edited by sheamurai; 02-26-2012 at 03:48 PM.
    20gal long planted community

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    cant take him back to the store. there are no local lfs around here, petsmart and petco wont take him. i'm stuck with him. the biggest thing I have is a ten gallon and I got chewed out for getting that. Some time I want to get him something bigger or find him a new home. have been trying both. Will be upgrading to a 125Gal by the end of summer, But I will have nowhere to put the 55 when that happens. Building a huge tank in a couple years, but i'm not even counting on that till it can happen!
    He was attacking my black ghost knife and clown loaches. bit the tail fin off of my black skirt tetra and was just very agressive towards everyone. Never knew he would be so agressive! I now do my research before I even think about getting anything. I will not lose my knife or clowns for that little bugger!
    Last edited by BigFish10; 02-27-2012 at 12:29 AM.
    55Gal, 4 Clown Loaches, 1 Black Ghost Knife, 1 Common Pleco (12"), 1 Chinese Algae eater, 2 Black Skirt Tetra, 3 White Skirt Tetra, 3 Glowfish
    600Gal Koi pond, 3 Koi, 4 Pool comets
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    Put an add on CL "To give away to a suitable home" - and hope for the best.
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    The CAE gets testy and territorial as it matures. If it has tank mates that are mid-low range swimmers, a confrontation is almost inevitable. Honestly, finding him a new home is a must. Size dependent, a 10 gallon tank isn't the "best movement" you can make, as the decreased size can really stress them out, but I understand your situation. Just try not to keep him in there for too long.

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