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  1. Default Side by Side Betta Tanks

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    I put two 10 Gallon Betta tanks side by side on a desk. One has a female Betta, the other has a male Betta. Both tanks are completely cycled.
    I originally had a piece of cardboard separating the view from one Betta to the other. This afternoon, I took the cardboard down, to see what they would do once they found out there was another Betta next door.
    They both had their initial issues, and a flare, with a dance, but 5 minutes later, neither one semed to care if the other one was in an adjacent tank.
    Does this mean that they will live in harmony as next door neighbors? Or am I destined for a certain fatality in due time?
    If the female becomes "egg" laden, is she going to be alright if she is not bred, and fertilized by the male? I have no ability to breed, or raise Bettas at this point, although they would make pretty babies.

    The view from end to end looks like one continuous tank with 2 Bettas in it.

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    Nice job keeping those tanks when you can look end to end through both tanks and have it clear as a bell like that. I constantly test my water clarity in the same manner.

    They will let you know if this is not working for them. If the male is constantly flaring and stressed out, then replace the cardboard again. Easy fix.

    PS.....I have the same ivy growing out of my blood parrot tank. :)
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 04-13-2012 at 04:23 AM.

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    Their tanks are big enough where they can "get away" from each other, as it were. Just watch for stress, particularly in the male, constantly flaring at her could blow out his fins.

    You could also shield their view somewhat by placing plants on the sides of the tank that face one another, so they can gain glimpses, but not always have a straight full on view.
    2 10 gallon tanks, 1 20 gallon tank, 1 Fluval Edge, 1 29 gallon tank, and one backyard pond.

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    He doesn't flare at her anymore. They will greet each other, she will do a dance, and he just sits there.. he flares at his shadow more than at her.. he is a rather boring man, if you ask me. Lol....

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    Looks Really nice, I like the end see through view allso

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    ^_^ Beautiful fish. The female looks a bit like my sneaky male, Comet.

    I have a couple of tanks side-by-side, and the occupants completely ignore each other. Sunstreaker the gold crown freaks out at me, but completely ignores the blue female right next door.

    The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of the act

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    +1 to Lady Hobbs/Tiari. You could take the natural approach and plant a dense plant on the right side of the left tank, maybe even the left side of the right one... perhaps something like hornwort or a large java fern attached to a piece of rock/driftwood. That could cut down on flaring/stress.
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