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  1. Default My humble 20g tiger barb tank

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    Hi all. Just wanted to post up some pics of my 20g tall with 8 tiger barbs. There's an anubias on each side and a pile of 8 or so lava rocks in the center. Filtration is provided by a Fluval U2. The barbs are on a diet of hikari micropellets, tetra tropical crisps, hikari mini algae wafers, frozen tubifex worms and frozen daphnia (last two are treats).

    Not much else to it. I set it up for my 8-month old son who loves watching them. Wish I could have set up a larger one, but just no room for it at the moment. Thanks for looking!


  2. Default

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    Nice little school you got there.

  3. Default

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    Awesome looking tank. Are you going to add a few more to the school since you still have some stocking space left?

  4. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElizabethJKR
    Awesome looking tank. Are you going to add a few more to the school since you still have some stocking space left?
    Probably going to add two or three more and that should max out the tank. At the moment I'm leaving things as is to see how quick the nitrates build up and and get a feel for the bioload as it currently stands. A couple more shouldn't hurt at all though.

  5. Default

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    Very nice looking tank and fish, I like it

  6. #6


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    Love your tank Hubby likes Tiger Barbs a lot too but they won't go well in my calm community tank. No way I can set up tank so for now he'll just have to go to the pet store and watch them swim around
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  7. Default

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    Thanks for all the kind words! The barbs are so active and tons of fun to watch. Wish I could have gotten a larger tank.

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  9. #9


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    Simple yet attractive aquarium. I would add some more anubias or java fern in between the rocks and some taller plants in the background. The addition of more plants will help further control your nitrates. Look into a rubber nose pleco they stay small and are very attractive little fish.
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  10. Default

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    Awesome. I love species tanks done right.

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