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    Question 33 gallon breeder tank?

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    I have recently set up a 33 gallon long tank that i'm letting cycle right now. While i'm doing that I wanted to get some good opinions on what type of cichlid I could possibly breed in there. I am hoping for something relatively simple to breed with proper tank maintenance, but different from any fish I already have. Which are convicts, firemouths, and yellow labs. In the tank i'd like to have 1 mated pair and then a school of something else, is this possible or should it just be a pair? I'd really appreciate any and all opinions/suggestions! Also, I have many lfs' near me that always welcome trade ins for store credit and I have an oscar, so I do have a plan for the fry.

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    Unhappy Update

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    Well my 33 gallon sprung a leak all over my floor, that was fun to clean lol. It was second hand and not in perfect condition so i'm not suprised. So now my question is would a 20 gallon be suitable for just a mated pair of cichlids depending on type. I figure I can pick one of those up inexpensively since I have all the equipment minus the tank, even a hood.

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    You could always savage the 33 by resealing it. I'm not an expert but I think for breeding cichlids a 33 would be much better than a 20. Dwarf cichlids are always an option.
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  4. Default

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    You could do Rams or Apistos or Rainbow Cichlids or, or, or. If you look through my dwarf cichlid primer stickied in the dwarf cichlid forumer, there are several fishes you could discover that'd be suitable for a breeding project in a 33.

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    I do have aquarium silicone so I am going to attempt to fix the bigger tank, but not sure if I can target the exact source of the leak. As far as fish, i've been looking on here and think i've decided on bolivian rams, no pet store or lfs in my are has them, but my favorite lfs is willing to order them for me and is calling back with prices later. I figured i'd get 4 and no schooling fish so I can get a pair and trade the other 2 back into the lfs and then get 6 of some kind of tetra. Do bolivian rams have to have live plants? I truly despise snails and don't want to take chances with hitchikers if I can avoid it.

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    I would reseal the whole tank.
    trying find and fix one leak has never worked for me

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    I agree with Raven. Resealing silicone ontop of silicone won't work for a permanent fix. You have to scrape off all the old, clean the glass of all residue and reseal. I did this last summer. It was allot of work but was also on a 120 gal. 30 gal shouldn't be to bad and well worth it. There is a really good post in the DIY section here on the AC.
    "The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress may be judged by the way it's animals are treated", Gandhi
    Shark fin soup... A bowl of Travesty I will NEVER stomach".

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    I'm thinking this may be more work then i'm willing to put into an old tank and am just going to wait a bit and see if I can come across any deals on craigslist. Also, going to check my lfs for any used tanks and hoods. However, from what i'm reading a pair of rams would be happy in a 20 gallon as long as there aren't many other fish in there. Thank you for the replies.

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    Managed to get a used 40 gallon with hood cheaper than buying a new 20 gallon starting cycling when I get it tomorrow. How many pairs of bolivians could I keep in that with how many tetras or barbs?

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