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  1. Smile Interested in Best Convict Cichlid Hybrids!

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    Hi, I currently have a 40 Gallon tank with a couple Honduran Red Points(Blue Convicts) and a breeding pair of Convict Cichlids; most likely already hybrids due to the blue and yellow fins. At least the male shows these traits I believe the female is the closest to a pure Black Convict Cichlid. It doesn't matter to me because I just use their babies as feeders for my Oscar and Firemouths that are in a separate tank.

    Anyways, I'm interested in what everyone thinks the best looking hybrids are that involve Convict Cichlids, Honduran Red Points, or Firemouths. Also, pictures of some you can find or own yourself would be amazing!:-) I love seeing new variations of fish. So please share anything you've found or created yourself that you think is cool/interesting in your eyes!


    P.S. I understand hybrids can ruin populations of purebreds for others! I do not plan to sell/distribute these fish. I'd just like to have a few crazy looking fish for my own fish tank! I find that hybrids are very interesting ugly or beautiful! All babies will be used to feed my other cichlids and fry used for healthy live food for my brother's smaller fish! I do plan to keep the best looking hybrids to have in my aquarium just for friends to see and wonder "What kind of fish is that?!?" So post your thoughts AND PICTURES:-D on cool, ugly, or beautiful Convict, Firemouth, or Honduran Red Point hybrids!

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    I have seen convict/green texas cichlids before,quite nasty.I like the texas/jag crosses.

  3. Default

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    I have seen some Convicts mixed with Firemouths and depending on who's genes were the strongest shows which fish look the best. I personally like when the females have the Red mouth of the Firemouth but everything else looks like Convict with stripes and all. But I also have seen some Cons mixed with Blood Parrot and find them interesting as well but Hybrids arent really something Im into.

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    i guess i didn't realize convicts were so apt to cross breeding. we've got convicts, fire mouths, jack dempsy, and an oscar together. am i going to end up with mutts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BUSh
    i guess i didn't realize convicts were so apt to cross breeding. we've got convicts, fire mouths, jack dempsy, and an oscar together. am i going to end up with mutts?
    It's quite possible, especially if you don't have both sexes of each species. Generally, fish prefer to breed with their own species (though there are always exceptions).
    Quote Originally Posted by i_am_511
    Lighten up its just the internet its not like someone came in your house and punched a baby in the face.

  6. Default I have 11 firemouth/convict cichlids.

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    The female firemouth and male convict are in a community tank with both breeds. They only breed with each other. They have had at least 4-5 fry groups. They look just like the firebelly. There are 7 from first fry. We removed and put into a separate tank. They continue to breed and we just leave them alone. There are fours more survivors in the main tank that are from at least two separate fry groups.

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