I have a male dwarf gourami that ive had for a while. He was dull and sad looking, so i bought a female companion. He has darkened up since quite a bit, as my little LFS predicted! :) Now my next step is to determine what wooing and mating behavior looks like in gouramis. How do i know if they are attracted to eachother and want to mate? So far ive had the female for about 2 months maybe, and in a few weeks they are going to be in a much bigger tank with a special gourami breeding area set aside. I know how to care for the eggs (mom has honeys and they bred a few times). I need these questions:

1. How do i know if they want to mate (other than bubble nest)?
2. How do i condition them to mate or do i have to?
3. How often will they mate if they do decide they like eachother?