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  1. Default 45g Goldfish tank

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    Hi Guys,

    so, my oldies got bigger in few months time. I have 4 of them now in a 45g tank.. with 2 live plants, very few decorations so as to give them the entire 45g to swim around.. i keep a constant temperature of 70.

    i bought a new filter. the aqueon 55/75 meant for 90g tanks. with 2 large filters. but the problem is, every week my filters are loaded and either i throw them out or just rinse it and place it back.

    is this normal? the tank is perfectly fine, neat, clear water, the fishes are happy, playing around.

    i feed them twice a day with pellets.. API pellets and Omega One pellets (the big ones)..

    water changes are done every week for 25% and the next week for 50%.

    should I throw in a bottom feeder? i don't see much food left behind since the goldies clean em up within couple of hours of feeding.

    suggestions are welcome..

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    Bottom feeders are not required for goldfish tanks, they do a good enough job cleaning, and the stuff they won't eat, i.e. their own waste, bottom feeders won't eat either. Bottom feeders will only add more waste to the tank.

    It is perfectly normal to pull out a goldfish filter cartridge and find it black. In fact, I would think there was something off if it wasn't. Goldfish are big fish, and they have high needs. Their waste output is large, considering their large size and constant creation of slime coat on their bodies.

    I've found, that unlike my other tanks, where a good rinse cleans them out pretty well, goldfish filter cartridges never seem to be able to tank water the yuck out. Or at least, not much, its pretty dang dirty.

    If you have more than one filter, alternate replacing filters, replacing only one at a time, letting the other go with just a rinse, so you don't loose beneficial bacteria.

    I have an Aqueon quiet flow filter on the goldfish tank, and what I do is place two cartridges in, one in the housing, and one behind it. Every two to three weeks, I remove the one behind, take the one out of the housing and place that behind with a new filter in the housing. It adds extra filtration, and I don't need to totally replace cartridges as often.

    I also have an in tank air driven sponge filter, to help maintain the tank, and to be sure if I really have no choice to replace the cartridges, I won't loose the biological filtration.

    Also if you are going through loads of filters, its a good idea to check online to buy packages of them in bulk cheap. Saves loads of money.
    Last edited by Tiari; 03-30-2012 at 02:31 PM.

  3. Default

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    +1 with Tiari - if even a rinse in tank water doesn't clean a cartridge up enough, you can do what Tiari does - "seed" a new cartridge with bacteria from an old one for a few weeks before tossing the old one. That way you don't lose your bacteria completely.

  4. Default

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    Hey thanks guys..

    I am going all out to keep my goldies happy. I am new to this hobby and since I don't have much space I can't get a bigger tank.
    But, this has turned into a passion. Started with a 10g, 29g and now this 45g. Love my goldies, always dancing and playing around. They see my Dad, they're even happier cuz they know he hand feeds them and pets them.

    I use API Stress Coat, Stress Zyme, Goldfish Cleaner on a weekly basis.
    also Aqueon Plant Food weekly for the plants.

    Does adding more plants help keep the cartridges more clean?

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    Plants will help the water quality, but it isn't going to lessen your fish pooping. I think that about says it :)

    Simply, Goldfish=Black cartridges. Again try looking online to buy the cartridges in bulk. Depending on the housing for the cartridges, sometimes you can DIY filter media in there using flat sheets of media like filter foam and carbon which you cut to fit. Layer them in for a snug fit, and you are good to go.

    Also, most people don't know, you can cram the cartridge housing with cheap-o filter floss, works great. If you have a filter that holds two cartridges, and you really want carbon in there, you can use one cartridge on one side, and filter floss on the other. Floss is dirt cheap, and found at pet stores, or, in walmart in the craft section as "pillow stuffing floss". Once its yucky, toss it.

    Another option is to get some mesh filter bags, put carbon in it, and nest it between filter floss you cram in the filter housing, voila, home made cheap filter cartridge.

  6. Default

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    Thanks Tiari for the tips..

    my goldies, I got no idea what they're upto. plucked out the Amazon Sword plant :( and a bit of the Anacharis plant..

    and a 90g filter is not enough for a 45g goldfish tank I guess. The water does get cloudy in a weeks time.
    Plants: Anacharis, Amazon Sword
    Fish: 4 Comet Goldfish
    4 Corydora Catfish

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    Goldies need a lot of aeration too. For a second filter you might consider putting on an air driven sponge filter, a huge one. I have one on my goldfish tank, plus the hang on the back, and water stays great.

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    If you can take the Aqueon back do so and get an AquaClear 110.

    I prefer to keep goldfish on sand, which they will keep very clean for you. I wouldn't add any more fish to this setup, four goldfish in a 45 is overstocked, well stocked at best (if you do enough water changes to keep the nitrate within 10ppm of your tap).

    I only feed and recommend New Life Spectrum. IME it is by far the best fish food on the market right now. If you switch to NLS exclusively you will probably notice the tank running a little cleaner.

    I do agree that aeration is very important in a goldfish tank. I would have a strong air pump on any freshwater tank, especially with goldfish. I personally rely on HOB or canister filters to do all my filtering, not sponge filters. They take up space in the tank and you have to go in after them to clean them all the time. They shouldn't be needed if you have enough filtration.
    Aquarist since 1995
    Biologist and Published Author in Multiple Aquarium Magazines
    Owner: Aquarium Maintenance Company
    Advanced Aquarium Concepts: Articles about many aspects of aquarium care.

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    Just to put in about the sponge filter issue. I have these and think they are a wise idea if you live in an area prone to storms and power failures. They can be hooked up to a battery operated air pump and keep the cycle going if they are temporarily without their normal filter.

    Its a matter of preference, and needs, and yes, it will take up precious space in the tank.

    As stated above, if you can change that filter to an Aquaclear 110 at some point, you will be a LOT happier.

  10. Default

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    Okay, I think I will consider the Aqua Clear filter then.
    And I will be moving the Corys out to another tank in a weeks time. And removing a small bridge structure where the Corys hide. Guess that will give the goldies more space.
    Plants: Anacharis, Amazon Sword
    Fish: 4 Comet Goldfish
    4 Corydora Catfish

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