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  1. Default Frontosa with Malawi Community

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    I have a community of Malawi cichlids
    Along with a Tanganyikan Juliodchromis dickfeldi
    The other Fish are, 3 Red Empress, 4 Rostratus, 2 Electric yellows and 1 Cobalt blue Zebra Cichlid
    Is it possible to keep a Frontosa in this setup or is it to risky or water conditions not right

  2. Default

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    Will the Frontosa eventually eat the juliochromis?

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    What size tank?
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    Good luck with the community tank!  You WILL post pics when it's up and running!  Welcome to AC BTW - Mith for ur tank ! welcome to AC ! - Neon im not a good hug'er - rookie Grats on the fry! - Northernguy To go with your beer!  Thanks for the help! - dragoonwoman 
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    Not a good idea IMO. If the frontosa doesn't get killed it will eventually grow big enough to eat the others.
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    depending on the size of ur tank frontosa should do fine with those fish. if u have 4 rostratus u must have a lrg tank.

  6. Default

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    the trouble with having a pair of juliochromis in a tank of malawis comes when you want to move rocks around to introduce new fish.juliochromis DO NOT like to have the rocks moved about and the larger of the two will more than likely kill the other when this is done.

  7. Default

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    fronts like to be kept in groups also. They definitly will get big enough to eat most anything that can fit in they're mouth. I put 5 in my 125, with 4 goldheaded comps, 4 black calvus, two hybrid peacocks, and a royal pleco( the janitor). the fronts are quickly fling the tank. they grow FAST. Love my fronts though.

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    I would not mix them personally as most of those fish are too quick and could spook your front who could in turn panic and crash into decorations. Fronts need a big tank. Depending what you are feeding could make a difference. There are good quality foods IE Hikari and NLS which will be good for both your tangs and Malawi's. Fronts and Julis require more protein than your malawi's which are more vegetarian. Fronts do best in a species tank.

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    good info but if you have a look you'll see the thread is over a year old and OP has been banned.

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    0 Not allowed! can set your option so these old threads are not popping up for you. Also, click new posts when you enter the forum and these buried threads will not appear.

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