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  1. Default Refugium planning

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    I just wanted to make a thread to brainstorm ideas for building a refugium (which is harder for me since I never put a sump in).

    What I've lately been thinking is just building my own out of glass and silicone (I've worked with silicone before) and putting two pico pumps in and placing it somewhat above my main tank's water level.

    I have enough room behind the tank to build something about 20 x 20 x 6 which should be about 10 gallons (I have a 29 with a cannister that puts it up to 30).

    What do you guys think?
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    كل نفس ذائقة الموت ثم الينا ترجعون

  2. Default

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    Mounting a refugium up high definitely has a plus side... No accidental floods! I have a 20g reef that sat on my dresser until a year ago, and at that time I had no room below for a fuge, so I mounted a little 2.5g on the side, and grew my macro in that. I'm not sure why you would need 2 pumps as you stated, but as long as the fuge is mounted level w/ your display tank all you need is a U tube to bridge a siphon from the display tank. You then return it back w/ a small pump, pumping from inside the fuge, out to the display. Here is a pic of my old set before I bought the stand and built the fuge/sump below (sorry it doesn't show the plumbing, but maybe the visual will help you out).:
    I have even heard of ppl using large hob filters as refugiums, minus all the filter media... That makes it real simple!

  3. Default

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    How would that utube bridge work? Also, do you have pics of that fuge from another angle?
    كل نفس ذائقة الموت ثم الينا ترجعون

  4. Default

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    Sorry, but that was the only pic I found w/ that fuge. As for the U tube... Once the 2 tanks are level w/ each other and the water level is also equal you hang the U over the top of the 2 tanks (1 end in each tank) and then insert a length of air line up into the tube to is highest point (above the top frames of the tanks) and suck out all the air. Once the U tube is full of water both tanks maintain the same water level... If you drain down the display, the fuge goes down equally and vise-versa. So at that point, if you pump water out of the fuge into the display, the water will circulate between the 2 tanks. and if power fails they both just level off, no flood!

  5. #5


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    Quote Originally Posted by cuckoochews
    Mounting a refugium up high definitely has a plus side... No accidental floods!
    Well that's only if your fuge doesnt hold enough water to overflow your main tank, otherwise, you'll have a huge flood!!!

  6. Default

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    By putting a little thought in your refugium design and mounting the return pump up high in the fuge, you eliminate that possibility. Also, I forgot to mention, after sucking out all the air in the U tube, plug the air line into the output of the pump to continually draw out any small bubbles that may collect up at the top of the U tube, insuring no loss of siphon.

    So, lets go over this again...
    Power goes out- Both tanks remain equally full (water will always seek its own level) Power goes back on- All is good and back to normal. If by freak chance you lose siphon- the well thought out refugiums size combined w/ the elevated location of the pump, will return a minimal amount of water back into the display tank.

    Final product- A no flood refugium!

  7. Default

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    i just purchased one of these its a great idea to try to work out, while the pump is on the intake side it works a pretty good skimmer, and anything going from refug. back to tank will be going through a pipe with no death rate due to pump.

    google CPR hang on back refugium for ideas

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