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    Default Sparkling gouramis in soft, alkaline water??

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    I'm wondering if these parameters would be alright to keep sparkling gouramis in:
    gh 6
    kh 7
    ph 8.0

    I think all the parameters are all right except for the ph. I'm wondering if it would still be okay if I acclimate them slowly. I know there's pretty big difference between 7.0 and 8.0, and I could probably mess with the water parameters if I really wanted to...but I was hoping for something a little more simple than that, since this is practically my first tank.

    Also, does anyone know if

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    it really depends honestly. I live in an area where my tap water comes out at a ph of 8-8.2

    but so does that water all of my lfs. so since the are used to it. id ask around to see if your lfs has the same issue with high ph.

    if you did want to lower it a bit you could use driftwood. That what i do. so instead of mine being from around 8-8.2, its about 7.8-8.0

    you have to be careful though, because if you adjust the ph in your tank to low, when you do water changes adding the high ph water could cause ph shock.
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    Do you keep them? Not that I don't think you could be right, it's just that I read somewhere else that they're somewhat sensitive to ph and I'm a little worried/confused.

    Do you think drip acclimation would work?

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    i dont keep them, but they are sold at my lfs that has the same ph issue.

    i'm sure drip acclimation would work. just make sure you don't rush it at all.
    40 Gallon Breeder Planted: harlequin rasbora rummynose tetra corydoras cherry barbs

    40 Gallon Breeder Reef: In progress!

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    Proper drip acclimation, at least four cycles, would acclimate them to your tank water. However, they won't live nearly as long in high pH water as they do in the soft and acidic.

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