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    Default What food does your Angelfish like the most?

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    I want to keep my new Angelfish as happy and healthy as possible and I know that besides weekly water changes food plays a big factor in both cases. So...... I thought I would ask Angelfish owners, which food does your Angelfish enjoy the most?
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    Mine go nuts over frozen bloodworms, as do most of my other fish. They only get them once every week or two.

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    Tetra Min.

    I have 32 pairs all they eat is Tetra Min or Omega Flake. A fish is very similar digestive tract wise to a dog or any other simple design digestive animal. If you feed it one food it becomes acclimated to that feed. Just like a dog, if you feed a dog one type of dog food it has a uniform stool, predictable stool scheduling and few intestinal maladies. If you feed your dog random strange and high variation diet your dog becomes irregular, prone to digestive problems including blockages, gas, bloat and loose stool.

    I have in the area of 4,000 angelfish in my collection at any given time, all I feed is a high quality flake twice per day. Since doing this several years ago I have had absolutely no intestinal problems. Any time I feed frozen foods I end up with problems. I specialize in veil and super veil types, on a High quality flake and water changes I have stunning and perfectly finned out fish.

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    Mne like flakes the best but I also add a few floating Hikari pellets every couple of days to. Gives them something to niddle on during the day.

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    Mine absolutely love live blood worm, cherry shrimp or mozzie larva. They get garden worms (chopped) when i can find em. Pellet food, frozen bloodworm, flake, algae disks

    They also dont get weekly water changes and not fed regularly (as in there is no structured feeding regime, not that they dont get fed often before anyone jumps on me *L*)
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    Crushed pond snails. They make a beeline for a sinking crushed snail from across the tank. But a sinking non-crushed snail, they ignore.

    Next, Blood Worms.

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