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    Jan 2011

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    Wink Helo fantail goldfishes question

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    I recentaly got 3 goldfishes today (fantail) and i feed them 2 times but they still look around for food like they didnt eat and they are sucking in rocks then taking them out.ARE they still hungry?I wanna know if there males or femaale theres one thats bigger than another and it looks pregnant but the skinner one that i thinks a male isnt bumping or hasing the pregnant goldfish.Are they too hungry to play around?my other fantail is young and has big eyes lol and it does the same as them.I want more goldfishes i want to know what gender they are and why they are always hungry please...... i will send some pics of them they might be blury bye please answer

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    Ypsilanti, Michigan

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    You posted this in sort of an odd place, so it might not get a lot of notice, but let's see what we can do about getting you some answers.

    First: How big of a tank do you have? What did you do to set it up? Many people buy goldfish without understanding their requirements, and as a result end up accidentally killing the fish. We don't want that to happen to you.

    Regarding food, almost all fish search for food all the time. Do not overfeed them - you will foul the water and the fish will have health issues.

    Determining the gender of goldfish is very difficult. When they are ready to breed a male goldfish will develop little white bumps around the head and gills called breeding tubercles. Apart from that, there's no easy way to tell.

    I would strongly advise you not buy any more fish until we can discus your set-up and see if you're in good shape or headed for problems.
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    What size are they?
    & ya if u could post some pics that would help, i've got 5 goldfish (i've had my fantail for a yr & a half & the others since sept & oct) & i used to feed them twice a day, but now feed them 3-4 times (not huge amouts) but they are a lot more active now.
    The younger ones need more food spread out over the course of the day (it seems to be working for mine so far)

    It was suggested to me to get their weight (which can help determine a good & safe amount for them to eat - if u have a food scale that shows weight in grams - that worked for me.

    Also for your post - if u scroll down on the main 'aquarium forum' page to the 'other Aquarium Topics' there is a section for Coldwater Fish & a sub-forum for 'Goldfish' in that - took me a while to find it LOL
    If you re-post there you'll get a lot more people there who can give u advice!!

    Oh & yes goldfish always ACT like they are starving!!

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    Jun 2011

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    Now I'm not going to tell you about "fishes" like others might. In theory this may be the way to go, but in reality sometimes it's just too hard.

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    Dec 2011

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    Default Fantail Goldfish

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    I have a fantail goldfish. The thing is, they require a rather big tank.

    I am not very knowledgeable about breeding, so I'll share something about feeding.

    Fact of life: Fish put it politely, fish. They don't notice that the gravel isn't food until it's in their mouth. When they notice it tastes bad, they spit it out. Now, goldfish are rather greedy, as well. (Goldfish fans, PLEASE don't hate me!!) They will eat tons of fish food. However, what you want to do is put in only enough pellets that they can eat in a minute. That keeps the fish from getting fat. (Ahem, I mean, overweight.)

    Hope I helped without being too offensive about fish!!

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    I don't think that food should be denied. If you feed well and do the water changes to keep up with the increased bioload, this is a good thing and will result in large, healthy fish. However, as stated we can't help you at all without more information.
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