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Thread: dimming lights?

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  1. Default dimming lights?

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    Are dimming switches available for lights? I would like to have some light, instead of all or non. Rick the shrimp guy at work.

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  3. Default mood lighting?

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    flourescent tube in tank cover is very bright, which is fine. Would like to be able to view fish in a low light, lights out at end of the day(ideas?) Shrimp(dad)

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    fluorescent lights cannot be dimmed, they're either on or off... although if you have multiple bulbs, depending on the fixture, you may be able to turn some off and leave others on.

    Your other option would be to install some LED lighting to use when you only want a little light.
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    If you cant electrically dim the flouros, is it possible in your hood to fit an adjustable shade? I'm waiting for a diffuser for a new flouro i fitted after the old one died, I just have a piece of ply directly under the light to lower the intensity (ugly but temporary) maybe you could fit something movable to increase or decrease shadow?

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    If you can fit multiple bulbs, there are moonlight bulbs out there. You can also achieve this effect with blue LED Christmas lights. Stash them in your hood to direct all the light into the tank. Looks really cool.

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    Or if you want to take a more natural approach, get some floating plants. Amazonian frogbit does a great job at dimming lights and it grows at incredible speed. Many species like to shelter under it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brhino
    fluorescent lights cannot be dimmed, they're either on or off... although if you have multiple bulbs, depending on the fixture, you may be able to turn some off and leave others on.
    Your other option would be to install some LED lighting to use when you only want a little light.
    Fluorescent lights can be dimmed with the proper dimming ballast. They run from about $60 - $275. depending on the number of lamps, voltage, and wattage of the lamps.

    LED light fixtures using a dimming driver can be dimmed manually or automated with something like an Arduino.

    For the short term, add some floaters to the tank and let the shrimp find their own comfort zone.

  9. Default

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    doesn't that hinder the lifespan of the bulb?

    I know for LED's it doesnt matter to much and the dimmer drivers are awesome to have (if you are needing to dim etc)

  10. Default dimming lights

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    I(shrimpbegood) made a foam egg carton led light hood (doz. egg carton) and it works very well. I used 4 red, 4 green, and 4 white lights.(for molly's 29 gl tank). I put the egg holder(with lights) between 2 lids and cut the bottom lid out as a skirt. The top lid covers the wiring and holds a toggle switch, to switch from high light to low light. Molly's girls(my grandaughters) picked out a tree stump with fake plants for the centerpiece of their tank. The egg carton lights the center area nicely, leaving the sides of the tank very dark. My son-in-law (turtle's husband) did the wiring. Rick (shrimp) Thank you guys for your input.

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