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  1. Default false julli's dying randomly

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    So we have had a string of julli corys dying on us. Like one every couple of weeks. They all look good when we buy them, nice and big and eating well. Then we get one that will just stop doing much and just sit around a lot and do nothing except randomly dart around the thing and sometimes twitch a lot. Then one day we find the fish dead and looking very skinny and small.

    Our best guess from what we read is that it is some type of internal parasite that is killing them off? They are wild caught and what we read says that can be the case and the symptoms fit so we went out and bought some Tetra Parasite Guard which was what we read works well. We does the tank according to the instructions and are now waiting to see if it works and the one cory that currently looks bad gets better!

    Any of you have any thoughts? Are we on the right track or way off?

  2. Default

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    24 hours into the treatment and I haven't noticed a difference. As of this morning the 1 cory that we know has problems is still not acting right and I swear is looking smaller then he was yesterday. Not sure what else we can do.

  3. #3


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    How large of a tank are we talking?

    Is the tank cycled? Do you test your water parameters & what were your last readings for ammonia, nitrites & nitrates?

    How often are you changing your water & how much at a time?

  4. Default

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    20 gal tank. 6 cories. Yes it is cycled. ammonia 0, nitrites 0 & nitrates 10. I do 2 30% water changes a week (I prefer to break my water change up instead of doing one huge one).

    No other issues with other fish in the tank at the moment. We have lost cories to what we believe is the same thing before. They start off well, eatting good and nice and big then all of a sudden one stops eating or doing anything then they get really skinny and jittery (sometimes shaking in place) then they die.

    We did put down a dwarf grourmai the other day (we believe he had Dwarf Gourami Disease) but it was totally different symptoms.

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    If I were you, I would stop adding new fish until fish stop dying.

    I assume you are buying your fish from the same place? Are you quarantining new fish first?

  6. Default

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    No plans on buying anything for that tank

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