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  1. Default Small predator for 20G

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    Ive decided I want to convert my 20G into a predator tank. I would like to keep my blue gourami, who is about 2.5" with whatever predator I get. I was looking at the freshwater barracudas (Acestrorhynchus isalinae), and I it reccomend a small group of them (3-5) for them to feel more conform able. Would my current tank size be too small for them once they reach there max length, here it says it is 6". if those won't work, what other options do I have?

  2. Default

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    Your tank is much too small for a school of 6" semi-agressive fish. Plus, I don't think that they would be compatible with your gourami. If you plan on keeping these fish, you should first consider a much larger tank and a significant amount of cover for your gourami should you decide to keep these fish together.

  3. Default

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    So if I don't have room for those, what do I have room for? I currently only have room for my 20G. I will have more room once I move out of my parents house in a year, year an half for whatever siz tank I want.

  4. Default

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    If you want a predator tank, in my opinion, you should wait till you move out. Then get a huge tank and get some big awesome predators. Your gourmai is a little community fish, probably best to keep him with others with the same tempemant.

  5. #5


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    Already stated but predators are large fish that do not belong in 20 gallons and certainly not with a gourami.

  6. Default

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    my predator,
    i raised him from a new born in a small tank but 2-3 years it will need more space

  7. Default

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    Try leaffish such as polycentropsis,or the nandus group.In particular nandus oxyrhynchus,or andrewi.The dwarf bumblebee catfish can be predatory.

  8. #8


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    Your gourami *IS* a small predatory fish.
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    And so are chili rasboras if you think about it.

    Its Phillip, not Origami.
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    if you didnt have that gourami i would say a small puffer ...
    I wonder if i plant one of my tiger barbs would the demon seed grow to a full tree?
    gotta love them bunnies!
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