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  1. Default Ryukin has white dots on his mouth

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    I was just feeding my discus and one ryukin when i noticed the the ryukin has alittle white dots on the bottom and top of his lip like pimples or something i moved him to a qurantine tank any clue what it is? he is perfectly normal he swims eats and everything he acts normal just the white dot thing?? any clue what it is??

  2. Default

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    I would't jump to conclusions because it can be a myriad of things but there's a good chance it may be Ich, also, you're keeping discus and goldfish in the same tank?

  3. Default

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    Yeah i keep them in the same tank they been together for quite awhile, no problems yet.

  4. Default

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    stingray also with them lol

  5. Default

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    had minor issues but nothing i couldnt handle.

  6. #6


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    Quote Originally Posted by phongnguyen123
    Yeah i keep them in the same tank they been together for quite awhile, no problems yet.
    No problems yet?

    Then why are you posting? LOL What size tank do you have these fish in and what temp do you keep the tank at? How many fish are in there?

  7. Default

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    Discus and goldfish should simply not be kept together, you will eventually run into problems (like you are now). Discus should be kept at a minimum of 82 degrees, the preferred is 84-85. When goldfish are kept at such high temperatures their lifespan becomes shorter although I'm assuming you don't have your temp that high. Based on the pic you posted of your discus and driftwood in another thread, the peppering could very well be indicative of stress. Also you have to be extremely careful what species you mix discus with as they readily contract diseases from various fishes. My advice and I think a lot of the members would agree is to get rid of the goldfish, and any other fish that won't easily tolerate high temperatures, get a heater if you haven't already, and then slowly raise the temp to 84 degrees. Water parameter stability is key in this hobby, especially temperature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phongnguyen123
    Yeah i keep them in the same tank they been together for quite awhile, no problems yet.
    Actually you have had numerous problems from your past posts. You're reported already the stingray was lethargic and not eating and then the same thing with a Discus. Now it's the goldfish.

    The temp requirements between goldfish and Discus is 10 degrees. Big difference. I can't answer your question about the white bumps. Sounds like mouth fungus.

  9. Default

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    A lot of us spent quite a bit of time addressing your situations regarding problems you were having with ammonia levels and problems with your tank in general and we assumed that you simply were not informed of the requirements and hoped you would take actions to correct the situation so you would not have problems with your fish.

    The thread we posted upon had a lot of excellent advice which it seems that you have ignored completely.

    The lack of truthiness is very disheartening.

    And so I will displace my fish keeping intellect and answer in this way.

    Maybe it's boiling.

  10. Default

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    Lady Hobbs,
    The white bumps maybe spawning nodules that male goldfish get around their heads and faces and use to stimulate their partners.

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