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    Question What species of Bichir is this?

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    Picked this little guy up from an LFS, anyone know what species it is? If it turns out to be unsuitable for my tank I have a friend who will happily take him off my hands. He is currently about 2.5 inches in length.

    Thanks in advance

    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    P. senegalus
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    Looks like a Senegal to me as well.
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    20" Tropical Gar, 18" Florida Gar, 20" Longnose Gar,
    17" Ornate Bichir, 25" Silver Arowana, 16" Bowfin, 15" Giant Gourami

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    Thanks guys, can go read up now, any of you have experience with them?
    My therapist says I need a bigger tank . . . . .

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    I have short-term experience. Right now I have a 3'' senegalus with a 4.5'' dehezi in a 20 gallon long. I really like them so far. At first they were a bit shy, but after a few months the senegalus is starting to get a little more active, and will come out with a little more enthusiasm when I approach the tank. The senegalus have relatively small mouths, and mine will only take tiny, soft foods (bloodworms, soft pellets), whereas the (delhezi has a larger mouth compared to body-size, and will eat anything (large, hard pellets). I saw a couple of 8'' Senegal bichirs at the LFS last weekend, and they were awesome. Super personable, active, bold, and just all-round cool. I can't wait til mine get up to about 6'' so they can get in the big tank without being harassed. Senegals are relatively cheap compared to their Polypterus cousins, but they are also the most drab. Regardless, they are cool fish.
    Support your local ichthyofauna - buy a fishing license!

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    looks like a Polypterus.senegalus.senegalus
    Also known as a Grey Bichir

    Plenty of info on Wikipedia on the types and characteristics of each Bichir sub-species.

    I too own a Polypterus.S.S,
    IMO it is an interesting fish to own, myn is only 6″atm and only about 1-1.5yo but it should get around 8-12″ by the end. I have seen some at LFS`s that have been over 2+ feet long. They will eat amost anything, from Krill to flake, and enjoy the odd feeder fish. They are oddballs in that they have lungs, so you will occassionally see yours rise to the surface for air, it makes them interesting to watch.

    Word of advice though, they will attack larger fish... just bite a chunk right out of the side of another fish. So keep them well fed and never to over stocked.

    you can hand feed them though, and they do tend to associate you with food, so they will watch you as you walk by.

    that all said, I do recommend them, they are hardy due to the fact that they can survive hours outside of water (so i`ve read), will accept almost any food, and have pretty low care requirements aside from a large tank. They are also really fun to watch.
    Last edited by Rave; 11-18-2012 at 02:21 AM.

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    My Senegalese birchir is doing superb, loves the blood worm and is very active, still small but hoping he will grow :) !!

  8. Default

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    yepper, i didnt have the above but yep, if they aint kept feed, they have no problem just biting a chunk out of any fish, dont matter how much bigger than it is that it.. little monsters :)

  9. Default

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    Definitely what is known as a dinosaur bichir. I have one too! LOVE him :) My guy has recently started eating smaller fish so beware. "They" say they will be massive but my guy has yet to grow much longer.

  10. Default

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    I used to own one a senegal bichir. I got him as tiny as 1'5inch he grew to about 6 inches until one day his belly started to bloat really bad it would go away and come back i didint know what the issue was then it started to get pink, tried to treat for internal infections, but then one day he just died. I also had a albino senegal with a spotted 8 puffer but the senegal ate the figure eight puffer and he died a couple hours later. Researched and found out the liver or kidney (forgot which one) was poisonous. Mistake on my end, lesson learned. :(

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