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  1. Replies

    Thanks for the help you all!

    Thanks for the help you all!
  2. Replies

    Need help with fish ID!

    Hi everyone. I need help identifying this fish I bought at the local pet store. The lady that worked there had no idea what kind of fish it is and it wasn't labeled on the tank either. I figure its...
  3. Replies

    Thanks for all the great advice guys! I am going...

    Thanks for all the great advice guys! I am going to add more plants to my aquarium so that way the frys have a good place to hide. I don't think I will use the breeder box as that might be too...
  4. Replies

    Pregnant Platy?

    Hi guys. I have a platy in my tank that appears to be pregnant and I'm not sure if its time yet to put her in the breeding box. I took some pics of her for you guys to see if she's going to deliver...
  5. Replies

    Thanks, didn't know about the magnet polluting...

    Thanks, didn't know about the magnet polluting the water. I'll take it out. Here are my parameters.

    Ammonia: 0
    Nitrate: 10
  6. Replies

    Pic of my betta's fin

    Here's another pic of my betta. This time I was able to get a pic of his fins. It looks all shriveled up and there appears to be some white stuff on it. Could it be ick? Or some kind of fungal growth?
  7. Replies

    Got a sick Betta...

    Guys, I have crown tail betta that has stopped eating the past few days and has been very lethargic. He just lies on the sand or on my algae magnet pretty much the whole day. He only swims up to get...
  8. Any idea how to waterproof light bulbs?

    Hi guys. I need some advice. I just got me a pair of mr11 led bulbs to replace the halogen mr11 bulbs on my Fluval Edge tank. I got one problem though, the led bulbs that I got are not waterproof....
  9. Replies

    White Ribbon Plant

    Hi guys. Just few days ago I got me a White Ribbon Plant (Dracaena sanderiana) from Petsmart for my Fluval Edge betta tank. I went ahead and planted it in my tank and it looks great. However, I did...
  10. Replies

    Angelfish wont eat.

    I have one angelfish in my tank that hasn't been eating for the past two days. For some reason he just stopped. Before he would eat like crazy but I would never overfeed him. I've had him for about 8...
  11. Thanks for the suggestion. I went ahead and...

    Thanks for the suggestion. I went ahead and tested my tap water and it does indeed have 10ppm nitrates. Now thats why I got those nitrate readings!
  12. Nitrates showing up on 1 week old tank.

    I just setup a freshwater 36 gallon bowfront tank a little over a week ago. I am cycling it with fish (6 Tiger Barbs). I just checked the parameters using the API Master Liquid Test Kit and my...
  13. Cleaning filter cartridges during cycling.

    Is it ok to rinse or replace the filter cartridge while my aquarium is cycling? I am currently into my third week of cycling with fishes. I have an Aqueon Power Filter 20 HOB. It came with my...
  14. Weekly water changes on a 16 gallon tank.

    I noticed most people in the forum suggest weekly 25% water changes on aquariums. However, on a smaller aquarium such as my 16 gallon, would 25% be too much? Would doing 25% water change take out a...
  15. What's your water temp? Do you keep your tank...

    What's your water temp? Do you keep your tank heated around 78 degrees?
  16. Replies

    Stunner LED Strips

    Hi. Just wondering if any of you have tried out these new LED strips. They are supposed to add shimmering affects to your aquarium. Here is the link to the led strips I'm talking about. Manufactured...
  17. Thanks for the responses.

    Thanks for telling me about LiveAquaria. They got a good selection. I also came across another good site:

    Some of their fishes are cheaper and they shipping cost is a...
  18. What's a good online store to buy tropical fish?

    Just wondering if any of you guys know of a good online pet store that sells tropical freshwater fishes. I'm looking for some fishes that I can't find at my local pet store and thought maybe I could...
  19. Can adding big power filters in smaller tanks improve water quality?

    I currently have an Aqueon PowerFilter 20 for my 16 gallon tank. It has a flow rate of 125 gallons per hour. Someone told me that if I replaced my current power filter with a bigger one meant for...
  20. Replies

    Cloudy water during cycling.

    Currently, I'm in my 7th day of cycling my aquarium with fishes. So far everything was going well until today I noticed for the first time the water looking cloudy. I haven't done anything to the...
  21. Replies


    Thanks for the link. I think the harlequin rasboras might be a good choice for my tank.
  22. Replies

    What are good top dwelling fishes.

    In my 16 gallon aquarium, most of my fishes dwell near the bottom of the tank. I have 7 neon tetras and they always hang around the bottom, my 3 corys are bottom dwellers so of course they'll be in...
  23. Replies

    Question about Neon Tetras

    In my 16 gallon aquarium, I have 7 neon tetras and I notice they don't swim around much. They always hide behind one of the plants and stay there. Sometimes, when the aquarium light is off, I would...
  24. Thread: *Waves*

    by MercenaryKarma

    Welcome to AC!

    Welcome to AC!
  25. Replies

    Welcome to AC!

    Welcome to AC!
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