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  1. Replies

    Thanks for the advice. The tank is a 125.

    Thanks for the advice. The tank is a 125.
  2. Replies

    It's getting hot in here!

    New here and setting up my first tank. The ambient room temp where this tank will be set up is generally between 78-80 with brief periods up to 83, but never more than that. In picking out fish...
  3. Need some controller and cover advice please

    I'm setting up this 125 gal FW (first tank ever) and I'm bouncing around the idea of an Apex Jr. controller and what all equipment I want to put together with it. This is what I'm envisioning... A...
  4. Replies

    Thanks for the advice and sorry I haven't been...

    Thanks for the advice and sorry I haven't been able to get back here for a while.

    I'm a novice and I know I'm doing this backwards, setting up the lights before I know more about what I want in...
  5. Replies

    As for what kind of plants I'm really not sure...

    As for what kind of plants I'm really not sure yet. To be honest I've been dragging my feet to get this tank going for a while now. And now that I'm in the equipment buying mood I think it'll get...
  6. Replies


    I'm brand new and about to set up my first aquarium, and need help choosing what type of lighting / hood system to invest in. I've read a general overview of the different types of lights (LED, etc)...
  7. Switching a tank from salt to fresh...

    I'm looking at a purchasing a great used 155 gal bow front that was a salt water tank for 7 years. Will I have any problems chemistry and residue wise converting this tank to fresh water?

  8. Painting tank parts. Need advice on what paint to use.

    I've got a 125 gal tank with 2in plastic older looking oak style trim as the top and bottom braces, and I'd like to tape the tank off and paint them black. I would imagine there's a suitable spray...
  9. Replies

    Aquarium leakage insurance

    I rent my house and I'm interested in buying renter's insurance that would cover the rental property (house) in the event of an aquarium leak. In this case I'm not so much concerned about covering...
  10. Need advice on buying new aquarium

    I'm looking for a new regular sized 125 gal aquarium (72" x 18" x 24" tall) and since all aquariums look about the same to me I thought I'd write in to ask what I should be looking for design feature...
  11. PS. Just got word that DAP apparently makes a...

    PS. Just got word that DAP apparently makes a product that is designed to remove silicone, although I'm not sure what it is at this point. Anybody possibly know what this product is or have advice...
  12. Trouble removing freshly cured silicone

    Just stripped and resiliconed an older 125 gal tank, and because of a small mistake I didn't notice now I'm having to re-resilicone the whole thing again. After spending hours just rigorously...
  13. God help me, changing out the top brace of a 125

    For reasons unbeknownst to me the top frame member of my 125 cracked through in three places when I was cleaning the joint with acetone in prep for resiliconing, so now I'm faced with the daunting...
  14. I absolutely can't believe this. Getting ready to resilicone my 125 gal and...

    as I'm doing the final prep and wiping down the inside joints with acetone, I hear three loud pops which turn out to be the top plastic frame splitting in three places. Two didn't separate so much...
  15. Replies

    How much media?

    Feeling like I should have been able to find this listed somewhere in the lit but so far I haven't. I've got two new Eheim 2078s which I think are also referred to as 700s and I'm trying to...
  16. A few general questions on modifying canister filter lines

    Just got a couple Eheim 2078s (!) to run the 125 gal I'm setting up and got a few questions...

    1) I'm going to use two 200 watt inline Hydor heaters so I'm sure I'll need extra hose, but the Eheim...
  17. In search of a 100-150 watt inline heater...

    I'm brand new here and I'm doing some new tank building and my ideal setup is steering me toward two inline heaters at 150w each. After a lot of searching honestly the only inline heaters I've found...
  18. Pressure foam under large aquarium advice

    Setting up a 72" long 125 gal on a support I already know is irregular so I need to compensate all that I can. I've run up on this Youtube video showing the use of what is called pressure foam or...
  19. Just read reviews of the Fluval FX5 and...

    Just read reviews of the Fluval FX5 and especially considering its price difference it seems like this would be an acceptable filter too. I've read so many times that the gph values aren't verified...
  20. Well, after looking over lot of product reviews...

    Well, after looking over lot of product reviews it seems like the Eheim brand, at least over time, is the only one to buy. I didn't find a combined heater filter system made by these guys so I'll...
  21. Need filter / heater advice for a proposed Cichlid tank

    I'm trying to set up my first tank and I'm planning for it to be a 125 gal some kind of Cichlid tank, and I'm needing to outfit myself with everything I need to make the tank run. I've read advice...
  22. Well, I've gotten a lot of help so far and all of...

    Well, I've gotten a lot of help so far and all of the various information sources tend to agree with each other except on this one point. Some give advice that, considering I'm doing a 125g tank I...
  23. Thanks for the help! I found the uarujoey...

    Thanks for the help! I found the uarujoey channel on Youtube but I could only find a couple show segments linked to on the channel. The vid sounds v informative. If anybody can find this video I'd...
  24. Need advice on scraping and resiliconing my tank...

    Just got a second hand 125g tank of questionable integrity so I'm going to go ahead and reseal it all before setting it up. Can anyone point me to a general DIY/FAQ kind of thread on resiliconing...
  25. Replies

    Need lighting and hood advice...

    I'm a brand new aquarium owner and I'm trying to set up my first aquarium which is a 125 gal model...measures 72 in long by 23 in high by 18 in front to back. Equipment wise what I have is the...
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