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  1. Ecoxotic E-series full spectrum LED v. Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED

    I have a pair of 36" E-series lights ($559 total) for a while now one of which continues to switch on and off every 5 min due to overheating, while the other only switches on and off maybe once an...
  2. Ecoxotic E-series lights overheating and switching off too much

    September last year I ordered two Ecoxotic E-90 (36") LED lights and one of them immediately started switching off after about 5 minutes of being on and does that continuously. Stays off about 5 mins...
  3. Replies

    Art above yer tank?

    Here's something that's not discussed too often but I'm sure the subject has it's place among fish keepers.

    I've got a big blank spot on the wall above my 125 gal...


    ...and I'm looking...
  4. Brighter Satellite Freshwater PLUS in the works?

    Just read a review of the Satellite Freshwater LED PLUS dated June of last year where the reviewer mentioned he had heard a higher intensity version was in the works. Has that higher intensity...
  5. Replies

    LED advice?

    Setting up my first tank and the last piece of equipment I need to get is the overhead light. Since I'll be flirting with high temps and I'm trying not to invest in a chiller I'm leaning toward a...
  6. Filtering out a little suspected oil residue and very fine particles

    Just setting up this 125 and just now I have it filled with h2o and 3 in. of very thoroughly washed black diamond blasting sand which is actually broken up 'coal slag.' From what I"ve seen the tank...
  7. Metal hose clamps vs. plastic OEM hose clamps

    I'm setting up two large 2078 Eheim canister filters using green Eheim hose, the larger 16/22mm size. A 300w in-line hydor heater is being added in the middle of each of the tank return hoses. All...
  8. I've gotten advice to rinse a lot after the...

    I've gotten advice to rinse a lot after the silicone cures. First time I've heard this. Is this suggested or necessary?
  9. How long cure time for 3/8" to 1/2" thick silicone?

    I've just covered the rear two 'clear' silicone seams on my tank with a layer of black silicone to hide them better. Thickest points for the new silicone are probably 3/8" but to be on the safe side...
  10. Filter inlet and outlet positions on a 125

    Building my first tank (125 gal) and I'm about to install two Eheim canister filters w/ corresponding inlets and outlets. Filters themselves will be located below in the stand.

    What I'm wondering...
  11. Thanks for the replies. Advice I've been given...

    Thanks for the replies.

    Advice I've been given so far is that basically all paint will eventually flake off of the silicone. Also, new silicone will not stick to cured silicone.

  12. Is there a black paint that will cover silicone?

    Anyone know of a black paint that I could use to cover the whitish silicone streak in the back of my tank? I have the back and side painted black on the outside and now the vertical white silicone...
  13. Replies

    Background painting advice

    When you place a tank in the very corner of a light painted room and the back is def going to be painted black, would you paint the other side (end) that's going to be against the wall, or does it...
  14. What's the difference b/t the different color Poret filter foams?

    What's the difference between the blue, black, green and red Poret foams? I'm ordering 2" sheets as they suggest for canister filters and noticed that while the 10 ppi is only offered in blue, the...
  15. Replies

    Need substrate suggestion please

    Looking for your best name brand suggestion for a black substrate that's good for bottom dwellers and plant rooting. Ideally it should be just a little bigger in size than play sand which I've heard...
  16. Replies

    Thanks tall. I'm a little undereducated just now...

    Thanks tall. I'm a little undereducated just now on how substrates limit your bottom dwellers. What are some of the substrates that are more bottom dweller friendly?

    Compass I've thought about...
  17. Replies

    Substrate question

    Doing a planted 125 and now that I can't find any cheap way to get some Aqua Soil to me I'm gonna have to go with plan B for my substrate. So now I'm planning on doing a mixture of Fluorite and...
  18. Eco-Complete for Planted Aquariums black sand being fazed out...

    Setting up my first aquarium here and being a 125 gal I'm asking lots of advice before I commit all this $ to it. Been researching substrates and I've settled on possibly doing a bottom layer of ADA...
  19. Replies

    What ppi Poret foam to use?

    Planning out this canister filter and the bottom trays gonna be three grades of foam filter. Top later in the trap will be some floss while the first two will be grades of Poret foam. In the 1"...
  20. Here's maybe even a better idea... Just saw an...

    Here's maybe even a better idea...

    Just saw an evaluation of the MarinePure filter media on their website by some guys maintaining a very large aquarium at the Aquarium of Niagara I think it was. ...
  21. Anyone familiar with Biohome Ultra filter media?

    Any opinion on the Biohome Ultra filter media? By this guy's description on youtube it supports a good balance of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria so that it's really efficient at processing not...
  22. Replies

    CaribSea Flora Max vs. Eco-Complete

    What's the difference between these two? Both of these are made by CaribSea and are called 'Planted Aquarium Substrate.'

    Their description for Eco-Complete is considerably longer vs. Flora Max.
  23. Glad to hear there's some support for the...

    Glad to hear there's some support for the accuracy and reliability of the Hydor inlines. But I prob won't relax unless there's at least a second line of defense against overheating so I'll probably...
  24. Thanks Slappy, appreciate the advice.

    Thanks Slappy, appreciate the advice.
  25. Is Flourite what I'm looking for?

    Setting up a 125 (first tank ever) and I'm just sort of winging it here buying equipment and materials before I know what the exact end tank is gonna look like. So I'm trying to put everything...
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