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  1. Replies

    no we dont use a magnetic scraper, just a normal sponge.

    i think my algae is due to the sunlight, i think its on a west wall which i hear is bad. :(
  2. ive got a couple java loaches in my 30 gallon, and they tend to be more active when

    my light is off. one is almost always out and about, my 2nd is the night guy.
  3. Replies

    We had a successful breeding before they ate each other. :( i saved one fry and it

    lived about 3 months.the eggs were orange and id find them on the gravel. i never messed with the eggs, though. caught the fry when i saw him/her swimming. Sadly i lost the baby to the filter. :(
  4. Replies

    i used a black posterboard and sprayed it with gold glitter. It looks black when the

    light is on but if you look in the dark/ take a picture you can see it shimmer sometime.
  5. Replies

    We've got a 50 gallon acrylic 'sea clear', and a 29 gallon glass from the local pet

    store. I would suggest a glass aquarium because a lot of stuff can easily mess up the acrylic. We've had our pebble substrate scratch it, accidentally used the wrong part of the sponge and scratched...
  6. Im a newbie too... But you might want to test your ph and test the ph

    at petsmart. maybe the ph change was just too much for the little guys?
  7. Replies

    neons,loaches,and ich

    hello again everyone! so about 3 of my 30 neon tetras have some ich. I'm miffed. (loach has a couple spots,too.) My temp is at 83 degrees, and from what ive read the ich should have fallen to the...
  8. for my 30 ive got black posterboard with gold sparkles on it, but you dont really

    notice the sparkles, unless you take a flash picture. My favorite background, though, are mirrors. I found a mirror at a craft store that fit my 10 gallon PERFECTLY, and i really like it because it...
  9. Replies

    I have a school of 30 right now, and they have been happy and healthy for awhile, but

    they are the only species ( other than 2 java loaches *i'm thinking of another loach) in the tank. The biggest trouble ive had is ich, but havent lost a fish yet. i had cardinals too (6 i think) and...
  10. Replies

    when i had

    zebra danio fry i used a regular filter, took a regular yellow sponge, ripped off the harshscrubbing part, and cut a hole through the middle to slide the filter tube in. then i tied the top together...
  11. Replies

    they need a rock or something to sit on, they aren't 100% water lovers

    from what i hear. he was probably trying to get to a land source by climbing up the filter. im not an expert though.
  12. Replies

    Velvet disease???

    so, it was a 10 gallon with 3 zebra danios. There WAS a female betta in there for 2 weeks, but started showing agression, so she is no longer a resident. She has been out for about a week now??? ...
  13. Another question... sorry! So i moved the two angelfish that were hanging out

    together. they dont eat as much anymore, and they're always next to each other. sometimes they will swim up to the surface to see me, but normally they'll just stare at me. my black angelfish started...
  14. Replies

    my tetras seem to only nip each other, really. they've left everyone else alone.

    im no expert though.
  15. thank you. What does a pea do?

    do you think one would do ok in the 30? It seems as though two stick together and one is more of a loner... although they havent been showing any dominance issues since the 1st week they moved in, i...
  16. so ive got a 30 gallon tank with 3 juvie angels, 7 neon tetras, and

    2 java/black kuhli loaches. (yes, overstocked, and the angels will need bigger.) I bought a top fin 40 gallon filter on Friday to help with the filtration problem. (aquadvisor says ive got good...
  17. Thread: Driftwood?

    by 30gallongal

    I highly reccomend you do the baking and all, but if you have a spare tank you

    might want to just soak the wood in there for a week or so to see what it does. i got some 'driftwood' from east fork lake, baked it, boiled it, and soaked it, and it just made the water disgusting....
  18. Replies

    galaxy swimming away fast... you can see his colors pretty well though

  19. Replies

    galaxy rasboras/celestial pearl danios they are kind of expensive

    depending on where you're from, and like to hide a lot, but you can get like 10 of them, and they'll swim amongst your plants. google them, they go by both names but my LFS called them the rasbora...
  20. Replies

    so i was at the LFS today, looking at different tabs and liquids for

    all different things. (my angels may have worms??clear poop??) and i saw some for all sorts of things! If it is this bacteria (which i could understand, as i dont know what all is in the ''ready for...
  21. Replies

    this is it up close

    this is it up close
  22. Replies

    how do i put the pic up? its too large?????

    how do i put the pic up? its too large?????
  23. Replies

    algae?? question.. thanks!

    ok, so last week i was on here asking about my angelfish. I was told that my 30 gallon was overstocked, so i transferred the fish that i could. (i know it is probably still a bit overcrowded, but im...
  24. Replies

    i would NOT reccomend putting these little guys

    with zebra danios or anything like that. these are VERY small fish, and constant nippers would be bad. ive got 14/15/16 (they move too fast to count!) in a 15 gallon, and i just dont think these guys...
  25. well, theyll bite if you get them in a corner! :)

    our p tank has lava rock in it, and we made multiple caves and hideaways. a golden? algae eater lives somewhere back there... but we've still got to scrape the algae off the glass by hand. and yes,...
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