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  1. Brisbane aquarium society marine fish and invert collecting trips

    You guys really should raise your amount of images that can be put on here.The thread i just tried to put in had 17 images and you only allow 4.
  2. It was the set for the next chronicles of narnia...

    It was the set for the next chronicles of narnia movie.
    They are nearly finished removing every thing from the site.
  3. Another forum said a similar thing around six...

    Another forum said a similar thing around six months back and it was not worth the effort of putting anything there after a while as well.

    The work you discribe other than just copying a thread...
  4. It doesn't matter its not that big a deal to...

    It doesn't matter its not that big a deal to bother starting up another image hosting site beyond what we use now.

    this is what comes up-

    You have included 21 images in your message. You are...
  5. All our pics are in photobucket and before they...

    All our pics are in photobucket and before they are put there they are reduced to a third of the size and 90 percent of the photo is taken out in photo shop.

    when the thread is tried to be copied...
  6. The second collecting trip for marines for the show

    I wish i could put theese photos in but they won't fit again:scry:
  7. Replies


    Firstly the racoon is a very hardy fish on average and is not to bad with small inverts and corals,you have a fifty fifty chance that a racoon will not attack either of them,they either will or will...
  8. Replies

    There are quite a few of them. All dedicated...

    There are quite a few of them.

    All dedicated coral eaters are fine if you can train to eat other foods and still stay a size with out coral in their diet.

    Than there are the ones that are both...
  9. August peppermint shrimp trip at the movie set

    To many images again to fit on your forum,it will only take four,this is the link to it....
  10. pics

    we will soon have a froum section dedicated to all the commonly seen and collected fish and inverts in our area,there will be hundreds of photos,if you like i will put a link to it when it is...
  11. collection

    Most of the fish and inverts of late are for our club display at the beenliegh show tanks and after that they will be dispersed over the club members.
  12. aandtsociety marine fish collecting trip plus a few for the driver

    I tried to copy the trip over but it won't fit,here is the link to it our club site....
  13. aandtsociety marines collecting trip for show tanks

    This was a catch from a little while back from Kens boat and also Daves boat,this was mainly for some display fish for the clubs beenleigh show display and than all the latz went to the guys breeding...
  14. Brisbane club website

    This is the website we made(home made) and just look around.
    The forum has a snorkelling,boating-----section and has the trips for collecting our own marine species trips.
    see yah.
  15. sorry mate,we don't!

    We get each other fish and inverts in the club and give away and swap,that sought of thing.
    I sold my last tank late last year and now have only tubs, algae scrubbing and bio filtering,i just love...
  16. body of water

    we do our bit in the pacific ocean in the south east of queensland in Aus.
    The areas we go to mainly are the gold coast,than north to stradbroke island,than north to moreton island,than north to the...
  17. aandtsociety recent marine species collecting trips

    We have had 4 trips since the last post from us here so i will just put on a nice pic from each trip.

    The first pic is of some marine species collected on a trip to mainly get 4 thousand litres of...
  18. Replies

    Hi from an Aus aquarium society

    I am from the aandtsociety from south east queensland.
    we have a unique thing or two about the club and if you like i will share what we do on your forum by transfering some the clubs adventures...
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