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  1. Replies

    That sounds like it should be enough but if you...

    That sounds like it should be enough but if you are only using one strip the light may be very focused in the tank. LED's have a very tight light pattern. Some come with a reflector and that can help...
  2. Plants

    So the plant in the tank is a Red tiger Lotus, not the banana plant. I ended up removing the banana plant a while ago. I don't have many problems with cleaning the tank. The plants' roots are so well...
  3. I started off with cabomba and anacharis. The two...

    I started off with cabomba and anacharis. The two together do great under most light to out-compete most algae. I added two crypts to the foreground. There is also java fern on some of the wood and...
  4. So, I have had a lot of success with my flourite...

    So, I have had a lot of success with my flourite substrate and flourish tabs. I recently got the opportunity to plant a red tiger lotus and made a few changes to the tank to accommodate. It was only...
  5. Rocks and sand

    I am a tahitian moon kind of guy for my sand, CaribSea or Super Naturals are good brands. The rocks are a mix of unpolished river rock, tumbled stones and a bit of fluorite that has has come up from...
  6. Replies

    That looks about right. So, now that I've...

    That looks about right.

    So, now that I've touched it I should be fully infected in a few days. Green beard pics to follow. :P
  7. Replies

    This is what I do with my free time

    So I am a dork. I made a video because this "growth" has got my curiosity.
    it is a bit bigger today and getting thicker. It feels like a dense 1/3 of an inch in the middle. ...
  8. Natural

    I really wanted this tank to have a dynamic natural scene. There is always something to watch! Here is a better pic of my new tank-mates.
  9. Replies

    That is what I thought at first but it feels more...

    That is what I thought at first but it feels more firm and interwoven than any hair algae I've ever had. I wonder if I scrape it if it will propagate on some of my wood fully submersed.
  10. Replies

    Strange moss growing out of my tank.

    On the lip of my bio-wheel I have a growth of moss. I am attaching a pic. Any ideas of what this is? I have a moss ball in the tank, but that is a kind of algae. This growth feels like river moss....
  11. Deep in the jungle...

    I got some new wood and have finally introduced it. I am really liking it but I'm wondering if there is such a thing as too much wood?...
  12. Update!

    So I finally made the plunge and got Discus. Two Red Pidgeons, two Turquoise and one Snake Skin. I also got a smaller guy for free a bit dull but very playful.

    This is today after a 30g water...
  13. June is baby making time!

    The bulb on my UV went out so the water is a bit tinted but after a week or so I'm starting to like it. Might run without it for a while and see what happens....
  14. Awesome

    Thank you for the awesome compliment! Even I am surprised how well everything has come together. I'm really looking forward to the plants growing in and hopefully some centerpiece fish to go along...
  15. And the sides!


  16. Update!

    So new wood, rocks and plants.

    I decided to take in some dwarf gouramis from a bad home. So for now this will be a little sanctuary. I've also got 5 snails keeping the algae under control.

  17. First Planting

    Thanks for all the ideas! I was wary to add discus at first because of my water hardness but as long as I'm not breeding I should be ok it seems.

    I added all of my seed tank and harvested the...
  18. Algae Prevention

    I agree, algae blooms are no fun. I covered the window and the back of the tank so I should be ok. I'm still missing two LED Strips and some big rocks but the other tank has some of what I need. I...
  19. Replies

    Hello from Atlanta!

    Hey everyone, My name is Christopher. I've just joined the site but I trolled for a while when I needed info. Figured I start giving back.

    I've only done this for 9 years but it's such a kick! I...
  20. Let me try this again... These are the visual...

    Let me try this again... These are the visual aids I tried to include


  21. It is cool to be posting. I've referenced the...

    It is cool to be posting. I've referenced the site for a while.

    I like cichlids a lot but I've got a small 5 gal seed tank to keep cycle material and some plants going. Right now it just has 6...
  22. New 120 Gal with dirftwood gravel and black sand.

    So this is tank that has been in storage for almost a year. I only had it running for 12 months before I shut it down, so you can imagine my...
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