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  1. Replies

    What to do about snails in my tank??

    I have heaps of baby ramshorn (i think?) snails in my 26 gallon tank, probably over 100 at a rough guess.
    What is the best thing to do?
    Should I just leave them there to eat some algae?
    Or should...
  2. Replies

    Best Algae Eater for a 26 Gallon Tank??

    What us the best algae eater to get for a 26 gallon/100 liter tank? Fish, invertebrates, anything small enough that will eat algae.

    The algae is mostly common green algae if that helps.

  3. Replies

    Aquarium lights won't work! Please help!!!

    The 26 gallon tank I bought a year ago with two 13W fluorescent tubes built in has run into some issues with the lights. I thought the bulbs had blown, so I replaced those but the lights still do not...
  4. Thanks very much for the help! Is there anything...

    Thanks very much for the help! Is there anything I can add to his water to help heal the infection?

    Should I add him to my tank right away or filter his smaller bowl and try to heal him there...
  5. Replies

    Betta Tankmates?


    I have a 26 gallon tank with 16 neon tetras and 6 three-lined corydoras inside.
    I recently obtained a betta from a friend who no longer wanted it. They were keeping it in a bowl which is...
  6. Replies

    What disease is this?! please help!

    I just obtained a sick betta from a friend who doesn't want it any more.

    It has a large white growth near its tail and I was wondering if anyone knew what it was?
    I have attached pictures of the...
  7. PLEASE HELP!!!? Taking over care of a friends very sick betta

    hello all,

    my new girlfriend's sister didnt want her betta anymore after about a year and a half of care, so I offered to try give it a good home.
    unfortunately she has been keeping it in a bowl...
  8. Replies

    Hey Grum, I agree prices are annoyingly high...

    Hey Grum,

    I agree prices are annoyingly high here in aus, I buy most of my stuff online, even with shipping to Perth it works out as a fair bit cheaper :)
    If you're interested:...
  9. Replies

    red cherry shrimp breeding question

    How long in your personal experience does it take for females to actually lay their eggs under their tail once the saddle has appeared? Does it vary depending on water conditions and parameters? and...
  10. correct me if I am wrong but i dont think that...

    correct me if I am wrong but i dont think that many large fish would not eat the cherry shrimp? can someone please verify this.
    I was told almost all omnivorous or carnivorous fish would eat them if...
  11. Replies

    cory behaviour

    This is my first time owning corys so I am after some experienced opinions. I have 6 three lined corys in my 26g and I think they may have spawned the other day, i say some marks on the tank glass...
  12. Replies

    nah i dont have any nerites in there, i wish...

    nah i dont have any nerites in there, i wish haha.
    almost all of them are still there today, think the neons found a couple, will keep a close eye on them :)
  13. Replies

    unidentified eggs, please help

    today i noticed some tiny tiny white specs on the glass of my tank. they are approximately 0.5mm each, there are a couple of clusters of 4-8 and some single ones dotted around the place. i am...
  14. thanks for the suggestions :) any others want...

    thanks for the suggestions :)

    any others want to chime in?
  15. Im really sorry about your fish's problem :( i...

    Im really sorry about your fish's problem :(

    i have never kept guppys or euthanised a fish so im sorry i cant offer much help, i have heard that clove oil is one of the more humane ways to...
  16. help with finishing off stocking please!

    I have a 100L/26g peaceful freshwater community tank with an external and internal filter 500L/hr and 400L/hr respectively and an adjustable heater. It has a brown sand substrate, all artificial...
  17. Replies

    peppermint pleco suitability?

    I am planning to set up a tank and im not too fussed about much but i love the look of peppermint plecos and i was wondering what is the minimum tank size for these? and how big they get?
    the shop...
  18. Replies

    1.5g/5.5L tank options?

    Hello all,

    Last christmas my girlfriend bought me a small fish tank as my first tank. After reading up i decided to upgrade to a 100L/26g tank which i now happily have some neon tetras, three...
  19. How long will corys bellies be swollen before they lay eggs?

    How long will corys bellies be swollen before they lay eggs? half of my corys appear to have much bigger bellies than the others and I am hoping this means they are getting some eggs to lay. Can...
  20. Replies

    Getting rid of pond snails?!

    Hello all,
    A couple weeks ago i noticed a pond snail in my tank. It must have hitched a ride on the java moss or other plant i bought for my tank. I know they are usually disliked in the hobby but i...
  21. Replies

    freshwater mussels?!

    Has anyone ever kept freshwater mussels before??
    i didnt even know they existed until i saw them on this website:
  22. Thread: Best Cory?

    by pckroeger

    I have some three-lined corys in my tank. I love...

    I have some three-lined corys in my tank. I love them! They are so cute, and I really love the pattern on their heads, looks like a maze! And the
    y are like fingerprints, no two have the same...
  23. Replies

    How many endlers should I get?

    I have a 26g/100L tank with 16 neon tetra, 6 three-lined Cory.
    I want to add some endlers, but I want to be careful I don't overstock if they breed.
    Am I right in saying you need more than one...
  24. Replies

    Did I say gold? I meant honey, sorry. Anyway ill...

    Did I say gold? I meant honey, sorry. Anyway ill sort that issue in another thread in the gourami section. What about my clean up crew?
  25. Replies

    clean up crew for 26g/100L??

    I have a 100L/26g tank with 16 neon tetra and 6 three-lined corys.
    I plan to have about 10 red cherry shrimp, a gold gourami, and maybe 3 female and one male endler's livebearer in there.
    Is does...
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