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  1. Replies

    Pesky snail issue update

    I tried the inverted lid in the bottle trap and the fish figured out how to get INTO the trap (through the top), but could not get out (guppies are too smart for their own good).
    Maybe I will put a...
  2. shell in water

    The shell in the water is to help put calcium into water. A little calcium leaches off (comes off) shell and helps fish build stronger bones and snails build stronger shells. A fish store employee...
  3. Thinking of getting more assassin snails

    I had 2 assassin snails and they died (or were assassined by fish).
    In the tank, at the time, I had 2 four inch blind cave tetras. One tetra kept going where the empty assassin snail shell was. I...
  4. Replies

    tank for leos

    The bigger the better. I had 2 female leos (sisters) in a 50 gallon tank (4 feet long). They loved being able to run. There was plenty of "breathing room" for each leo. When they wanted to be...
  5. Replies


    Question: This may sound like a "stupid question", but asking anyways.
    Can I put alum directly into fish tank? Or will this harm the fish?

    Also, at what temperature do I put water and alum mix...
  6. Replies

    Found a use for invasive snails

    I live in Canada... there is snow on the ground... and it's cold.
    I put the snails outside in the bird feeder. The birds love them (a little extra protein, fat and calcium that they do not have to...
  7. Replies

    I have a flat rock in my tank (looks like slate)...

    I have a flat rock in my tank (looks like slate) and I place the algae wafer or pellet on it. My oto will not eat off the gravel either.
    My oto also likes "Zoo Med Earthworm fish food sinking...
  8. Replies

    I had 2 assasin snails once, I found one floating...

    I had 2 assasin snails once, I found one floating on the top of the water (no shell)... and somehow "lost" the other. I found the empty shell at the bottom of the tank and no snail.
    At the time I...
  9. Replies

    getting rid of invasive snails

    I have a 20 gallon tank with guppies, tetras, and otos. I also have a load of snails (came with plants) that I don't want. I have been picking them out daily, but would like to find another...
  10. Replies

    I had to quickly heat a tank one winter due to a...

    I had to quickly heat a tank one winter due to a drop of temperature in the house (long story)... I put thick towels around the tank and the tank warmed up, and stayed warm for a long time. Maybe...
  11. Replies

    Glad you asked this question... I was curious...

    Glad you asked this question... I was curious about the number too.
    I started a 5.5 gallon tank with cherry shrimp recently... Babies born about a week ago.
  12. Replies

    No... I had ich many times from having too many...

    No... I had ich many times from having too many fish in the tank... when I used salt (which does not affect guppies, which I was raising for a local pet store) the ich went away... I finally started...
  13. Replies

    Because the guppies have babies montly and I can...

    Because the guppies have babies montly and I can only sell them every 3 months (luckily I sell monthly), I found that a little salt helped to keep ich down. Also the salt does not affect the...
  14. 20 gallon tank fry are sold to pet store when...

    20 gallon tank
    fry are sold to pet store when they reach an inch (or so)
  15. when to expect more fry from swordtail

    One of my female swordtails gave birth October 23. We put her back with the male that day. Tank is divided with babies on one side, adults on other side.
    When can I expect her to have more babies?...
  16. Replies

    Salt and fish/shrimp

    Just a question about adding aquarium salt to tanks.
    Can all my fish deal with a little salt added to the tanks?
    I have always added a little salt to my guppy tank (less than a teaspoon to 20...
  17. I have had the neons since they were young... the...

    I have had the neons since they were young... the ones in calm tank grew up with the guppies... I have had them for 9 months old and going strong.

    As I mentioned above, they play (swim) with the...
  18. But this is exactly my point... they school when...

    But this is exactly my point... they school when they are stressed. The ones in the calm tank are not stressed... the whole tank is relaxed.
    Whereas the ones in the more active tank ARE stressed......
  19. Comment about neon tetras and schooling

    I have often heard that neon tetras HAVE TO BE IN LARGE SCHOOLS to be happy and comfortable.

    I have 3 neon tetras in a 20 gallon tank along with 3 male and 5 female guppies (and many baby guppies...
  20. Replies

    [QUOTE=ameliaaahx]I disagree with the above...

    [QUOTE=ameliaaahx]I disagree with the above poster -- 3 neons is not enough.

    The neons, though, ARE a schooling fish and really need a group 6+ to be happy and comfortable. 6 is considered the...
  21. Replies

    Try some other fish

    I have my female betta in with male guppies and breeding swordtails... they swim well together.
    My male was once with my other guppies and they lived happily together.
    Some people get 3 neon...
  22. Replies

    careful about overfeeding

    Guppies are opportunistic fish... if there is food, they will eat it... they don't seem to know the meaning of being full.
    They normally eat from the top of tank, so put something that floats...
  23. Replies

    probably pregnant

    Been raising guppies for awhile... chances are she is pregnant. The female can also save sperm for a long time until conditions are right for delivering fry.

    I agree with others... your tank is...
  24. Replies

    you have enough guppies and neons

    Been breeding guppies for awhile... The male guppies are probably just trying to "get lucky". The males will harass all fish in order to reproduce. Platies look a lot like female guppies AND...
  25. Replies

    Divided tank

    The 20 gallon is divided because the swordtail gave birth to 5 fry. I sell the young swords to pet stores afterward, so I want them to live. They are in small part of tank.

    The female betta is...
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