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  1. Unknowingly picked up some Julido Marlieri Cichlid

    So I picked up some really neat picking fish yesterday as they were unlike anything I've seen before. Turns out they were Cichlids, specifically Julido Marlieri an African cichlid. I know almost...
  2. Just did some research, looks very close to a...

    Just did some research, looks very close to a Julido Marlieri Cichlid. Is this right? I don't know why fish owner didn't just say cichlid.
  3. Name this / white zebra stripes, has what looks like a mohawk

    So I just picked up a fish that I have never seen in any pet store before....Black and white stripes, very shy, im assuming because they need to get used to new environment. The pet store owner said...
  4. hey guys / gals, just wanted to provide an...

    hey guys / gals,

    just wanted to provide an update. so i finally did the 70-80% water change, but not without its consequences. within an hour i saw 2 of the 3 danios going up for air. i had no...
  5. Hey guys / gals, Here is an update, still not...

    Hey guys / gals,

    Here is an update, still not sure what is going on as of my recent result.

    I went a few days without doing any water changes, then checked my water on 11/06/15. It read...
  6. Thank you so much for your input on my setup. I...

    Thank you so much for your input on my setup. I will lower it to 78 and keep it consistent at that temperature \. As well as do some more water changes and feed the danio once daily instead of two...
  7. Yes, cycling with 3 danio fish. I have been...

    Yes, cycling with 3 danio fish. I have been meaning to add 2 or 3 more as I know they do better in schools, but thought I'd let things acclimate a bit before I add anything more.
  8. .25 PPM Ammonia, .50 PPM Nitrite, 5 PPM Nitrate - What is happening here?

    Have been cycling my 55 gallon freshwater with danio for past 2 and half weeks. Have some plants, keep water at around 80-82, and feed fish flakes once in morning and once in night. I do water...
  9. Replies

    Fishless Cycling in a 55g Tank

    I am in the middle of waiting for substrate & led to come in the mail. While I am waiting, I thought I could do fishless cycle with my 55 gallon tank to get a headstart on the process. The only thing...
  10. Replies

    Thanks, however, with the fertilizer tablets, how...

    Thanks, however, with the fertilizer tablets, how long do they last? I'm trying to think of something that will last me long term and not add to yearly costs. I actually started seperate thread for...
  11. Which substrate should I pick for a 55g freshwater tank I'm setting up soon?

    I am in middle of getting my 55g back up and running again. I have an Eheim 2217 for the filter, planning on buying the 48-inch Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED lights and do know that I am going to get a...
  12. Replies

    I stated wrong, I can be senile sometimes. I...

    I stated wrong, I can be senile sometimes. I meant my canister filter, I left it as-is after I threw out my last tank. My canister filter is an eheim 2217 and that is what I was referring to...
  13. Replies

    Videos of aquarium fish in the wild

    I always want to see aquarium fish in their natural habitat, in the wild, but you just don't see any videos of it. I think I saw one a while ago of people catching betta fish in Thailand and that was...
  14. Replies

    Thanks for the quick responses everyone. I got...

    Thanks for the quick responses everyone. I got rid of most of the mess, now having the media sit in water to help make cleaning all the residue easier. I did happen to find some of the plant I used...
  15. Replies

    How long can beneficial bacteria survive?

    I am going back to my aquarium hobby after almost a year. I've had a Eheim 2217 canister sitting with all the materials in it, including water and waste because I was too lazy to clean it. It's been...
  16. Back into aquarium hobby - good deals on gravel and eheim 2215 supplies?

    I am getting back into my aquarium hobby again. I still have lots of fish food, prime solution, api water test kit and a 55 gallon empty tank. I need to open up my ehem 2217 canister filter and clean...
  17. Replies

    Weirdest Platy Poop I have ever seen

    Folks, take a look at the video I linked below. I don't know what is going on, but all my other fish are doing completely fine. When I looked at it today, it is moving around and eating just fine. It...
  18. Guppies / Mollies seem to be swimming surface of water from time to time

    Hello all,

    It's been a year since I started my aquarium hobby and I can definitely say that although I am still learning, I have been "casualty" free for over 5 months now, until today. I have a...
  19. Fish gills red or normal on these cherry barbs and otincupulus

    Hey guys, did a 80% water change about 2 weeks ago. Have a eheim canister filter and aqueon filter running. I'm seeing what looks like red gills on my otincupulus and cherry barbs. would anyone be...
  20. Replies

    Plenty other odd variety of fishes, mainly from...

    Plenty other odd variety of fishes, mainly from my old beginner tank. Two baby guppies (few months old), 1 baby molly (3 months old), 1 platy, two adult guppies, 3 cherry barbs, 3 otincopolus, 1...
  21. Replies

    My clown loaches always do that from time to...

    My clown loaches always do that from time to time. I've always thought it is a sign of just being happy.
  22. Replies

    Loaches in General Question

    I've been keeping loaches since I started my aquarium hobby about a year ago and have learned so much. If there is anything I am proud of at this moment, I would have to say that I am doing a good...
  23. Appreciate the responses from everyone. I'm...

    Appreciate the responses from everyone. I'm growing java moss and anubias nanas in my 20 gallon tank, and took very small portions of it to see how well they do in the 55 gallon .
    As far as water...
  24. Is it OK to add more driftwood or rock to aquarium?

    I have a pretty long driftwood in my tank and need to add another one for more hiding spots for my loaches. I have a variety of yo yo and clown loaches.

    Does anyone know if adding more driftwood...
  25. Shop and product recommendations for pieces left to finish my 55g tank setup

    I have a 55g bare tank I got from a petco clearance. Have been waiting to buy the hoods for it and now would like to go forward.

    I've decided from reading other posts, it would be best to go with...
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