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  1. ok I'll try raising my temp to hers (80) I'm at...

    ok I'll try raising my temp to hers (80) I'm at 78...and I'll try the bloodworms. Thanks guys!
  2. The fish that we have the same are white tail...

    The fish that we have the same are white tail acei, zebra obliquidens , jewels and yellow labs...only our labs are the same size. We both feed the same's flake food that's for all cichlids...
  3. Why are my cichilds growing so slow and will they be stunted?

    There's a lady with a home business that sold me some cichlids last winter. She kept a few of them in her show tank that I had ordered through her because she liked them and she had ordered extra. ...
  4. Replies

    Another ich question!

    I have 20 cichlids in a 120 gallon along with a pleco. I bought 2 more jewels and sinced they looked healthy I went and threw them in my tank without first putting them in quarantine (big mistake)....
  5. Should I do a water change with new neons?

    I read that they are extremely fragile the first 2 weeks. Well they made through week 1. I usually do a 20-30% water change every week but I'm a little nervous to do it before the 2 weeks are up just...
  6. Also I put 1 tbsp of aquarium salt per 5 gallons...

    Also I put 1 tbsp of aquarium salt per 5 gallons in my big tank, turned up the heat and turned out the lights. Will this stop the spread if it is? I don't want to treat the whole tank with meds if...
  7. I guess I could say none of the above. I changed...

    I guess I could say none of the above. I changed him tanks and gave him a dose of Clout. It might be all the edges of his scales that are turning up. It looks like this guy ...
  8. Does my new jewel cichlid have velvet?

    I have a 120 gallon with 20 cichlids in it. On saturday I bought 2 new jewels. I buy my fish from a home buisness and she said she had them for 4 weeks and treats all her fish as a precaution so I...
  9. Thanks everyone. That is a very nice tank btw!...

    Thanks everyone. That is a very nice tank btw! Well I already returned the angelfish because I was worried about the neons but so far i don't find the rainbows too active. I've had them for a year...
  10. Can I add more rainbowfish in my 55 gallon?

    It's a 4 FT tank with 2 aquatech filters rated 40-60 gallons. So far I have 2 Boesemani rainbows, 2 turquoise rainbows, a dwarf gourami, a bristlenose pleco, 12 neon tetras and an angrlfish. I got...
  11. I actually added a new big dual filter at the...

    I actually added a new big dual filter at the same time but left my other filter running as well. I always rinse the filters in the dirty water before adding it to the tank. Could the new filter be...
  12. Can my new heater be killing my fish?

    I've had my rainbowfish for about a year now 4 boesemani and 4 neons...I had them in with my cichlids as dither fish but unfortunately when my cichlids became bigger they started attacking them. I...
  13. I'm getting frustrated with my aggressive!

    I had 11 cichlids in a 55 gallon (8 yellow labs and 3 cobalt blues zebras). One of the labs became alpha and kept harassing a couple of the labs so I thought I'd over stock so I got 3 kenyis and 2...
  14. What are these patches on my african cichlid?

    I have had my 17 cichlids in a 125 gallon aquarium for a couple years without any issues. Yesterday when I was feeding them I noticed that one of my ice blue zebras didn't come out to eat so I was...
  15. What can I do about my fighting jewels?

    I have a 120 gallon african mbuna tank. I accidentally bought 2 jewels thinking they were peacocks...oops! One of the jewels keep getting tattered (his dorsal fin was even half gone at one point!) so...
  16. Replies

    Are all blood parrots aggressive?

    I was reading that these fish are peaceful and could be put in a community tank. I love these fish and was so excited when I bought one. After a few weeks of being in quarantine, I was happy to...
  17. Thanks for your answer! For filtering, I have a...

    Thanks for your answer! For filtering, I have a marineland c360 canister filter and a hang on aqua tech 30-60. This seems to be doing sick fish yet but then again half arent full grown....
  18. Will 3 female kenyis cause problems?

    The only pet store in this small city only has one aquarium with "assorted cichlids" so I did the best I could without knowing what I was buying and a little lack of knowledge on my end. Anyway I...
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