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    Vương Lâm trầm mặc không nói. Lần này thời gian hắn bế quan cũng không lâu. Nhưng nh́n Lư Mộ Uyển th́ thấy h́nh như từ đầu đến giờ, nàng vẫn chưa rời khỏi đây. Hắn thở dài một tiếng, nhẹ nhàng hạ xuống phía sau Lư Mộ Uyển.

    Sau khi nh́n thấy Vương Lâm, Thượng Quan Mặc lại càng thêm tập trung, đưa linh lực vào bên trong hạt châu, khiến cho ánh sáng của nó thêm rực rỡ. Đồng thời, trên trán xuất hiện một vài giọt mồ hôi, tỏ vẻ hết sức chăm chú.
    goldmark city Chung cư paragon tower phạm hùng học kế toán excel trung tâm kế toán tại hà đông
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About Algenco

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Date of Birth
June 10
About Algenco
Fishing Guide
fishing guide
Aquarium 1:
55 planted, overstocked
Aquarium 2:
10 planted RCS tank
Aquarium 3:
10 gal planted CPD
Rest of Your Aquariums:
2-20 high bare Angel breeders 30 long planted Nigerian Red Kribs 30 long planted Albino bristlenose breeding tank 30 long , 2-55g,1-65g fry tanks
Fish I have bred:
Angels Kribensis Rams Peacocks Africans cichlids Gourami's Geophagus Cories Bristlenose Barbs Guppies Molleys Tetra's Celestial Pearl Danio
Why I like fish::
Born on the Lake, began helping my Grandfather (Commercial fisherman) at age 5 been keeping fish more than 40yrs


As I get older I find myself thinking about the hereafter - I go into a room and then wonder what I'm here after.

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  1. Merry Christmas, and I hope to see you here more often

  2. Happy Holidays

  3. Celebrating Carol's B-day :-)

  4. Thanks man! You are awesome!

  5. thanks for the help

  6. for being the bomb

  7. Happy Easter!

  8. Get better soon

  9. apple... lol. I just like how it looked in the store window!

  10. Thanks so much for all you have done. Now it's time to kick back and relax a bit

  11. Happy Retirement!

  12. Closest thing that looked like a plant haha...

  13. for being an extremely attentive mod, not to mention having awesome rams I hope to someday get a few of.

  14. Happy New Year!

  15. Happy New Year to the best breeder in the business!

  16. Happy New Years!

  17. Happy New Year

  18. Merry Christmas

  19. Nollaig Shona! (Christmas greetings)

  20. Seasons greetings, Have a great Christmas

  21. Merry Christmas my friend!!!

  22. Merry Christmas!

  23. Its a wonderful day in the neighborhood

  24. For all the thankless work you do!

  25. Time for a round of drinks

  26. Thanks!

  27. Thanks for pointing out the Obvious :-)

  28. No Message

  29. For my beautiful new GBRs!

  30. a round for the mod staff

  31. hope you had fun at ACA

  32. Thanks for making me smarter!

  33. Happy Daddys Day

  34. For making it over 6000 posts! lol

  35. Happy 30th! LOL

  36. Happy Birthday!!

  37. Hope you have a great day : -)

  38. For all the hard work you do keeping the spammers off here :-)

  39. Congrats on MOTM! Well done!

  40. MOTM! :D

  41. congrats on MOTM!

  42. Congratulations on MOTM.

  43. congrats Supermod

  44. Nice guy!

  45. TY!

  46. Happy Queen's Day!

  47. congrats on your awards.

  48. Give it to the wife!

  49. Hope your wife feels better

  50. Thanks for the help with the questions about discus and who to listen to :)

  51. Happy Easter

  52. Happy Easter!

  53. Thanks SO much for everything! I hope you and your family have a WONDERFUL Easter!!!

  54. Around here that deserves a fish! Congrats !

  55. Congrats on your 28th anniversary.

  56. happy paddy's day

  57. Congradulations! Great job

  58. Happy St Patricks Day

  59. Happy Saint Patricks Day!

  60. Congrats on your award

  61. Congratulations on your staff award

  62. Thank you

  63. Because you seem like the kind of guy I'd have a beer with.

  64. For your kindness. Thank you

  65. Thank you

  66. It's hard to choose which gift to give... LOL

  67. Congratulations on your award

  68. Congrats on your award!

  69. man i hate that you dont have one of these

  70. You have some awsome fish and set ups. : - )

  71. Some Algae for you for your comment

  72. Thanks again for the plants! They're great!!

  73. A gift for your wife on her survivorship!

  74. For beating the Big C!

  75. For coming through the hard times!

  76. Heres to your wife remaining cancer free!

  77. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. Congrats 3000 posts!

  79. TOTM!!!!!!

  80. Congrats on winning TOTM!

  81. Congrats on your award,

  82. Happy Holidays!

  83. Merry Christmas !!!!

  84. Your avatar has one, so should you!

  85. Happy Holidays!

  86. Merry X-Mas!!

  87. A Merry Merry Christmas xxx

  88. merry christmas

  89. Happy Christmas 2008

  90. Master of Angels

  91. A round of gifts for my friends at ac!

  92. Just because of the work you do around here.

  93. now you have 13!

  94. thanks for the rep

  95. thanks for the shipping help

  96. Just buying a round for my fave AC Folks

  97. thanks for the donation!!

  98. for selling Hobbs plants soaked in viagra. lol

  99. Thanks for the Warm Mod Welcome x

  100. Happy birthday!!!

  101. Happy Birthday

  102. Thank you for the shrimp and the moss

  103. Thank you for the shrimp!

  104. Thanks for the Great shrimp and plants!

  105. thanks for the shrimp

  106. No Message

  107. Your wife deserves a treat!

  108. Thinking of you during this difficult time x

  109. Keep your chin up. Your wife is in our prayers.

  110. thanks

  111. To your Modship

  112. Congratulations on Moderator Status!

  113. Thanks for becoming a mod

  114. Sorry for the loss.. Hope you feel better Gene!!

  115. Thanks for the plant help!!! Rep coming too!!!

  116. guess what this is for? LOL

  117. My Hero

  118. Thanks for the shrimp!! They ROCK!

  119. To get bigger house?

  120. to remodel steps

  121. for new wife

  122. for new bed


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