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About Rue

Basic Information

About Rue
Critters, classical music, fine arts...
Jack of all trades...
About Me:
I'm always looking to understand more about nature...including human nature.
Eclectic classical violin
Comedies and horror and fantasy/sci-fi! Oh My!
Who I'd like to meet:
Lotsa people!
Fantasy, historical, who-dun-its, the odd romance...
Don't have one...
Not much at the moment...try to catch Grimm and Hoarders...
University Degree
Why do you like AC Tropical Fish:
Get info. from the pros!
Aquarium 1:
25 g tropical tank with miscellaneous inhabitants
Aquarium 2:
55 g Goldfish Tank...3 goldfish.
Rest of Your Aquariums:
Had more tanks...time to downsize.
How I got started with aquariums.:
Got two goldfish when I was 7...
Favorite fish:
Fancy goldfish
Fish I have bred:
No deliberate breedings. Have 'tank-raised' mollies and platies and now CPDs.
Why I like fish::
How could I not? They're so cute!
Best advice:
Read and research...
Other pets:
3 dogs, 4 cats, 1 snake, 6 birds of various kinds, CHICKENS, 8 horses, Madagascar Hissin


55 g Goldfish Tank - 5 Fancies, 2 Dojos
25 g Tropical Tank - Celestial Pearl Danio/Mixed


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  1. Merry Christmas!

  2. Cheers

  3. Just Because

  4. What is a good Holiday Ham to do, but bring some cheer to my good friend Rue!

  5. Merry Christmas

  6. Thanks! You have a great holiday season as well!

  7. Merry Christmas

  8. lol, thanks for the rep. Have one on me! =]

  9. It's a Christmas Bunny, Merry Christmas.

  10. Merry Cristmas and Happy Holidays Rue.

  11. Holiday Ham has come today from the eve until Boxing Day!

  12. Merry Christmas Rue

  13. Merry Christmas

  14. Thanks for the Rep!!! :)

  15. Yes, there is still a place in today's world for the Darwin Awarads

  16. The last one of these Ill ever give! Enjoy the AC bucks Rue!

  17. For being a smarty pants and figuring out my riddle so fast! :)

  18. This one will have a longer life span, sorry to hear about your fish

  19. Otis thanks you for the rep

  20. thanks for the rep!

  21. Kick back and enjoy the day when your done your painting

  22. for posting that article, I laughed so much!!!!!!!!

  23. Thank you for the help you gave me a long while back.

  24. It's the closest thing to a new camera that I could find :-)

  25. Nearest thing I could find for a spider. Thank you for your kind comment on my mbuna photos

  26. Until I get to see a real Sea Turtle... here's a cartoony one in anticipation!

  27. LOL, here's another Nicaraugan(sp?) penguins

  28. The way I type, I would never intentially point out spelling mistakes, sorry to have come across like that

  29. penguin for a friend XD

  30. For use in the lab ;-) Here's hoping they have internet access

  31. Happy Banning, happy fish keeping happy Christmas!

  32. Sweets for my sweets this Holiday Season!

  33. Merry Christmas

  34. Merry Christmas!!

  35. Hope Santa is good to you!

  36. Holiday Treat!

  37. merry xmas. feed bunnies and itll love you XD

  38. It's a Christmas Bunny, Merry Christmas.

  39. Merry Christmas!!

  40. Here's some Christmass Cheer, Happy Holidays

  41. Here's a early X-mass tree, and thanks for the rep

  42. It's a comfort bunny, Sorry about your pony.

  43. Thanks Rue!

  44. Sorry about your pony :(

  45. Its the only "dog" they had! And it wont eat panties!!! hehe

  46. Please enjoy this Holiday Ham!

  47. How can you still be grumpy after having one of these

  48. Thanks for the rep!

  49. Oh Rue, have a hot dog

  50. To help stir the bowling cauldron, LOL, thanks for the rep

  51. To help stir the bowling cauldron, thanks for the rep

  52. Sorry about your SW tank.

  53. i give these to friends. sorry about your sw.

  54. LOL, for knowing how to change the direction of a tank journal

  55. This and shrimp were the closest relatives to spiders available. Hahaha!

  56. Thanks - but you're the one who had the good idea :)

  57. For keeping an 8 legged pet. Thanks Rue

  58. Thanks for the rep

  59. Thanks Rue, and I'm still here :-)

  60. Ah shucks.... Thank you

  61. for Brigs *hug*

  62. For being super nice! Happy New Year!!! Woot Woot!

  63. Merry Christmas

  64. Merry Christmas to my forum friend!

  65. It kinda looks like a X-mass tree

  66. Merry Christmas

  67. Merry X-mass Thank-you

  68. Happy Thanksgiving to a friend I'm thankful for!

  69. Here's some coffee... let's talk fish!

  70. Didn't want your CP Danio to get too loney

  71. Here's a CP Danio for your AC Aquarium until you get the real one!

  72. Thanks for the rep and all you great threads

  73. Sorry for your loss! :o(

  74. Its my One Year anniversary on AC - just wanted to say thanks to some of the folks that make it a great site!

  75. Have a shrimp on me ;)

  76. Thanks for all the smiles, Future crazy bird lady :)

  77. Thanks for the sw advice and encouragment!

  78. Thanks for the nom and all your wonderful birdy advice!

  79. 9000 posts! Congrats!

  80. Giving you the bird

  81. For helping animals in need

  82. for finding the dogs owner

  83. Thanks for honoring my "good deed" post!

  84. congrats on canada's gold medal

  85. What came first? The easter or the egg?

  86. You can eat them while waiting for the dial-up..It sucks big time I know!

  87. I'm female and no one knows how to spell my username. Woot!

  88. Happy New Year to my forum friend!

  89. Happy New Years!

  90. Wishing You A Very Happy New Year!!!

  91. Congrats on the MOTM

  92. Merry Christmas!

  93. My Bad sorry

  94. Ohhhh how I miss it.

  95. Happy Holidays

  96. Thanks Rue, appreciate the sympathy

  97. Happy Holidays!

  98. Merry Christmas!

  99. Seasons greetings Have a great Christmas

  100. Nollaig Shona! (Christmas greetings)

  101. Merry Christmas!

  102. Congratulations on your rep star : - )

  103. Thanks for the rep!

  104. 8000 posts! Congrats!

  105. I hope this brings you better luck!

  106. thanks for the advice!!!

  107. You always put a smile on my face!

  108. Thanks for joining in.

  109. Just because...

  110. Congrats on your award!

  111. You won!

  112. They don't have a carrot so have a beer instead. Thanks

  113. Thanks for playing

  114. Just thought you might like one of these :-)

  115. Thanks!

  116. Sorry for your loss. It is never easy

  117. 6000 posts! I just noticed! lol

  118. Happy St. Patrick's Day

  119. Happy Saint Patricks Day!

  120. Thank you for all your kind comments. You can have a Celestial pearl Danio any way : - )

  121. Thank's a coral for your frag tank

  122. Congrats on your awards, 5000 posts WTG!!

  123. Have a Timmys

  124. Thanks for the tips!

  125. Merry Christmas!

  126. for having a mini weinner dog!!!!!

  127. Thanks for the Algae :-)

  128. Here's your coffee mam lol

  129. Your a nice person!

  130. cheers

  131. Campion story writer

  132. No Message

  133. Merry Christmas Rue :)

  134. To the 29g and 34g Reef Cube Club!

  135. You got skillz! Thanks for your great posts.

  136. Right back atcha!

  137. for some crap grass

  138. For your new tank! Guaranteed not to eat your clean up crew!

  139. great poster

  140. Good luck!

  141. always good posts

  142. Welcome to the SW club!

  143. For going the extra mile to help me

  144. Happy Mothers Day!

  145. I know what you are thinking. Is this beef, or fattened ponies. Theres only one way to find out. Its like russian roulette, except with no bullets, and it tastes better with ketchup.

  146. good information Rue

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