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  1. Hi everyone! Im a student hoping to be accpeted by MIT, and I have a huge passion for aquariums and fish! My favorite kind of tanks are the hundreds of gallons monster tanks!!! Hopefully in several years after finishing college and securing a job, I'll be able to get a really big aquarium and a pond, and let some of larger fish stretch their fins! I love tanks with variety, and I have several different kinds of fish my self!! I also know a ton about all different kinds of freshwater fish; Ive talked to several experts and I always enjoy reading up on new species!! Im new here, and hopefully will start learning from all o[f the members here! Thanks!
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About AquaticExpert

Basic Information

About AquaticExpert
Fish keeping, art, biology, medical sciences, gneteics
ichtheologist, geneticist assistant, general practitioner
About Me:
I have three aquariums at home running currently with over fifty fish, and I am always looking to take in new companions. I've kept a variety of different fish in different aquariums over the years, and being highly involved in genetics and medical sciences, I am extremely interested in fish, because of their long evolutionary history and biological autonomy, and their simple beauty and interesting personalities. I do encounter problems and always have questions, so I joined this forum for that
Anything by the cello and percussion ensemble, "Break of Reality", lots of pop songs and Lindsey Ste
Oh Ive seen so many good ones. Mostly documentaries like Imax deep sea, Genesis, and the Future is
Who I'd like to meet:
I've always dreamt of meeting the Crocodile Hunter, the President, and the Queen of England.
My favorite ever since I was a child was "Encyclopedia of Reptiles Amphibians and Invertebrates". O
My mother and my father are my tow only and greatest heros.
I watch Animal Planet when the show is actually about animals, History and H2- Oh i love that conspi
University Degree
Why do you like AC Tropical Fish:
I have a profound love of fish; I fell connected with them and can read them like one does a dog or
Aquarium 1:
I have a large 55 gallon aquarium that currently houses several fish, including blind cave tetras, south american cichlids, killifish, and my old and feisty female betta. There are quite a few more, but Id rather not list them all. It has a light brown sand bottom which i will soon hopefully change
Aquarium 2:
I don't have a second aquarium.My second aquarium is a twenty gallon, with upside down catfish, a big ale killifish, some platys, a male ad female betta, ad a blue gourami. I recently redecorated this one and the fish love it; its got great lighting and my main problem is algae- i have no real plan
Aquarium 3:
My third aquarium is my first ever one from several years ago; Its a ten gallon with a few inches of blue gravel and lots of plastic plants, home to some big feeder guppies who i wouldn't dream of feeding to my larger fish, and a beautiful big yellow Male betta. The strange thing I've noticed is tha
Rest of Your Aquariums:
I don't have more aquariums than that/those described above.
How I got started with aquariums.:
Well, my whole fascination with animals started when i was very little, five years old. I was in China town adn saw those poor baby turtles in teh boxes, and made it my mission to take him home. It was a red eared slider, and eeventually after a year we released it. I became obsessed with reptiles and amphibians, and tried my immature hand at several species, few of which i succeeded in. They were so costly and difficult to keep. Then one of my best friends told me her father bred fish, and t
Favorite fish:
My first goldfish Goulder. He was big and very cute, had great personality,and was always my fav
Fish I have bred:
Guppies, platys, blind cave tetras. I was never quite interested in breeding, but will attempt next summer at betta and killifish breeding.
Why I like fish::
Oh well, I think Ive already explained quite a bit, but again, because of their genetic and evolutionary importance, their great variety, an their absolute wonderful value as pets and companions, To me, they are equal to a dog or a cat, and they are part of my family. I love them and when I come home every day they great me with their big hungry mouths. Also breeding fish is a great experience, your seeing a miracle take place. And many fish are easy to breed, and to take care of in general.
Best advice:
Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others, and try new things! One of the worst things I hate to hear about a fish is there temperament, because in many cases, an aggressive fish will not be at all aggressive. Bettas are my favorite community tank member, and ive had them for years. In fact, theres at least one in each of my tank. Also, dont always trust what pet store workers, or other owners say, and NEVER BUY A SICK FISH
Other pets:
I have two beautiful dogs, Gracie and Molly. Ones a graceful ( hence her name) miniature schnauzer


Work hard and have fun


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wow! Beautiful! I love your glass ornaments there! The angelfish are darling!!

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