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  1. Welcome to AC and to my page. Please PM me if you have any questions/comments.
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    rat dau dau, han khong ngo toi thuong the cua Ao Duc Tai lai nang den the, cang them khong ngo toi su quan tam cua nhung nguoi nay doi voi Ao Duc Tai, ro rang nhieu hon so voi trai Dat Cach Ma.
    Trong long Han Thac, von cung khong coi nhung nguoi nay tro thanh dong ban tin cay, di cung bon ho cung chi thuan tuy la vi trai Dat Cach Ma. Bay gio xay ra chuyen lam Han Thac cam thay co chut ngoai y muon, doi voi tinh cam cua bon ho voi Ao Duc Tai them vai phan cam dong, bat qua boi vi luc truoc Hoc ke toan tai bac ninhchung cư eco green city trung tm dạy kế ton tại tphcmcoffe table setmu privatenhạc sn cực mạnh
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About Boundava

Basic Information

Date of Birth
October 21
About Boundava
No where near as cool as Mac
Fish, birds, baking, DIY, crafts, gardening
Alternative, Rock, Classical, 80's, 90's...everything from Beatles to Bowie to Bon Jovi, Santana, NI
The classic Star Wars, Goonies, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Undercover Blues, Romancing the Stone, Ind
Who I'd like to meet:
Julia Child, Julie Andrews, Charles Darwin, Einstein, Leonardo DaVinci
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Call of the Wild, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Shakespeare, White F
Nova, Nature, Masterpiece Theater, British Baking Show, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, Evolution, Gal
University Degree
Why do you like AC Tropical Fish:
Everyone is great and the knowledge is phenomenal!
Grayslake, IL
Aquarium 1:
75 gallon planted freshwater tank 75 gallon planted freshwater tank Tetra, Rainbowfish, Endlers, Gouramis, Cory, Loaches, Amano shrimp, mystery and nerite snails; set up with live plants, CO2, and 2 Eheim 2217 filters.
Aquarium 2:
20 long planted with viper shrimp, pygmy corys, otos, and ember tetras.
Aquarium 3:
20 long planted chili rasboras and banded kuhli loaches.
Rest of Your Aquariums:
Two 5.5 gallon shrimp only tanks soon to be filled with Bloody Mary shrimp in one and Blue Dream shrimp in the other.
How I got started with aquariums.:
Parents bought me a 10 gallon tank at 11 years old,. I had an undergravel filter with an air pump and no hood/light. I had some Mollies and Platties which jumped out one by one as I was in school
Favorite fish:
All of them...who can choose one?
Fish I have bred:
Brisltenose Plecos, Albino Corys, Diamond Tetras, Endlers, Blue-Eyed Forktails (last 4 were all the fish's faults!)
Why I like fish::
Fish are such little characters and it is relaxing to watch them mess about the tank
Best advice:
CYCLE first, add more fish later. Use plants and get the biggest filter you can afford. Never too much filtration or research!
Other pets:
Three parakeets/budgies, 2 cats, and a 3-toed box turtle.


75g- Plecos, Rainbowfish, Edlers, Espei, Gouramis, Cory, Loaches, Amano, and misc.
Two 5.5g- Shrimp only tanks with Bloody Mary and Blue Dream shrimp,-grow out tank for bamboo shrimp
20L- Boraras rasbora, -grow out tank for bamboo shrimp
20L- Pearl/blue dream shrimp, Pygmy Cory, Ember tetras and CPD

Nat's 20L Tanks
5.5 G Shrimp Tanks



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Sorry guys, they both have sold
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  1. For all your help and knowledge you have given me

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  13. Thanks for the awesome info on CO2

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  16. Some treasure headed your way ...

  17. To a fellow plant enthusiast

  18. Thank you for helping me with my 90g. You are always helping ppl and give a lot of good advice and info.

  19. It seemed like old times today so have beer ;-)

  20. Happy Memorial Day Decluttering!

  21. Happy Easter!

  22. Nice write-up on plecos

  23. thanks for the filter offer!

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  26. Here's a loach to replace some of your loss

  27. for her creative efforts

  28. So sorry for your loss :(

  29. Christmas Clown fish ! Enjoy the holidays

  30. Merry Christmas!

  31. Merry Christmas!

  32. Early-Christmas present-ish present because I dont think ill remember to tomorrow.

  33. Happy Holidays!

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  35. Season's Greetings!

  36. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  37. Have a Candy cane ;-) Merry Christmas

  38. Here's one you don't have to cook yourself.

  39. Thank you for your snail offer

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  41. Thank you!

  42. new school fish.

  43. Thanks for the help! Cheers!

  44. New gifts show still show up : )

  45. T.G.I.F.

  46. So sorry for your loss :(

  47. Thanks for all the thumbs up ;-)

  48. Sorry about your Cat I hope she/he rallies

  49. Here's to new fish and shrimp ;-)

  50. For the new fish ;-)

  51. For a fellow tetra lover ;-)

  52. T.G.I.T.!....cheers!

  53. T.G.I.F.!

  54. You need a gourami!

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  58. in memory of yours.

  59. you ask for one

  60. Heres a lovely little Cafe Latte for you for your great amount of help!

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  69. Caring for the Pleco

  70. Welcome and thanks for the information!