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    Very on the ball mod for ac.
    Always active any busy. Constant measure of respect force and diplomacy.
    Great to have you as a mod on AC
  2. View Conversation
    What a nice variety of aquariums and the various stock of fish! You have a lot of fish per aquarium! I appreciate all the advice you give, thank you!
  3. View Conversation
    Very cool!
  4. They are the Norman's Lampeye killifish, I have 11 in the 29 gallon...native to Africa

    The avatar pic is one I found on the internet
  5. View Conversation
    May I ask what the fish in your avatar are?
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About Slaphppy7

Basic Information

Date of Birth
December 7, 1963 (55)
About Slaphppy7
Southeast Texas
University Degree
Why do you like AC Tropical Fish:
It's the best aquarium forum out there.
Aquarium 1:
10 gallon, 10 boraras brigittae, 15 boraras anveus, 6 hastatus corys, 6 pygmaeus corys. a betta, mystery snails, and lots of blue dream rili shrimp
Aquarium 2:
40 gallon breeder with 1 BNP, 4 marble hatchets, 10 emperor tetras, 12 rosy tetras, 18 rummynose tetras, 2 bamboo shrimp, 6 sterbai corys, 6 metae corys, 18 Cardinal tetras, 4 pristella tetras, 9 otos, many RCS, a mystery snail, and assassin snails
Aquarium 3:
29 gallon with 1 CPD, 7 lambchop rasboras, 1 Normani lampeye killis, 1 pearl gourami, ? kuhli loaches, 3 mystery snails, 6 otos, 8 yellow phantom tetras, 15 green neon tetras, 3 blackfin corys, and lots of RCS
Rest of Your Aquariums:
5.5G with mystery snails and yellow Neocaridina shrimp.
How I got started with aquariums.:
Helping daughter with her aquarium
Favorite fish:
Rummynose Tetra
Fish I have bred:
Why I like fish::
They are fun to keep, and relaxing to watch.
Best advice:
Research, research, and research some more!
Other pets:
2 cats, 2 dogs


10 Gallon Beginner Tank... Journal
40 Gallon Breeder: ... Journal
29 Gallon: ... Journal

“If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went” - Will Rogers


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  1. Enjoy your weekend my friend

  2. Thanks for the Rep ;-)

  3. My fish say Thank You

  4. Thanks for the rep ;-)

  5. Here's to good games tomorrow ;-)

  6. They got it done, yay! ;-)

  7. New fish ;-)

  8. thanks for being a cool guy and a big help to others

  9. Merry Christmas to you .

  10. Cheers!

  11. Merry Christmas back at you and thank you!

  12. Happy Holiday to you!

  13. Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

  14. Merry Christmas to you and your family Matt, enjoy your time off.

  15. Let the gift giving begin, Merry X-mas ;-)

  16. Thanks for the rep, the message meant a lot as well! Tx!

  17. Hope you had a great Birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday

  19. Another beer to help make up missing your birthday.

  20. First round is on me, Happy Birthday.

  21. Notice there's only ONE candle? Easy blowing, easy wishing. May your dreams come true.

  22. Sorry I didn't see this sooner :(

  23. Not a blue one, but still a betta. Congratulations!

  24. Thanks for the Rep ;-)

  25. Happy Anniversary!

  26. Thanks for the rep and support

  27. AC's defender from spammers!

  28. Thanks for the Rep ;-)

  29. Happy Father's Day!

  30. Happy Easter

  31. Thank you for your friendship

  32. Thanks for the rep!

  33. Thanks for the Rep ;-)

  34. Happy V Day!

  35. Congrats on 48,000 yaps!

  36. "Lest we forget"

  37. Thanks for helping with the tank

  38. Thanks for the laugh this morning my friend!

  39. A Cory to add to your tank

  40. you are a star

  41. Merry Christmas!

  42. Merry Christmas!

  43. Merry Christmas

  44. Merry Christmas!

  45. Thanks for the Rep ;-)

  46. Thanks for the rep!

  47. Thanks for the Rep!

  48. Hope you're drying out down there.

  49. For surviving Harvey

  50. Mr 46,000

  51. For my cruel joke.

  52. More rep already? Thank you kindly my friend ;-)

  53. Try to stay dry this week.

  54. Thanks for the rep

  55. Thanks for the points

  56. Here's an umbrella for the coming storm

  57. Thanks for the plants!

  58. Thanks for the rep ;-)

  59. Thanks for all the beautiful crypts!

  60. For being a good sport on a slow day at ye ole forum

  61. No Message

  62. Marley is a Slap now.

  63. For the new addition ;-)

  64. Happy Mothers day to you, we deserve a little credit don't we?

  65. Congrats on winning the POTM!

  66. Thank you for making me LOL!

  67. No Message

  68. Good Sunday to you ;-)

  69. Thanks again for the points

  70. Congrats on your first four years.

  71. Happy 4th anniversary ;-)

  72. Congrats on your 4 year anniversary!! Traditional gift is fruit or flowers

  73. Congratulations, you finally did it ;-)

  74. Top Poster! 3/30/2017

  75. Congrats Top Poster! Here is something other than beer! :)

  76. Congrats for breaking the all-time-post-record!!!!!

  77. historic posts -- cheers!

  78. Congrats on your new fish!

  79. Back at you ;-)

  80. Friday night cheers

  81. Great conversation today and a goal reached ;-)

  82. Thanks for being so generous with the points

  83. For the patience you show, when walking newbes through methods like cycling.

  84. For surviving life's ups and downs

  85. Thanks for the points! I have been craving pizza so here is a slice for you.

  86. Thanks for the rep, your to kind ;-)

  87. Closest thing I could find to firm tofu :-)

  88. Thanks for the Rep ;-)

  89. Almost an EBR.. Thanks for all the help!

  90. For letting me keep the Cory's!

  91. Thanks for the rep ;-)

  92. for Ginny

  93. So sorry for your loss :(

  94. Hope your pup pulls through.

  95. Thanks for the Rep ;-)

  96. Thanks for the Rep ;-)

  97. For being a up standing mod

  98. For 40,000 posts!

  99. Merry Christmas

  100. Happy New Year, almost

  101. Merry Christmas ( Thick-Lipped for the 29) :-)

  102. Merry Christmas

  103. Have a Merry Christmas

  104. Sorry for your losses, drinks on me.

  105. Because you need it

  106. Thanks for the points!

  107. Happy Birthday Matt :-)

  108. Congrats on all your new fish!

  109. Have a beer for 39,000 posts ;-)

  110. Thank ya sir!

  111. Sounds like you could use some treasure right now. Here's hoping it happens for real.

  112. Thanks for all of your reassurance my friend

  113. Thanks for the rep!

  114. Thanks for the rep

  115. An Always Something beer! Clink!

  116. here's a cold one for ya

  117. Thanks for all the encouragement!

  118. thanks for the cory and TGIF

  119. Thanks for all of your help with my first tank!!

  120. Hope you had a grand Fatther's Day :-)

  121. Back at you ;-)

  122. Just cause...

  123. Seemed like old times today ;-)

  124. Now you have a flame to tide you over

  125. Congrats on 34,000 ;-)

  126. No endlers but have a guppy ;-)

  127. Agree ;-)

  128. You need some fish up here!

  129. A beer for my return.

  130. AC anniversary. Congrats.

  131. Celebrate your Anniversay with some bubbly!

  132. Too many more!!!!

  133. Congrats on a great three years ;-)

  134. You will get it fixed.

  135. Thanks for the Rep ;-)

  136. my friend we need one.

  137. same ;-)

  138. Have a couple of margaritas on me, wish they were the real thing, so happy for you guys good news ;-)

  139. For the great news!

  140. Late TGIF ;-)

  141. Thanks once again for the rep ;-)

  142. Thanks for all your help!

  143. For a great moderator!

  144. Thanks for the rep ;-)

  145. Thanks for the help. Past & Present.

  146. Thanks for all the laughs!!!!

  147. Dang I forgot to buy you a beer for new fish and a safe delivery ;-)

  148. Heres to the Broncos. and YOU!

  149. For silently slipping into 2nd place all time on the post list, congrats ;-)

  150. Sorry for your Rummy loss

  151. Sorry for the loss :(

  152. Happy Friday, my friend

  153. Didn't notice till the day was almost over that you passed 30,000, WOW!!

  154. Here's to the next 30 Grand :-)

  155. TGIF indeed ;-)

  156. Thanks again for the rep ;-)

  157. Thanks for the Rep Bro ;-)

  158. Thanks for being such a great moderator!

  159. Duck or open your mouth ;-)

  160. Sorry for the loss :(

  161. Happy New Year! Pop a cork for me :o)

  162. A festive Festae for you! Have a good one

  163. Merry Christmas to you too.

  164. Christmas Clown fish ! Enjoy the holidays

  165. A Christmas Cory for you!

  166. Merry Christmas!

  167. Early christmas present because ill probably forget tomorrow

  168. Season's Greetings!

  169. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  170. Happy Holidays!

  171. Happy Holidays!

  172. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  173. Have a Candy cane ;-) Merry Christmas

  174. Yes ;-)

  175. Happy Holidays.

  176. Happy Birthday, better than cake!

  177. For your B-day and for 28,000 ;-) Sorry I'm late.

  178. First beer is on me.

  179. For making me laugh out loud this evening!

  180. Have a beer for the holidays and the old fish flake days ;-)

  181. Enjoy the long holiday!

  182. For your work on getting the troll gone ;-)

  183. TGIF indeed ;-)

  184. Thanks for helping with the snails

  185. A little cheer to cheer you up, you've had a tough week

  186. I've been so busy I forgot to send you something for your newest milestone ;-)

  187. Winner Winner!!!

  188. thank you for your calm help

  189. Thanks for the rep ;-)

  190. Thanks for the rep!

  191. Thanks for the encouagement!

  192. Back at you ;-)

  193. Here's to a good game ;-)

  194. TGIF and happy fish day ;-)

  195. Thank you for the rep brother ;-)

  196. Enjoy!

  197. For removing the B***** video! <3

  198. Here's to 25,000 posts; WOW ;-)

  199. Forgot to send congrats, Mr. Mod

  200. Back at you my good friend ;-)

  201. it's Saturday and I don't care.

  202. Thanks for all the help

  203. T.G.I.F.

  204. here's to 10,000 don't ever slow down ;-)

  205. Congrats Mr. Mod!

  206. Congratulations, moderator!!!

  207. Cheers to the NFL, starting in 8 weeks

  208. Thanks for the rep!!

  209. For being selected a moderator

  210. Congratulations my friend ;-)

  211. Here's to the 4th ;-)

  212. Happy 4th of July!

  213. Share a drink for the new betta :|

  214. Thanks for all the thumbs up!

  215. Happy Father's Day!

  216. Happy Dad's day indeed ;-)

  217. Thanks for the rep :)

  218. for passing 22,000 without breking a sweat ;-)

  219. for passing 22,000 without breking a sweat ;-)

  220. Singin in the rain.. just singin in the rain...

  221. Hope you have a great Memorial Day ;-)

  222. thanks for the brisket instructions! yum

  223. An essential for the weekend :-)

  224. Thanks for all the thumbs up!

  225. Sorry, no blue shrimp, but here's because you have N. davidi variants!

  226. Happy Saturday back at you ;-)

  227. Thank you for helping with my filter problem!

  228. Just because ;-)

  229. Here's to peace and quiet. Have a great weekend!

  230. Here's to peace and quiet. Have a great weekend!

  231. Thanks for the rep brother ;-)

  232. it's the weekend

  233. Thx for all your help!

  234. for being an awesome fish friend!

  235. TGIF back at you ;-)

  236. TGIF and thanks for the rep :-)

  237. Thanks for the Rep ;-)

  238. 20,000 post's 'NUFF SAID" ;-)

  239. and here's to the next 20,000!

  240. A gift for two great years ;-)

  241. Happy anniversary!

  242. Happy 2 Year Anniversay

  243. It's the easter CPD...Happy Easter to you and the family.

  244. Happy Easter

  245. Happy Easter

  246. Here's to shrimp!

  247. For passing Cliff ;-)

  248. Relax!

  249. Dog Dad!!!

  250. TGIF starting early!

  251. Thanks for the dubiously deserved's a non-dead fish. Maintenance guy must be doing his job.

  252. Bit of luck for St. Patty's Day.

  253. A heart for your big heart :o) and for Toby and Ginger

  254. For being a Super forum member and friend.

  255. Lite beer for 19,000

  256. TGIF, indeed

  257. Here's to Rob and Friday the 13th ;-)

  258. You need a cory

  259. Here's to spring!!

  260. Thank you for all of your help as I learn!

  261. T.G.I.S.

  262. Cheers!

  263. I don't like to drink alone,... Cheers !!!

  264. T.G.I.F.!

  265. Right back at ya -- cheers!

  266. one good turn deserves another + i got the kribs rehomed:o)

  267. T.G.I.F.

  268. thanks for being knowledgeable;)

  269. To help wash down those hallucinogens :-)

  270. toasting SirYapsALot

  271. To celebrate reaching 18,000 posts!

  272. Nobody does it better, brother!

  273. Cheers!

  274. Back at you :)

  275. Have a "mug" to mix your toddy in :)

  276. Chocolate always helps me feel better

  277. superbowl 2014

  278. One more before the game starts ;-)

  279. Here's to good Superbowl

  280. Superbowl weekend.

  281. 17,000 nuff said :)

  282. keep on Yapping

  283. For passing yet another member, look at Cliff ;-)

  284. Congrats on first MOTM 2015!

  285. For your new 10G tropical tank :)

  286. Congrats on MOTM and new crab

  287. For you MOTM win :)

  288. You deserve one!

  289. new fish -- Yay!

  290. All is well with the new fish

  291. For another safe delivery from TWS :)

  292. TGIF my friend, it's traditonal.

  293. Thanks 4 help

  294. Have another tetra for recieving healthy fish from TWS :)

  295. Congrats on your new fish, & thanks for being my first forum friend!

  296. Happy New Year!

  297. Happy new Year!!

  298. You're A Great Asset To AC

  299. TGIT (Thank God it is Thursday)

  300. Merry Christmas

  301. Merry Xmas To You!

  302. Merry Christmas buddy

  303. Merry Christmas

  304. Thanks for the rep ;-)

  305. Have a Cory for passing 15,000 post's; WOW!!

  306. thanks

  307. Congrats on your cycle!!

  308. Happy 51st...and many more!

  309. Happy B-day buddy!

  310. Which leaves on to ask which came first the cake or the beer!

  311. Happy B Day!

  312. TGIF back at you :)

  313. right back at cha!

  314. TGIF

  315. TGIF back to you!

  316. TGIF back at you!

  317. TGIF indeed

  318. TGIF!!

  319. TGIF!!

  320. TGIF back at you :)

  321. For a Super-good idea!

  322. here's to 14,000 posts :)

  323. Thanks so much.

  324. My first gift goes to you, hope you like the rummy nose :)

  325. TGIF!

  326. TGIF -- and TFAYH (thanks for all your help!)

  327. TGIF indeed!

  328. TGIF...too bad it only comes once per week :-)

  329. TGIF back at you ;-)

  330. To renew your energy from posting so much. :)

  331. Sorry for your loss :(

  332. TGIF It's Miller time and my lawn is mowed :P

  333. TGIF Indeed!!!

  334. TGIF it's been awile ;)

  335. You needed one!

  336. After all that help I owe you a beer!

  337. A hot toddy for your crude. :-)

  338. It's Miller time!

  339. Thanks for the rep!!

  340. Supposed to be a Neon but looks more like a Cardinal :)

  341. more new fish!!

  342. TGIF *cheers*

  343. hides the stick and gives you a cookie instead

  344. TGIF!!!!!!!!!!

  345. BOOM! Have a gourami.

  346. a liquid lunch for you

  347. For passing yet another member ;-)

  348. cheers!

  349. Medicine for what ails you.

  350. Thanks for the rep

  351. Have another Rummy for 12,000 posts ;)

  352. For passing another memeber ;-)

  353. TGIF indeed

  354. Another milestone!

  355. For the YapMeister

  356. Thanks for the rep ;)

  357. good job on the yappin! Thanks!

  358. Heres to Bacon Beer :-)

  359. 6000 -- wow

  360. Have another beer for another milestone ;)

  361. 6000 posts! You'll have to take that thread to a publisher!

  362. Cheers!

  363. for playing the cory game

  364. T.G.I.F^2

  365. Here's to 11,000.....woe!!

  366. BEER!!!

  367. T.G.I.F. back at you buddy!

  368. Have a cup pn me for some great conversation this morning :)

  369. For wanting to try something new!

  370. 10,000 posts is worth a monetary donation - well almost :o) congrats

  371. To the 10 grand man! Congrats.

  372. Here's to the next 10,000 posts.

  373. Have another for reaching 10,000 posts!!

  374. Congrats on 10,000 brother!

  375. welcome back from vacation

  376. pizza for all. I finished my book today!!!

  377. Have a cyber-miller and forget about "trolls" first person I saw that did not like you, LOL!!

  378. TGIF! May the good Lord be with you and your family Matt.

  379. So very sorry :(

  380. Using some of my winnings on friends and you probably could use some coffee :)

  381. Heres to getting the fish we like and the 4th of July wich was nice enough to be on a friday!

  382. Oto

  383. otos -- yay

  384. got otos

  385. Here's to the 4th and nose hair fiascos!

  386. I'm glad somebody's keeping this "old tradition" alive :)

  387. Back at you, good sir!

  388. Back atcha!

  389. Oh Oh... they're multiplying!!!

  390. Because bunnies are good in threes.

  391. it has been a rough work week and it's 5'o clock somewhere

  392. have a cyber-miller for 9,000 posts!

  393. have a cyber-miller for 9,000 posts!

  394. And here' the box of tissues I didn't use crying because I feel so bad for you :o)

  395. poor baby. here's your beer after your difficult week

  396. Must be beer time

  397. Beeeer!

  398. No Message

  399. Using up my winnings on my friends!

  400. congrats on 5000

  401. Thanks!

  402. 5k way to go

  403. TGIF is right!

  404. In keeping with tradition, TGIF!

  405. Spurs!

  406. TGIF even if it's the 13th with a full moon!

  407. Thanks for the rep! Have a lizard. lol

  408. Right. Here's to fishkeeping margaritas and beer :o)

  409. Cheers!

  410. Goes well with chicken-pig

  411. TGIS! I missed TGIF, my bad. :-)

  412. TGIF indeed!!!

  413. Because "flakes" don't drink alone :)

  414. Heck yah! Friday! Been a long one!

  415. for being gently encouraging to everyone

  416. For hitting the big 8,000 :)

  417. For always liking my posts & winning MOTM!

  418. Cake goes with champagne!

  419. a true Hero! Congrats

  420. for that MOTM win!

  421. Congratulations on MOTM!!

  422. thanks for the help and just because its friday.

  423. For being a TDS meter guniea pig and TGIF.

  424. For being a class act.

  425. Here's to staying up late with the big kids :)

  426. It's made with Folgers.

  427. A round for the fallen this Memorial Day weekend.

  428. Just Because

  429. I know you don't drink much coffee but heres a cup to help get you going!

  430. Here's to Mr 7,000

  431. Something different for your milestone

  432. Hope thats not offensive? Im just joshing sir!

  433. In honor of Steelers 5k posts!

  434. Beer makes monday not suck so bad..

  435. Ninja penguin strikes again!

  436. The weekend is here!!!

  437. Drink like a "fish flake" friday, like the old days!

  438. It's EOTW Beer Time!

  439. TGIF!

  440. Thanks for the help and encouragement

  441. My turn to buy

  442. For all your help. Thanks

  443. For all the help

  444. Thank you and Happy Easter to you too.

  445. Scarry looking easter egg, but happy easter back at you

  446. Happy Easter to you too :)

  447. Cheers !!!

  448. A beer for 6,000 posts, wish it was a real one!

  449. Slappy Aniversay! :-)

  450. One to drink in garage, LOL! Happy Aniversary

  451. Happy 1st Anniversary!

  452. For giving me my 1,000 "thumbs up"

  453. Happy Drink Like a Viking Friday!

  454. It's beer:30 somewhere, why not here!

  455. Here's to one star generalhood :-)

  456. 4moreThumbs>thaneveryoneelsecombined!THX

  457. Thanks for the Rep!!

  458. TGIF! Who cares if it's not your birthday?! We're drunk!

  459. Here's to 6.000, probably next week, LOL!

  460. A jumbo burger with the works for 5000 posts!

  461. that's supposed to look like a fish taco :o)- congrats on 5000 Posts!l

  462. One can never yap too much, until they drink too much. Have some more! lol

  463. Next up: Starfish races!

  464. To Healthy Ruumy Nose Tetra. It's early, so here's a bloody mary.

  465. For your growing school

  466. Happy fish day!

  467. Have a nice, long weekend!

  468. TGIF

  469. Thank god I didnt work friday!

  470. Let me buy you a beer!!!!

  471. Man, you have no idea! lol (or maybe you do) - Regardless... TGIF!!!!!

  472. Have another one!

  473. for helping me find out what is wrong with betta

  474. I'll go one more to get the school to the proper size, congrats again!

  475. Let's keep the school growing! Congrats on 4000+ posts!

  476. Congrats on 4000 posts@!

  477. For 4,000 posts!

  478. Lets get you a school!

  479. To another great mind!

  480. For your vote of confidence

  481. Thanks for everything :)

  482. Till you get the real ones, LOL

  483. just cause you're a nice guy.

  484. Here's to the big winner!!

  485. have one on me ..

  486. To your Super Bowl pool win.

  487. It'd be rude if we all drank w/out ya!

  488. Winning Bowl

  489. Thanks for the nomination!!

  490. Thanks for the rep!! We seem to have the same taste in music

  491. a cory for your cory's and the 1k you gave me

  492. Thanks buddy! Drink up, it's Hump Day!

  493. Friends need drinks! Or is it the other way around?

  494. Enjoy!

  495. To take your mind of your email problems!

  496. Thanks for getting me started.

  497. Thanks for the B-Day wish

  498. Sorry for the Charger lose

  499. Thanks for your great advice!!

  500. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

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  502. Happy New Year

  503. Happy New Year!

  504. Happy Holidays!

  505. Merry Christmas

  506. For all the encouragement!

  507. Merry Xmas! Ill drink to that!

  508. Merry Christmas

  509. Merry Christmas!

  510. Merry Christmas!

  511. Merry Christmas!

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  513. Nobody seems to give Bass to anyone

  514. thanks for all yer advice and help

  515. Congrats on MOTM!!!

  516. Great Help to Me

  517. Thanks for flinging the turkey

  518. Enjoy your weekend my friend.

  519. No Message

  520. For a stunning 1st large tank setup

  521. For being MOTM!!!

  522. A lite beer for the loss of your Pleco, I'm afraid you may have drank to many real ones yesterday, LOL.

  523. the fish are finally in, you've earned this!

  524. Here is to your cycled and stocked tank!

  525. Thought you might need this today, LOL. Just glad your fish got their safe and sound.

  526. Loving your new tank!

  527. You did it! Well done.

  528. To Discus Days!!!

  529. For winning the lottery!

  530. D-Day! Its Coming!

  531. TGIF to you as well!

  532. Hey, just noticed you sent me a gift. Happy belated Labor Day weekend to you! Hope you have a good rest of the week!

  533. I don't drink alone my friend!!

  534. Here's to Beer-thirty and and almost getting to the finish line!

  535. Thanks Matt. Here's one for you!

  536. Learning to multi-quote earns you a prize of pie.

  537. nice job on the new set up!!

  538. GET T0 THE FENCE!!!!!

  539. cheers!

  540. For your new 40 gallon!

  541. 52 beer weeks a year, YAAAAY!!!

  542. To Judi!!

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  544. One step closer to Discus!

  545. Here's to Judi, success and happy hour!


  547. Meant to send a beer, not an apple - for JJs fish!!!

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  549. The fishies are coming! the fishies are coming!

  550. T0 fishin'!!

  551. Thanks for the kind words,. cheers

  552. Donating one of my favorite foods - you are always upbeat and supportive and give good advice.

  553. kick it 0ff with this!

  554. IT'S BEER:30

  555. Here's to beer, drinking, grilling and more beer!

  556. Its almost Friday again! Lets grill some and drink a few!

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  559. Congratulations getting that tank cycled.

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