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    Nói xong, nó thầm nghĩ: “Nếu ngươi bức tử ta, lăo tử nhất định sẽ liều mạng với ngươi.”

    Nhưng đó chỉ là một ư nghĩ mà thôi. Ma đầu cũng biết rằng bây gờ cho dù liều mạng th́ nó cũng không hề có một cơ hội nhỏ.
    dịch vụ kế toán tại quận tân phú dịch vụ kế toán quận b́nh thạnh dịch vụ kế toán tại quận 9 dịch vụ kế toán tại quận 8 dịch vụ kế toán tại quận 3

    Bàn tay Vương Lâm sờ khắp thân thể ma đầu. Từ từ, một làn khí màu hồng từ trong cơ thể nó xuất hiện. Một viên kim đan nhỏ như nắm tay, hiện ra trong làn khí.

    Khí thế của ma đầu lập tức x́u xuống, xấu hổ nói:
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    We're not too far from each other. Have been to Bishop a couple of times for a car show there. Beautiful country...
  3. View Conversation
    will a big group of 16 glowlight tetras work
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About steeler58

Basic Information

Date of Birth
March 15
About steeler58
Gods Country, Eastern High Sierras, California
Sports (Steeler's are the best team ever), Aquariums, Ancient History
Director, Water/Sewer Department
About Me:
I've been keeping Tropical fish for 42 years with an occasional time off. When I was nine we found a 3 gal at a yard sale and found out it was to expensive to refurbish everything so my Mom may she RIP bought me a 5 gal kit. That was the beginning. I kept a 65 gal Saltwater tank years ago and may try that again. I consider the fish themselves as my "wheelhouse", especially smaller species. I Coach football and baseball, also officiate high school sports.
Classic Rock, 60's and real Country & Western
Westerns, Action, Comedies and Sci Fi
Who I'd like to meet:
Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan and Hank Aaron
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Western, Horror and Historical
John Wayne, Vince Lombardi, Julius Caesar, Hannibal Baca and Jack Lambert
Sitcoms, Dramas and the History Chanel
Caucasian/Native American
Graduated College
Why do you like AC Tropical Fish:
To learn something new and help people with the best advice I can.
Bishop, Cailifornia
Aquarium 1:
75g Dwarf Pencilfish, Cardinal Tetras, Rummy Nose's, Red Phantom Tetra's, Harlequin Rasboras, Otto's, Emperor Tetras, Green/Gold Cory's, Adolfoi cory's, Weitzmani, cory's, Yellow phantom tetras, Bleeding blue tetras, Redline tetras, Candy cane tetra
Aquarium 2:
50g Green Neons, Black Neons, Head and tail light tetras, Bronze Corys, Rummy nose's, Ember tetras, Lampchop rasboras, Similis corys, Slate corys, Reed tetras, Loreto tetras .
Aquarium 3:
40g Emperor tetra, Lemon tetra and Glowlight Danio, Coral red pencil fish, Chocolate neon's and Coffee bean tetra's
Rest of Your Aquariums:
I don't have more aquariums than that/those described above.
How I got started with aquariums.:
When I was Nine yrs old I saw a Zebra Danio and Silver Dollar in a neighbors 5 gal and was hooked. After keeping guppies and goldfish in bowls (yes I did this, it was the 60's though) the whole heater and filter seemed the way to go.
Favorite fish:
Cardinal Tetras, Tetras in General, Barbs, Rasboras and Cory's
Fish I have bred:
Cory's and of course guppies, mollies, swords and platies
Why I like fish::
Because they are so relaxing LOL.
Best advice:
Stick with it. Buy the biggest Tank you can.
Other pets:
2 Dogs and 5 Cats!! who all get along great.


Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.
Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit.
-Vince Lombardi

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” ― John Wooden
Sandy Hook Elementary......Lest We Forget
See my profile for my tanks and what fish I keep


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12-08-2015 08:59 AM
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03-06-2021 02:49 AM
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Silver Achivement Medal Silver Achivement Medal Name: Silver Achivement Medal
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Issue time: 04-19-2017 12:21 PM
Issue reason: For your tetra expertise and videos.
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  1. Happy Independence Day!

  2. Good to hear from you again!

  3. Hope you had a happy birthday! We are both March babies :)

  4. Here's to the "blue ribbon" tetra!

  5. It's a hot toddy.

  6. Second round ;)

  7. To new fish!

  8. Merry Christmas!

  9. Happy Holiday to you!

  10. Merry Christmas!

  11. Merry Christmas to you and your family Lee :-)

  12. Congrats on your new fish!

  13. Thank you for the Rep!

  14. cheers!

  15. Thanks for the feedback

  16. Happy Father's Day!

  17. I hope you get well soon!

  18. Congratulations on finally getting that "dream tetra" youve been looking for! :)

  19. Happy Easter

  20. Happy Birthday!

  21. Happy Birthday!

  22. First round is on me, Happy Birthday.

  23. Happy V Day!

  24. Thanks for the rep, my friend!

  25. Happy 2018! Hope you and yours health and happiness in the new year!

  26. Happy Christmas!

  27. Merry Christmas!

  28. Merry Christmas!

  29. For you.... Ill give you a hint, its in water and its called a tetra!

  30. Have a Merry Christmas

  31. Thanks Lee :) Good to be back

  32. For the new corycats! :)

  33. 16K posts!

  34. Here is some coffee so you have lots of energy to get ready to order fish from Wetspot!

  35. Thanks for the rep!

  36. Here's to 5 years, bud.

  37. Just pretend it's a cardinal, lol

  38. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my friend.

  39. Thanks for all of the Cory threads

  40. Congrats on the post count!

  41. No Message

  42. Thanks for letting me hang out with you

  43. Tx for all the info on tetras! I really want some African red-eyes now :)

  44. Happy Sunday to you, too1

  45. Have one with me!

  46. Watching the game

  47. Here's to new fish!!

  48. Congrats on 14K posts!

  49. congrats on 14,000!

  50. Thanks for the Rep!

  51. Here's to new fish...

  52. Happy Birthday!

  53. Happy Birthday!!!!!

  54. First beer is on me, Happy Birthday.

  55. Cholla -- you win!

  56. for getting the guess close

  57. Thanks for the rep!

  58. Hey brother, enjoy the game tomorrow.

  59. Thanks for the rep!

  60. Merry Christmas

  61. Happy Christmas!

  62. Merry Christmas from my home to yours brother.

  63. Have a Merry Christmas

  64. Congrats on all your new fish!

  65. Can't go wrong with corys!

  66. Congrats on your new tank and fish

  67. Hope you had a grand Father's Day Lee :-)

  68. Happy Father's Day

  69. Let's raise a mug...

  70. TGIF, we need that tradition back!

  71. Congrats on #8!

  72. First beer is on me, Happy Birthday.

  73. Thank you for being a friend

  74. T.G.I.F.!

  75. Movin' on up!

  76. Worth your weight in

  77. Sorry about the Reed Tetras

  78. Happy Friday, Lee!

  79. Here's to TGIF, and the AC

  80. Wishes for a terrific New Year.

  81. Happy New Year! Pop a cork for me :o)

  82. Christmas Clown fish ! Enjoy the holidays

  83. Merry Christmas!

  84. Merry Christmas!

  85. Early christmas present because Ill probably forget tomorrow

  86. Its a green lazer! -Merry Christmas!

  87. Merry Christmas to you, too.

  88. Merry Christmas Lee to both you and your family!

  89. Happy Holidays!

  90. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  91. A Christmas present for you!

  92. Don't open until Christmas!

  93. T.G.I.F.!

  94. Congrats on 11K posts!

  95. for reaching 11,000 posts

  96. 11,000 posts!...

  97. Congratulations on the new fish!

  98. Thanks for the rep!

  99. Enjoy the long holiday and the new fish!

  100. No Message

  101. To Thanksgiving, and new fish!...cheers!

  102. Blast from the past TGIF

  103. Thank you for the friendship request

  104. Royals, World Series champions

  105. Thanks for all the encouragement!

  106. T.G.I.C.I.D.!

  107. Thanks for the rep!

  108. because you're you!

  109. For your 3 year anniversary

  110. No Message

  111. Happy 3rd!

  112. Happy Anniversary to the BEST terta guy I know!

  113. Happy 3 year anniversary

  114. TGIF, you are sorely missed!

  115. T.G.I.F.

  116. Thanks for the rep!

  117. It is a delight to see you!

  118. 10,000 posts!

  119. Happy Independence Day!

  120. Happy 4th and for all that you do for the AC!

  121. Happy Father's Day

  122. Cheers on Memorial Day!

  123. Good luck with the new fish :-)

  124. Happy Saturday

  125. Weekend's not officiaslly over yet

  126. For the wounded worrier :-)

  127. taking one for the team in the jaw.

  128. Thank you for the tetras!

  129. T.G.I.F.

  130. Happy Easter my friend..I hope this Cadbury bunny lays many eggs.

  131. Happy Easter

  132. A cookie always makes me feel better when I'm sick. Get better soon.

  133. Bit of luck for St. Patrick's Day :-)

  134. Round 2.....

  135. Rummies cheer me up; sorry for the loss

  136. And here's to DST!!

  137. TT.G.I.F.

  138. T.G.I.F.!

  139. Congrats on the new fish and 9 grand!

  140. To celebrate reaching 9,000 posts!

  141. 9,000 Posts!

  142. Thanks for the gifts! Have an octopus. :p

  143. T.G.I.F.!

  144. In celebration of Coach Popovich’s 1000th win

  145. superbowl 2014

  146. Thx for the rep Lee.

  147. To a good game!

  148. I don't like to drink alone,.... thanks

  149. Superbowl weekend.

  150. TGIF and enjoy some football this weekend.

  151. Thanks 4 help

  152. Happy New Year!! Have a tetra on me :o)

  153. Happy New Year!!

  154. Here's to Atlanta Rex!

  155. TGIT (Thank God it is Thursday)

  156. Happy Christmas!

  157. Merry Christmas to you and the fam.

  158. Merry Xmas To You!

  159. thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!!

  160. T.G.I.F.!

  161. TGIF

  162. TGIF back to you!

  163. TGIF Lee :-)

  164. TGIF indeed

  165. T.G.I.F.!

  166. We ALL need more fish. That's why we're here!

  167. T.G.I.F.!

  168. Returning some of the treasure you've brought to the forum.

  169. T.G.I.F.!

  170. Congrats on 7,800 posts!

  171. Thanks for all the good info lately--have a donut!

  172. Here's a neon :)

  173. It's almost beer:30.

  174. TGIF Back at brother. ;-)

  175. Yes! TGIF

  176. T.G.I.F.!

  177. TGIF!

  178. TGIF!

  179. Congrats on 7,000 posts!

  180. New fishys

  181. No Message

  182. Thanks for the bucks!!

  183. for the thing in your signature about saandy hook, i was in elementary during that time.

  184. Happy 2nd anniversary. to Many more

  185. Congratualtions on 2 years at the AC. We are all better for it!

  186. Happy 2 year anniversary!

  187. Good to see your still at it.

  188. To new fishies and gambling addictions! lol

  189. T.G.I.F.!

  190. And one for you for as well. :)

  191. the Bleeding blue makes an appearance at last!

  192. Congrats on 30th anniversary, Lee

  193. pizza for all. I finished my book today!!!

  194. This one's on me....

  195. TGIF and here's to the bleeding blues Lee.

  196. Bleeding blues!

  197. Enjoy the 4th brother :-)

  198. Thx. Have another on me!

  199. T.G.I.F.!

  200. Beer reduces kidney stones!

  201. Using up my winnings on my friends!

  202. feelin your pain

  203. T.G.I.F.!

  204. Here's a get well soon beer, so get well ASAP.

  205. Spurs!

  206. TGIF on the 13th with a full moon.

  207. T.G.I.F.!

  208. for tirelessly showing beautiful, various fish

  209. Thanks for the videos and great advice on restocking my dual 29s!

  210. Here's to retirement!

  211. because they rock! and for showing them to me.

  212. I don't like to drink alone..... Cheers

  213. A round for the fallen this Memorial Day weekend.

  214. YOU have no Rummys?!! for you!!

  215. ...and thank you for the gift

  216. Thanks for the fish suggestion :)

  217. For being the 4,000th poster on my thread!

  218. ...and a ninja penguin for you too

  219. Happy 5000

  220. Congrats on 5,000!

  221. Congrats on 5,000 posts!

  222. In honor of your 5k posts!

  223. Congrats on 5000

  224. Beer makes monday not suck so bad..

  225. The weekend is here!!!

  226. Have one yourself my friend!!

  227. It's EOTW Beer Time!

  228. TGIF!

  229. A beer for all your help and encouragement

  230. My turn to buy

  231. Thanks for your thoughts!

  232. Happy Easter!

  233. I don't like to drink alone, cheers

  234. never drink alone. thanks

  235. Congrats on 4,400 posts! You'll catch me in no time

  236. Sorry for your loss

  237. T.G.I.F.!

  238. Happy Drink Like a Viking Friday!

  239. Happy Birthday buddy!

  240. Here's to good friends, and new fish!

  241. Here's to 4,000 + 1 quality posts! =] Won't be long to 5,000!

  242. Congrats on 4000 posts!

  243. Relax and watch your fish!

  244. Thank you sir! Can't wait to get 'em. =] If you've had the week like mine, then I think you need this! TGIF!

  245. T.G.I.F.!

  246. because you deserve one for always helping me out!!!

  247. Thanks. Closest thing to a rasbora they have :-)

  248. and one for helping out :o)

  249. Here's to one crummy Superbowl, lol!

  250. Here's to the Broncos!

  251. Friends Need Drinks! Or is it the other way around?!

  252. Thanks for the B-Day wish.

  253. Thanks for the rep. p.s. Seahawks win!

  254. Thank you for the birthday wishes.

  255. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  256. Merry Christmas!

  257. Merry Xmas! Ill drink to that!

  258. Merry Christmas

  259. Merry Christmas!

  260. Thanks man. Merry Christmas to you!

  261. HA, ha, ha...MERRY CHRISTMAS! :-)

  262. The first one slipped away before I could wish you Merry Christmas :o)

  263. No Message

  264. Have a dubious looking hot dog

  265. For being able to spell gooder than me :-)

  266. Take time to enjoy the weekend

  267. Thanks for the +1 on the tank!

  268. Thank you my friend!

  269. <3

  270. Everyone needs a bit of luck!

  271. No way I'm taking that you go!

  272. For making the year fun.

  273. Cheers to you my friend :-)

  274. cheers bro!

  275. Cheers!

  276. Here's to JudiJetson...cheers!

  277. One step closer to Discus!

  278. Beer all around for Judi's big success!


  280. The fishies are coming! the fishies are coming!

  281. Cheers

  282. :-)

  283. Its almost Friday again! Lets grill some and drink a few!

  284. Drink up MOTM

  285. Thanks for the rep the other day


  287. Congrats on MOTM. Time to lighten up on the beer though. :-)

  288. Its Friday, Friday, Gotta Get down on Friday!

  289. VG congrats on MOTM. Well deserved!!!

  290. congrats on MOTM!! go tigers!

  291. Cheers for Friday

  292. cheers man!

  293. Right back at'cha man. Bummer indeed.

  294. I don't drink alone, cheers

  295. This round is on me!

  296. Thanks for the expensive beers, these are to dry your tears

  297. Better late than never!

  298. Draft on the house sir!

  299. beer all around :o)

  300. Thanks for the rep :-)

  301. For your good advice on this forum.

  302. Who doesnt need a beer?

  303. Try something *really* different--add some algae to your tank.

  304. to wake you up after all those long games umpiring

  305. Because those who tread the QT wild side, need to stick together. ;]

  306. Thanks for the rep the other day, Cheers!

  307. *sniff* I know exactly what you're talking about. lol

  308. Neon!

  309. #1 good guy :o)

  310. thanks for the rep

  311. Thanks for the info on SAEs. Tried giving you rep, but I can't at the moment.

  312. Merry christmas! And heres a tetra for your online school!

  313. Merry Christmas steeler1

  314. Merry Christmas

  315. Thanks for the feedback, merry Christmas!

  316. Merry Christmas!

  317. Thanks for the rep

  318. because I havent given you a fish yet

  319. For understanding the value of a thank you

  320. thanks for the nom :o)

  321. +1 LOL

  322. for getting it right LOL

  323. Thanks for the rep. :-)

  324. Everyone needs a tetra!

  325. Have a Loach! Thanks for always taking the time to reply and offer your wisdom.

  326. Thanks for your help in identifying my oddball fish

  327. You needed one!

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  4. Mourning - Anti-Gang - Melanoma
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