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About crackatinny

Basic Information

Date of Birth
May 18, 1968 (47)
About crackatinny
Tru blu, fair dinkum Aussie
Knocking back a few tinnies, whether it be camping, on my boat, in front of the tank, or here talkin
About Me:
I'm straight down the line, I say what I think, yet don't shoot others down for doing the same, you either like me or hate me, but I reckon I know myself best, and I can tell you now, I'm a bloody nice bloke. LOL
Nazerath, creadence, doors, gary allan, blackhawk, brian cadd, to many to list
green mile, walk the line, stone, geez bloody heaps
Who I'd like to meet:
I'd like to meet up with Dad again
Early stephen king, or true chrime, mainly Australian
My Father
Don't get time, either on here or feeding animals or working
Aboriginal/white Aussie
Why do you like AC Tropical Fish:
The freindliness here is second to none
Aquarium 1:
120G, 1 Albino oscar, 1 Red devil, 2 Bala/Silver sharks, 4 Silver dollars, AquaNova 1500 canister filter, 200 watt heater.
Aquarium 2:
120ltr community millenium 2000 filter, 200 watt stainless steal heater.
Aquarium 3:
60 litr, 5 convicts (1 white), 3 Tiger barbs, whisper 60 filter (bloody good filter), 150 watt glass heater.
Rest of Your Aquariums:
60 litre, 5 unknown cichlids.
How I got started with aquariums.:
My nephew gave me 5 convict fry as a taste, with the warining I would become addicted, YEAH right as if.
Favorite fish:
How long is a piece of string
Fish I have bred:
Balloon molly, a pair of convicts keep laying, but no success yet
Why I like fish::
Don't know, I love all animals
Best advice:
Other pets:
7 Shih-tzu dogs 1 pet Indian ringneck parrot 1 breeding pair of split indian ringnecks 1 breeding



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12-29-2008 07:02 PM
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  1. A pint for my mate down-under

  2. A round of drinks for the mods. Thanks for your work around here.

  3. Thanks for the Warm Mod Welcome x

  4. Thank You

  5. Happy B-day Mate! Here's one that's cracked for ya!

  6. An Octopus from Xooloogoly!


  8. Just because

  9. An egg for the Birdman-Down under :)

  10. thanks for hlping me with the party :)

  11. For being a terrific person and friend ^_^

  12. thank you :-)

  13. happy new year

  14. To hang on next years tree. It should be fermented enough to qualify by then.

  15. One more for your tree! I remember mine of years back.

  16. Merry Christmas :)

  17. my fave drug, without at least 2 litres a day, I am absolutely unenjoyable...

  18. Merry christmas!

  19. Merry Christmas Crack :)

  20. hope the bird is alright!

  21. cheers lol

  22. Heres an American beer for you. Cheers mate!

  23. Thanks for hosting the party!!! Was great!!

  24. for saving my day

  25. Cheers mate!

  26. Just because I like you, Prost :D

  27. Yabby-dabby-doo!

  28. here's a "Tinny" to wash it down with too...Thanks for the laughs!!

  29. I am baking today & figured I'd share...Thanks for being a funny guy!

  30. Kinda looks like a camera. Good luck in finding the right one!

  31. For getting no votes : )

  32. You deserve a beer after putting up with my crap.

  33. For Your Help & Friendship

  34. Friends don't let friends drive drunk

  35. For being a scholar

  36. Hmmmm, I see your Tinny has a crack in it. Heres a new one

  37. For a fellow Aussie

  38. drink up! congrats on becoming a mod.

  39. welcome to la-la land!!

  40. To our new MOD

  41. Happy Modship!

  42. Happy Anzac day!

  43. I told you he didnt forget!

  44. Just another pretty face

  45. In memory of your friend, and a little love for you on that loss

  46. Singing to you. Can you hear me?

  47. Merry X-mas

  48. your christmas present. It's the 33g, it's folded :)

  49. You need a beer to go with your name :)

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