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About Goes to 11!

Basic Information

Date of Birth
October 22
About Goes to 11!
Reading, Guitar, Bass, Bonsai, Travel, Juggleing, Camping, H2O skiing
I Retired at 40 & am now an International Man of Mystery... And Jousting
About Me:
It's futile attempting to summarize 44 years of life experiences in a little box. Here are some random factoids: I've visited over a dozen foreign countries, I can juggle four things I was a punk rocker with a 15 inch high 'Any colored' mohawk in the eighties. I worked hard and now I do what I want. :-D I told you they were random. I strive to be the person my dog thinks I am.
Loud! And my car is emphatically NOT a democracy when it comes to control of the stereo.
Dystopian things,
Who I'd like to meet:
Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Hicks, George Carlin - Sadly, All gone. But Neil deGrasse Tyson is not :-)
Art, Science, Non-fiction, Philosophy, Dr. Suess, Fiction, Peoples tattoos, Non Fiction, Graffiti, C
Neil DeGrasse Tyson & Howard Zinn & Thomas Paine Though I am fond of my dog & the Water Dept.
Not much, I Roku! News, CCTV, Shark week, Some Nat-Geo, BBC America [Doctor Who]
Myspace URL:
LOL - I don't myspace/facebook, I like people I actually know.
Is not relevant in any respect I can imagine.
Why do you like AC Tropical Fish:
um - The FISH info [ok OK it's because everybody here is SOOO good looking, ;-) ]
A place in Illinois you never heard of.
Aquarium 1:
90G Planted, Harlequin Rasboras, Bloodfin & Lemon tetras, 2 pairs of angelfish, 9 or 10 Schwartz corys, 2 L144s, Neratine, Amanos, Ghost shrimp.
Aquarium 2:
6' 100G planted [So far] w a 10+ inch Oscar with a few toys for him. He is moving to a 125g soon and his 100 will become home to my school of [12 so far] denison barbs.
Aquarium 3:
55G Growing out a half-black blushing angel and some BN plecs. It has some live bearers [Molly/guppys] also that I am simply to lazy to attempt to catch.. I just keep feeding them to my O.
Rest of Your Aquariums:
#4. 20long With an Appisto 14 H. Rasbora & some corys. #5. 20G with a pair of Dwarf spotted Puffers. #6. 29G QT/ER #7. 29G with a baby Oscar [I have a 55 or 75 he will go to late summer] Right now I am hoping he munches live bearer fry like crazy :-P. Empty = I have three empty tanks . . . Or maybe I have none :-P. You see... I was smart enough to edit this before the contest started.
How I got started with aquariums.:
A band-mate of mine had over a dozen tanks -SW - Cichlids - Piranha etc. A few years ago he gave me a 29G he wasn't using and I bought the 40G the next month... MTS has been RAGING ever since and I never looked back lol. I bought my house in 2009 and have been doing other stuff besides squaring away the tanks - I honestly prob have at least a year to go before I can get everything properly in situ.
Favorite fish:
Sushi ;-) I'd LOVE a reef! I also dig shoals od micros, Appistos & Angels are cool too.
Fish I have bred:
Mollies, guppies, Angels spawn frequently but no wrigglers. Convicts years ago.
Why I like fish::
Primarily, I like lemon and tarter sauce but I admit I do find the little slice of their environment i have a window into is equal parts fascinating and relaxing.
Best advice:
RESEARCH! Do I FREAKING really have to tell you to google that... REALLY!?! Put a little effort into trying to learn something... Give it a shot, It works. Also IF you insist on making retarded assertions I will call you out on it, So Nut-up-Buttercup!
Other pets:
Tyler Durden - He is a Black Lab/Rot mix rescue who is an unrepentant eighty pound love machine.


Gas mileage isn't everything OIIIIIIIO
Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.
Why pretend there are no stupid questions? Actually, There are many stupid questions: "Should I drink this bleach?" Is just one example.
Having said that, Just because it's a stupid question doesn't mean that it shouldn't be asked. It's better to know.

A warm beer is better than a cold beer. Because nothing is better than a cold beer, and a warm beer is better than nothing.


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Title given to posters with 5000 posts
Issue time: 01-28-2013 06:31 AM
Issue reason: Congrats on making 5000 posts in the forum!
POTM Runner up POTM Runner up Name: POTM Runner up
2nd place winner in our photo contest
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Awarded to the winner of the Tank of the month competition.
Issue time: 12-13-2012 06:33 AM
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2nd place winner in our animal photo contest
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Issue time: 09-17-2011 05:07 AM
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Member of the Month 2010-15 Member of the Month 2010-15 Name: Member of the Month 2010-15
This user has been voted member of the month
Issue time: 08-31-2011 05:51 AM
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  1. Happy New Year

  2. Where oh where has 850 gone? Where oh where can he be? I'm sending out the Holiday Ham, to bring back the 850 for me!

  3. Merry Christmas

  4. Merry Christmas

  5. Merry Christmas

  6. Merry Christmas!

  7. First round is on me, Happy Birthday.

  8. crayfish!

  9. hard to think at a beach concert XD. enjoy the bunny

  10. hard to think at a beach concert XD. enjoy the bunny

  11. I know it's a work night, but what the heck, the next round is on me

  12. I don't like to drink alone, Cheers my friend

  13. Thanks for the rep the other day

  14. Oh Yeah! Shows what you know sport! I always eat my dessert WITH my lunch!

  15. You are a good sport, have a cup on me because you don't get pissy with every post I make.

  16. Thanks for the rep :-)

  17. Well, from where I am sittin' it is good to have you back man! Have one on me.

  18. I severely underestimated her stupidity... which was stupid of me!

  19. Bunny pest control penquin.

  20. No wonder your m doesn't work! Here is some more to replace what you sloshed.

  21. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to 850R again.

  22. Just another test

  23. Don't have an ocean cow man!

  24. Don't have an ocean cow man!

  25. A little help to get rid of the bunny infestation.

  26. For offering to help me with the fish food

  27. congrats! the shot of your angels and their eggs is amazing

  28. You must know by now that I don't drink alone, Cheers

  29. oops, forgot the reason, wait, there was no reason, who needs a reason to drink beer!!!!!

  30. No Message

  31. ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾̃̾)۶

  32. here's a crab to try and lighten the mood

  33. MT is like this equation 0 + 0 she adds nothing

  34. Well well WELL! Thanks for the tunes.

  35. Thanks for the birthday wishes

  36. Cheers 850, but you know I don't drink alone :-)

  37. Happy New Year!

  38. Thanks for the help with that spammer, have a snack on me

  39. I always like Columbo AKA Peter Falk

  40. It's a ninja penguin

  41. It's a Christmas Bunny, Merry Christmas.

  42. May your holidays be as divine as this Holiday Swine!

  43. Happy X-mas! :-)

  44. Thanks for the rep, Happy Holidays 850R

  45. Merry Christmas to I-Gor. Where ever he may be

  46. Merry Christmas 850R

  47. merry christmas, don't have too many beers!

  48. Merry Christmas

  49. Merry Christmas

  50. for being such a wonderful buddy

  51. for the king of creativity - couldn't find a crown, gold will have to do

  52. Because sometimes it just doesn't matter how many times you lend advice... The person on the other end needs to have an open ear. :shrug:

  53. mortal enemies no more. thanks for the speedy 911 responseahnk

  54. to the victor go the spoils of the bunny wars

  55. Friends don't buy friends bunnies.

  56. for making me laugh

  57. Drinking; It may not make things better, but at least you won't care so much ;)

  58. ...and still true

  59. That was funny

  60. Remember when I sent you a gift with the message; The tards are funnier on accident than the trolls are on purpose?

  61. LOL! Become a mod or STFU...

  62. Thanks for the backup. I appreciate it. Here's a loopdity loop. lol

  63. Thanks!

  64. For rewarding my stupidity. Thanks :o)

  65. There's an animal kind of trick. A human would remain in the trap, endure the pain, feigning death that he might kill the trapper and remove a threat to his kind."

  66. Fear the mermod!

  67. Random piggywig! Thanks for the rep :-)

  68. Can't let you do all the buying, lol

  69. Happy belated birthday 850R.

  70. Thanks for the rep! Have some popcorn.

  71. See I can spell your name right...

  72. Happy Birthday

  73. Figured you could use this in case of any birthday hangover.

  74. Happy birthday!

  75. thanks

  76. Happy Birthday!

  77. Birthday Oscar!! all the best mate!

  78. Happy Birthday honey

  79. and Happy Birthday too!

  80. Feliz Cumpleanos Compadre!

  81. Happy Birthday

  82. For still being able to explain to people why their fish swim :-)

  83. For saving my bacon, thanks

  84. For being Fiddy

  85. ...Always playing armchair quarterback and calling for the hail mary plays!

  86. Jesus... the ultimate annoying sports fan!

  87. Sorry i had to ban you in the ban-thread. lol

  88. Thanks

  89. Just a freindly reminder that I love your forum game, but you need not give me any points. Keep up the good work

  90. perty time for a 2 year aniversary!! (note scottish spelling of 'party' :-P)

  91. Cheers to aggreements when I can't rep you

  92. You were right, it was a cute little zebra pleco. ;)

  93. Thanks for cash, and all the extra effort with the contests

  94. You ninja'er you!

  95. You need one mate

  96. gift2

  97. A tard thinks it is smarter than me BAHAHAHA!

  98. You should know by know that I don't drink alone, Cheers

  99. MM = Open Mouth, Insert Foot!

  100. I could not rep you, so I though I would send you a oscar this big :-)

  101. No,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,just a good poster he made.

  102. For your dedication to learning and knowledge!

  103. Have an Apisto for all your excellent post you've made recently :-D

  104. A starfish in honor of your 3rd star!

  105. Thanks for the sympathetic ear and comfy shoulder

  106. 3 STARS !!!!!!!!!

  107. 3 STARS !!!!!!!!!

  108. 3 STARS !!!!!!!!!

  109. LMOA. for having outstanding tast in video clips

  110. LMAO - BUMP

  111. try algae for your oscar

  112. you gave me my 1st rep star so have a star yourself :-D

  113. Hmm.. I think you misunderstood me yesterday, I said it was my turn. : )

  114. Your last one got cold so I brewed you another

  115. Have an Apisto for quoting me :-)

  116. quick draw on the posting tonight

  117. A bus drivers breakfast beverage.

  118. Our tards are funnier by accident than our trolls are on purpose

  119. Thank you

  120. I'm crying out of happiness that I'll have my next star so soon - LOL

  121. wouldn't let me give you rep, have a gift instead! I LOL'D big time at that!

  122. He is a rent-a-cop, respect his authoritay!

  123. After all that virtual alcohol it's time to sober up with some virtual food

  124. For that you get a donut. Every Simpsons reference deserves an award lol

  125. Another day, another round for my friends.

  126. After seeing that awesome spectacle you need another one!

  127. Next round is on me! :-D

  128. Friends dont let friends drink alone.

  129. I prefer beer to algae ;-P

  130. lia pardonpeti devas flui kiel akvo el virinetoj de maro ferioj motelo ĉambro necesejo

  131. And another!

  132. Beer is best when shared with friend, Cheers

  133. Another round for my friends

  134. Don't you hate it when people try to be like the cool kids.

  135. I wana see your real oscar

  136. cheers mate!

  137. Because I hate to drink alone, cheers

  138. Thanks for the rep

  139. you simply deserve this, you are sarcasm king. Or literal. Same thing :)

  140. I could not find a drift wood gift, thanks for the rep

  141. Glad to see real life hasn't swallowed you up, have a beer

  142. To get that taste out of your mouth from Trill's gift.. lol

  143. The Algae that says Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptangya Ziiinnggggggg Ni

  144. Mind if I join you :-)

  145. This round is on me!

  146. Taste the rainbow

  147. for the heads up Thanks

  148. For your APOTM entry. You made my day

  149. Don't let one cloud ruin the whole sky

  150. For helping with suggestions for my new tank!!

  151. Awesome tard control

  152. A taco shell with nothing to fill it is a very bored taco.

  153. where is my present!

  154. thank you for the birthday wishes

  155. Merry xmas

  156. A Christmas Angelfishie!

  157. Sweets for my sweets this Holiday Season!

  158. Merry Christmas My friend

  159. Merry Xmas. Enjoy the perfect margarita. I should send you the recipe.

  160. Mommy is making google stuff and it all your fault :-)

  161. chag hanukkah sameach

  162. Merry Christmas 850R. Have a great time.

  163. For being such a great friend - yummy chocolate

  164. Happy X-Mas! :-)

  165. Christmas Angel! Hooray!

  166. It's a Christmas Bunny, Merry Christmas.

  167. Merry Christmas!

  168. Merry Christmas!

  169. Merry Christmas

  170. hey

  171. happy holidays!

  172. Dont worry, its not chocolate

  173. Let me get the second cup. : )

  174. To my best fish buddy (dont tell fisher)

  175. Its a Holiday Ham! Happy Thanksgiving!

  176. It's a Thanksgiving bunny.

  177. Here's that cup of coffee.

  178. To keep you busy. ;)

  179. Did you just say my feets are ugly?

  180. Thanks for the rep, have one on me

  181. An unwrappable gift. Forever to be tormented by wondering what's inside! (Hint: Its not Intel!)

  182. The first round is on me, Happy Birthday.

  183. Thanks for the beer!

  184. It's OK, It's a British Bunny.

  185. thank you for getting accurate information out there in less than 1000 words per post!

  186. forum hero, mr popular!

  187. oh atefiddy

  188. Hows it goin Jenny?

  189. Congrats on MOTM! Thought you'd like a bunny.

  190. how about sharing a slush on a hot day

  191. how about an original idea once in a while

  192. enough from the bunnytards!

  193. congrats on motm :)

  194. "In comic strips, the person on the left always speaks first" - George Carlin

  195. Errors of opinion should not go unchallenged as long reason exists. Also, Im not drunk.

  196. Their starting to breed again... : )

  197. 2 bunnys + food = more bunnys

  198. oh no, they could mate !!!!

  199. just because your tank looks like a clown car doesnt mean you should pack it full like one

  200. lololol

  201. Its got sleazy pig on it.

  202. congratulations on your first rep star

  203. This little piggy woke up in a cheap motel room without his wallet and keys

  204. This little piggy cried We-We-We Are the Champions! (All the way home?)

  205. This little piggy had none :(

  206. This little piggy had roast beef

  207. This little piggy stayed Home

  208. This little piggy went to market

  209. Well I screwed up. Thanks for saving everyone

  210. To thank you & help you cool off while you're outside working : )

  211. seriously....

  212. and this is much more fun than just letting them sit and go to waste

  213. i have a ridiculous amount of points

  214. but....

  215. but you are right, four is a bit too far

  216. so can three

  217. two can play at this game

  218. always stay competitive

  219. Your welcome :)

  220. i don't care if your not pretty just as long as your aren't a tard

  221. sticky THIS!

  222. the csk's are afoot!

  223. meanie!

  224. thanks for the help

  225. thanks for all your help you seem to answer all my threads cheers to you :)

  226. Thanks again

  227. Thx for the rep

  228. Good luck dealing with the CSKs

  229. Thanks for the rep!

  230. thank you for the stoppage

  231. Loaches are cool

  232. your sig makes me giggle

  233. Frosty, the bunny killing penguin!

  234. Eh What's Up Doc?!

  235. thunderwing doomslayer

  236. he will probably eat a few bunnies too

  237. feed the bunnies to the shark



  240. some greens for all your rabbits. :)

  241. better than a bunny

  242. Payback you're lucky I don't have alot of points :-)

  243. Did some"bunny" say Rabbit?!!!

  244. beer for the bunnies

  245. Woo Hoo! All bunnies!

  246. Bunnies are great

  247. and another

  248. liked rabbits a lot

  249. I heard you liked bunnies

  250. 15000 for fricken rabbits!!!!!

  251. Growing to hate rabbits

  252. waffle please

  253. Peter Cotton Tail

  254. bet u wish I didn't like you

  255. breeding again

  256. Where's my damned waffle?

  257. Lookin for someone to luv me

  258. I was resting

  259. Hippity Hoppin All the Way

  260. Hoppin' down the bunny trail

  261. here comes peter cotton tail

  262. fast producers

  263. bunny

  264. gotta get you

  265. vivian is my favorite!

  266. penguins are best when shared

  267. Giving you my most prolific plant LMAO!

  268. Cheers! =D

  269. Happy Birthday

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  1. Bone Marrow Donation - Childhood Depression - Depression - Environment - Eye Injury Prevention - Glaucoma - Kidney Cancer - Kidney Disease - Kidney Transplantation - Leukemia - Lyme Disease - Mental Retardation - Missing Children - Organ Donation - T
    Please, Donate Plasma