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    Curious, right.. You seem so clever. I can't believe you can't figure out my signature..
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    Why did you ask if my name was Bill then? Being clever?
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    Thank you for the rep, again....!
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    Thanks for the rep!
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About mommy1

Basic Information

About mommy1
A little further from sanity
keeping fish, video games, reading
About Me:
Angry, anti-social, and malcontent. If patience is a virtue, then I must be the devil.
What ever fits my mood today.
good ones
Who I'd like to meet:
Good ones.Anything but those repulsive romance novels.
Bugs Bunny, Cyrano, Mark Twain
Not much, our tv is mostly just for video games
In College
Why do you like AC Tropical Fish:
Somewhere in Texas.
Aquarium 1:
29g: Kuhli Loach and a panaqolus maccus
Aquarium 2:
65g: a panaqolus maccus
Aquarium 3:
120g: Wild Caught Texas Cichlid
How I got started with aquariums.:
My sister gave me a 5 gallon when I was 5yrs old
Favorite fish:
Wild caught fish, and fish that havent been bred to deformity
Fish I have bred:
Kuhlies, Cory's, Angelfish, Texas cichlid
Why I like fish::
They don't lie, cheat, steal or tell your secrets.
Best advice:
Other pets:
A chihuahua and a rhodesian ridgeback/great dane mix


When I go fishing I just throw sharp rocks in the water and wait for the dead fish to float to the top... Kingfisher
Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes that reason is you are stupid and make bad decisions.

I think my fish is adjusting well to the four gallon, He's laying on his side attempting to go to sleep on the bottom of the gravel.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Dear naps, sorry I hated you so much when I was a child... Love me


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07-13-2015 11:55 PM
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gayle your frog pictures are outstanding!

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  1. Merry Christmas!

  2. Congrats on guessing the DT.

  3. Merry Christmas

  4. Merry Christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas!

  6. Happy Holidays!

  7. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  8. Happy Holidays.

  9. Thanks for the rep!

  10. Merry Christmas!

  11. Thanks for the rep friend :)

  12. Thanks so much for everything.

  13. Happy Christmas!

  14. Thanks! :) I try!

  15. Nice to see you around again. enjoy the pie

  16. Thanks for your help & points.

  17. Love the games. Thank you :)

  18. Thank you very very much!!

  19. for the fun game!

  20. thank you for the filter!

  21. We miss you...

  22. Bottoms up! (even though you don't drink, lol)

  23. beeeeeeeer!

  24. No Message

  25. Using up my winnings on my friends!

  26. cheers

  27. Thanks for the rep! :)

  28. for providing solid guidance to others

  29. this doesnt look like pie... not the right kind..

  30. Thanks for the rep!!

  31. Thank again!! You seem to enjoy your coffee.

  32. Can't give you any more rep, but well said!

  33. You are amazing! So smart and giving.

  34. I had no cup, so I put it on a bun...

  35. A round for the fallen this Memorial Day weekend.

  36. Just Because

  37. For working with new fish keepers! Outstanding this month.

  38. Thanks for the rep!!

  39. For 7,000 posts!!

  40. Happy Mother's Day!

  41. Thanks!!!

  42. It's EOTW Beer Time!

  43. Thanks, I need to be a good nut kicking this morning ;-)

  44. Happy Easter!

  45. Thank you so much for the Rep!!

  46. For most awesome avatar of the day. lol Love it.

  47. Congrats on MOTM.

  48. for putting up with my bad timing

  49. Here's to one crummy Superbowl, lol!

  50. thanks for sweetening the pot!

  51. always fun

  52. Looks like its time for a second cup!

  53. Thanks for the B-Day wish

  54. Happy Birthday.

  55. Happy Birthday.

  56. Happy New Year!

  57. Cheers. Have some of my hang-over cure. Happy New Year

  58. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Mommy1.

  59. Happy New Year!

  60. Thanks again for your help yesterday

  61. This Holiday Swine hopes your 2014 will be simply divine!

  62. Merry Christmas!

  63. Merry Christmas

  64. No Message

  65. Merry Christmas

  66. Merry xmas!

  67. Merry Christmas

  68. Merry Christmas!

  69. for posting fun games

  70. hehe

  71. For always being there to help me out!

  72. The Preferred Grandma Award

  73. No doubt my cherry barbs will thank you for that suggestion!

  74. I love the outrageous french accent in your user title :-D

  75. from one ninja to another, thanks for the rep

  76. How DARE you !... Posting --> 'Sport' on a fish forum. ;-D I will now unleash one of the most powerful weapons avialabe on AC... Here's a nice piece of pie to ruin your lunch. :-P

  77. Because we're in this one together. ;P

  78. Much appreciated!

  79. Excuse me.. Is that a pleco in your pocket are are you just platy to see me?

  80. Thanks for the help with the pic, have one on me

  81. Here's the closest I can get to a trout from Wyoming.

  82. its always good to give your english teacher an apple

  83. AeonFlame sent them to us in a message not unlike these. So be off with you.

  84. Found them? In Mercea? The coconut's tropical!

  85. We found them

  86. Where'd you get the coconuts?

  87. So? We have ridden since the snows of winter covered this land, through the kingdom of Mercea, through...

  88. You've got two empty halves of coconut and you're bangin' 'em together.

  89. What?

  90. You're using coconuts!

  91. Yes

  92. What? Ridden on a horse?

  93. I am... and this is my trusty servant Patsy. We have ridden the length and breadth of the land in search of knights who will join me in my court at Camelot. I must speak with your lord and master.

  94. Pull the other one!

  95. It is I, Arthur, son of Uther Pendragon, from the castle of Camelot. King of the Britons, defeator of the Saxons, sovereign of all England!

  96. Halt, who goes there?

  97. I think you still drink this stuff? Have a cup on me!

  98. Solomon's first popsicle

  99. Congratulations!

  100. to throw at the people in mamby pamby land

  101. Thanks for the rep, have one on me, Cheers

  102. Veteran fishkeepers are like wine, they get better with age.

  103. Feee...lings... Whoa - Whoa - Whoa FEEE-LINGS

  104. 'i never thought i would say this, but i cant wait for the shoes i ordered to get here so i can wear them' = ROTFLMMFAO .. It's a very striking statement but there was no coffee involved :-P

  105. "How does getting territorial cause ammonia spikes?" = LMMFAO! - You made me slosh my coffee!

  106. And then I saw this: "Still not a bro.." in your profile lol

  107. 0+0 ... It's bad you know...

  108. thanks

  109. Happy Birthday Mommy1 (late)

  110. birthday "coffee"

  111. Happy Birthday!! May the coffee be free.

  112. HB! Bork! Bork!

  113. Happy Birthday!

  114. beer for supper

  115. beer for lunch

  116. beer for breakfast

  117. Happy Birthday

  118. Ham and cheese omelette enabler! & TVYM :-D

  119. Happy holidays! :)

  120. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  121. It's a Christmas Bunny, Merry Christmas.

  122. Happy Hanukkah !!

  123. Hammy Holidays!

  124. Happy X-mas! :-)

  125. Merry Christmas

  126. Merry Christmas

  127. Merry Christmas

  128. Merry Christmas

  129. Merry Christmas

  130. I know you can use it this can I. Enjoy and stay positive :-)

  131. Coffee's on me this morning. Thanks for making me LOL.

  132. חנוכה שמח לך את שלך

  133. Penguins do not usually ride bicycles but they do love to cycle with fish!

  134. Only for those of legal age! ^.~

  135. And Dutch anagrams were safe to post - That was funny :-P

  136. Remember when nobody here spoke four languages..

  137. Becuase you're going to wake up soom and ask for some.

  138. Alright, fine, I'll share

  139. I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fe

  140. Aren't you supposed to yell "FORE" ? Your grounded!

  141. Haha! Your user title is going to make his mascara run. Keep these handy

  142. OMG...heraa it is!

  143. Good Morning Sunshine 8 : )

  144. u r Awesome!

  145. For the anti-trolling suggestion, you know I'm going to so use that

  146. Thank you!

  147. If you were a pirate, you'd have a parrot to go with your anchor! haha

  148. Sorry, my bad

  149. Something sweet for solving the tunnel brain teaser! :)

  150. AND.. his team choices are SOOO typical: Saints, Cardinals, & The Angels

  151. for being awesome!

  152. Morning. :-)

  153. Can't have a donut without coffee. :-D

  154. There are no 'spare time' gifts but donuts are nice too. :-D

  155. Since I can't give you anymore rep, here's a gift.

  156. Thanks for the Bday wishes! :-)

  157. No Message

  158. this is a guardian dragon :P

  159. For being a freind when I need one

  160. MOTM...Here's something I know you'll enjoy!

  161. Congratulations!

  162. well done on MOTM!! let's celebrate with a bottle of bubbly!

  163. Why thank-you

  164. Just a wanabee of some sort - Nothing to be concerned about

  165. They didn't have any handbaskets, so I hope that they accept travel reservations by giftbox!

  166. For putting up with a absent-minded mod

  167. Eww yucky plecos

  168. Thanks Mommy, here's to our health

  169. LMAO, spammer refund attached

  170. Thanks for the great I.D

  171. Mmmmm yucky beer, cheers

  172. Because I am once... Twice.... Three times a Lottery winner I thought I would fork over some cash. :-P

  173. Reached my 1st star!!! thanks for all the rep

  174. Let the record show... It was my turn :-P

  175. Do you mind if I set my coffee here for a moment while I clean my 20L light? :-P

  176. Thanks for the help with my plant I.D

  177. Here's number 6

  178. Woo 5 stars!!

  179. If you ever need a few hundred thousand AC points.. Just let me know?

  180. Our tards are funnier by accident than our trolls are on purpose.

  181. Cause your you


  183. Just because I love the new avitar

  184. doesnt get much better then beer and pizza! lol

  185. Nothing like some grease to fix a hangover, lol

  186. a watch dragon. I only give these to friends

  187. It's 5:00pm somewhere, Cheers

  188. for being generous with your points - LOL

  189. Next round is on me! :-D

  190. cheers

  191. It's my turn to buy a rpund

  192. Because you dont like beer (I spiked it)

  193. A nice cold beer is best when shared with friends, Cheers

  194. LOL - I don't understand why they bother - You can't learn it or copy it, Its either in you or it isn't :-7

  195. Lovin the avatar

  196. Chag sameach - a dairy treat for Shavuos!

  197. I will never be as quick as you at beating the trolls

  198. Your avatar is not kosher.

  199. Thanks for the rep

  200. 'Firemouth' has many of the same letters in it as 'Firemen'... It's the closest I could get at the gift shop here ;-P

  201. Thanks for the rep, I thought you would enjoy some ice cream

  202. Happy Anniversary

  203. Just Because You're AWESOME!

  204. for all the rep, appreciate it

  205. Happy easter, and thanks for the rep

  206. This bottle is 3% alcohol so you don't fall asleep during your seder

  207. A freilechen Pesach - the cupcake is Pesadik of course : )

  208. you will always be my favorite forum mommy

  209. hahaha, thanks Mommy. You're more than a pretty face

  210. Thanks for the rep!

  211. Have a great Paddys day!

  212. Thanks for the suggestions, Cheers

  213. And here's a slush to wash down the chocolate

  214. And Purim Sameach to you too!

  215. For your super stamina in the Thursday tag-team tard throwdown! :-D

  216. the forum mommy

  217. for putting up with me

  218. Here's a beautiful discus - thanks for the rep!

  219. "Should I..?" "no" "no""no""no""no""no""no""no""no""no""no""no""no""no""no""no""NO''NO''no""no""no""no""yes""no""no""no""no""no""NO""no""NO""...... "Ok, Thank you, I will" :FACE PALM:

  220. a yummy cookie deserves a scrumptious donut in return!

  221. Like a taco with no shell... It's just not the same without you. :-( ... It's a discernable and noticably disturbing difference. Just thought you should know that ...

  222. thanks for the rep :)

  223. happy birthday!

  224. Late birthday discus!

  225. A lil FIRE for your birthday - Hope the coffee was sexellent! ;-P

  226. Happy Bday! :-D

  227. I heard you like horses so we put a horse in your sea so you can swim while you ride

  228. Happy Birthday

  229. Birthday Chocolate!

  230. Happy Birthday!

  231. happy hanukah

  232. Sweets for my sweets this Holiday Season!

  233. Popcorn for Christmas!

  234. Happy Hannukah, your a doll!!

  235. Hope Santa is good to you!

  236. Merry Christmas Mom :-)

  237. Happy X-Mas! :-)

  238. Christmas Cake! Woohoo!

  239. to help get through the holidays

  240. Happy Hannukah!

  241. Here's some Christmass Cheer, Happy Holidays Mommy

  242. happy holidays!

  243. Happy Chewbacca Mommy :-D - It's the closest thing they had to a Latke. :-P

  244. Thanks for the rep Mommy

  245. Shoeless mommy needs another penguin - I know Flip & Flop were very dear to you, Sorry for your loss

  246. Its a Holiday Ham!

  247. Penguin feet are ugly, But penguins are too cool to care. Besides, Nobody sees their feet anyway :-P

  248. LOL, for the best possible pic to post in Mith's birthday thread

  249. Congratulations on making the dean's list!

  250. Good morning, have a coffee on me :-)

  251. Thank you!

  252. goldbarf,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,lmao

  253. for the tech lesson

  254. Lizard rhymes with gizzard... which tastes good with peas (once you discard the can)

  255. I heard they taste good too.

  256. This is called a bluebotia. Mandrills also have bluebotias

  257. Congratulations MOTM

  258. Congrats and it's about time. :-)

  259. MOTM :-)

  260. Dinner is on me MOTM!!

  261. Yay, MOTM,

  262. Helped save my remaining fish. Thanks!

  263. Why thank-you Mommy

  264. You da Best! :-)

  265. Here is a penguin to feed the severum. :)

  266. Thanks for the rep, here's a peguin eating severum

  267. "Genuine words are being replaced by idle chatter. Words no longer posses any weight. There is too much talk." - Deitrich Bonhoeffer

  268. you need ice cream

  269. I apologize for whatever I did that caused you to pick that avatar :-D ;-) - Love the text on it though! Have a margarita on me.

  270. Good god!

  271. You better have your own - Sometimes big sisters do not share slushies.

  272. It's hot out - Have a slushy & remember that if only two kinds of people hate you . . You are obviously an underacheiver of mass proportions in more respects than one.

  273. Hey arcticgibs! Have a nice day & A nice cold beer to go with it :-D

  274. :-D

  275. For knowing just how to deliver a happy birthday message

  276. I could not rep you, so this is for try to get through to the "goofed" people

  277. Hey there! Enjoy the cofffee! I hope to see you in chat later today or sometime this weekend!

  278. To my friend, with love

  279. hai

  280. Seriously... !

  281. THIS is just a rediculous number of penguins

  282. Oh, I have gone to far...

  283. We are triplets actually :-)

  284. With a friend

  285. I am a penguin

  286. For keeping me between the lines, THANK-YOU

  287. Why booze? Pshhh! Why not?

  288. Thanks for the Nom. Coffee with Baileys...TBO!

  289. This gift is FLAME RETARDANT and forged from the tears of your sworn enemies.

  290. Because you've NEVER done fish surgery & you DO NOT BEG for prizes!!!

  291. BEWARE the CSK!!! Only margaritas can save us now...

  292. Mmm A gratis Latte for you! Awesome quotes in your sig BTW. ;-)

  293. Relax, have another cup of coffee!

  294. Haahaaaa

  295. Thank you for the help on the gifts

  296. Right Back At Cha...

  297. loach!

  298. Congratulations!

  299. Awsome, thanks for the nomination !!!

  300. MMMMM Latte :-)

  301. Thank-you

  302. hehehe

  303. the fish of the world are now breathing a heavy sigh of relief

  304. Enjoy Your Penguin!

  305. say no to hybrids!

  306. No Message

  307. you are just jealous b/c it is true -- you cry baby.

  308. go ahead -- tell mom -- she won't believe you!!!

  309. thanks for the donation

  310. You didn't remind me!!

  311. 1 million points!!!!

  312. Thanks for the rep! Much appreciated!

  313. Thanks for the rep.

  314. Even though I missed it this year Happy Birthday.

  315. Happy Birthday!

  316. Happy Birthday :-)

  317. Have a cafelatte for your birthday!

  318. Happy Birthday!!

  319. Thx for the rep, and happy B-Day !

  320. Happy Birthday!!

  321. "another" birthday? LOLOLOL

  322. Happy Birthday

  323. Congrats on MOTM! I couldn't find a gift that said SuperMommy..I'll just call you SM for now ;-)

  324. MOTM...Congrats :-)

  325. Congrats on MOTM!

  326. congratulation for winning MOTM for December!

  327. congrats on MOTM

  328. Christmas crabs Yaay!

  329. umm... happy holidays? :P

  330. Happy Holidays

  331. Merry Christmas to you, too!

  332. merry freakin' christmas :-)

  333. Merry Christmas to my forum friend!

  334. Happy Hanukkah!

  335. Merry Christmas

  336. Merry X-mass, and thx for the help this past year

  337. looks like a pickle 8]

  338. Congrats on your new tank!

  339. Thanks for the rep!

  340. Good post on AC replacement media

  341. Angel for you =)

  342. badoomp badoomp

  343. Coffee for you too :)

  344. Thank you for the nomination!

  345. growl

  346. Thanks for the nomination, have one on me

  347. Won the lottery!

  348. Thank you! Have a pizza!

  349. thanks!

  350. now here is something that needs salt!

  351. Congrats on your award!

  352. I won the lottery!

  353. You can now relax and enjoy :-)

  354. celebrate good times!

  355. Its a good day in the neighborhood

  356. Cheers!

  357. Thanks!

  358. Good post : - ) totally agree

  359. I won the lottery!

  360. Happy Birthday!

  361. Just remember it is ojhne of these. Just give it enough rope. :-)

  362. congratulations on your rep star

  363. Happy Birthday!

  364. Happy bithday!!

  365. Happy Birthday!!

  366. Birthday coffee

  367. Happy B-day! :)

  368. happy birthday

  369. Happy Birthday

  370. Happy Birthday!

  371. happy new year to you too!

  372. aww thanks sweetie!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

  373. Happy new year!

  374. Happy New Year

  375. Happy New Year!

  376. Fellow Member of theTroll Patrol

  377. Happy New Year to my forum friend!

  378. merr.... happy holidays! XP

  379. Merry Christmas!

  380. Merry Christmas!

  381. merry christmas

  382. Happy Holidays!!

  383. Happy Holidays

  384. Merry Christmas

  385. Merry Christmas!

  386. Happy Chaunnaka!

  387. hehehehehehe

  388. Happy Chanukah

  389. Nollaig Shona! (Christmas greetings)

  390. i hate drinkin alone

  391. Merry Xmas :)

  392. Merry Christmas!

  393. Thank you

  394. A little Christmas spirit!

  395. Congrats on the new tank!!

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