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About Lab_Rat

Basic Information

Date of Birth
December 16
About Lab_Rat
Deep, deep South
Fish, dressage, dog agility
Legal drug dealer
About Me:
I'm me.
About anything but jazz or R&B
Kill Bill Pirates of the Caribbean LOTR
Who I'd like to meet:
Carson Palmer
Anything but freaking medical journals or textbooks.
University Degree
Why do you like AC Tropical Fish:
I like fish.
all over
Aquarium 1:
180g CA/SA
Aquarium 2:
75g African cichlid
Aquarium 3:
125 g planted
Rest of Your Aquariums:
24g SW 50g African cichlid grow out 29g nanoluteus planted 5g betta 40g random
How I got started with aquariums.:
In water.
Favorite fish:
Hoplarchus psittacus, the true parrot cichlid
Fish I have bred:
Multies various mbuna Aulonocara OB Aulonocara stuartgranti maleri island GBR Nics BNs all sorts of livebearers RCS
Why I like fish::
Tastes delicious and is healthy for you.
Best advice:
If 9/10 people tell you it's not a good thing to do, don't do it just cuz 1 person said it is ok. Also, your LFS wants your cash, people giving advice here have no monetary incentive for the advice they give.
Other pets:
dog and cat


Quote Originally Posted by i_am_511
Lighten up its just the internet its not like someone came in your house and punched a baby in the face.


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  1. Happy New Year

  2. Merry Christmas

  3. Merry Christmas

  4. 1st Beer is on me, Happy Birthday.

  5. and gift

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes

  7. Merry Christmas :-)

  8. It's a Christmas Bunny, Merry Christmas.

  9. Happy X-mas! :-)

  10. Merry Christmas

  11. Merry Christmas

  12. A little cake for your birthday.

  13. Here's a fish for your QT tank, I could not rep you so here is a gift

  14. I can think of four reasons you deserve this :-D

  15. If a tree falls in the forest... I hope you are not parked under it :-D Have a delicious beverage.

  16. I think this will help after the tree

  17. After all that virtual alcohol it's time to sober up with some virtual food

  18. Friends don't let friends drink alone, Cheers

  19. Another day, another round for my friends.

  20. Next round is on me! :-D

  21. I thought i would by a round since i have all this money laying around :-D

  22. Another round for my friends

  23. thank you for birthday wishes

  24. I heard you like horses :)

  25. chag hanukkah sameach

  26. merry xmas, just remember anything more than 10g for him is a waist XD

  27. Merry Christmas Labby :-)

  28. Happy X-Mas! :-)

  29. Christmas octopus! oh no!

  30. It's a Christmas Bunny, Merry Christmas.

  31. Merry Christmas!

  32. Here's some Christmass Cheer, Happy Holidays

  33. The perfect gift for any occasion - Happy Holidays llama!

  34. No Message

  35. Happy Bday! :-D

  36. Happy Birthday!

  37. Happy Birthday !! Penguins are PERFECT for any occasion as you are well aware :-D

  38. HB, Merry Xmas, HNY. I couldn't find a male stripper in the gift menu, so a rose will have to do.

  39. It's a Birthday Bunny : )

  40. Sorry about your fish

  41. Sorry for your loss. Have a Frontosa - Its not the same I know . . But my options are kinda limited here..

  42. One to pet :)

  43. everybody can use a good penguin

  44. Hi Llama

  45. gravel should always match the background

  46. Good Luck with the Loaches! :-)

  47. I am sorry for your loss and I hoe you feel better soon.

  48. Nothing can replace chocolate . . But chocolate. Sorry for your loss - It sucks.

  49. Thanks for the rep !!

  50. George Carlin FTW!

  51. Nicki, Vinnie and Tony stole this from Tucker, Kyle, & Todd :-D

  52. Congrats MOTM

  53. Congrats MOTM

  54. Here's an angelfish in anticipation of your brand new reward tank! Congratulations, and much success.

  55. Three Cheers to you on your big accomplishment!

  56. Cool avatar! . . . & also Penguins are cool

  57. Gratz!

  58. Congrats!

  59. congrats and cheers (you already had champagne, so I opted for a brew)

  60. Congrats!

  61. woohoo! congratulations

  62. Hot fish

  63. Thx for the rep

  64. for the bestest grandma

  65. Ah!.. That 'New penguin smell' Thanks for your Mbuna help!

  66. yeeehaww!

  67. just a little "coffee" for you

  68. To remember the occasion

  69. Cheers! Thanks for the rep!

  70. Thanks for the macro! :-)

  71. Christmas bunny Yaay!

  72. Merry christmas!

  73. Merry Christmas

  74. merry freakin' christmas :-)

  75. Merry Christmas to my forum friend!

  76. and merry christmas or whatever

  77. shalom

  78. Merry Christmas

  79. Merry X-mass, and thank-you

  80. Merry Christmas ;-)

  81. Happy Birthday!

  82. Happy B-Day! :-)

  83. Happy, Happy Birthday

  84. Happy Birthday Llama

  85. +22 Happiness Cookie (sorry about your rough week)

  86. You could use a drink after this last week :)

  87. Thanks Lab_Rat

  88. Here's a rose in memory of your peacock cichlid

  89. A piece of cake to thank everybody that posted in my anniversary thread for their kind words.

  90. you ar e the most awesomerest friend ever!

  91. thank you

  92. Just cuz

  93. Bad rep gets a bad rap!

  94. Great new avatar but what does it say on the blackboard ?

  95. Thanks for the gift :)

  96. way to kick ass and take names!

  97. Thanks for everything

  98. grrr

  99. to keep you company while you are away

  100. Won the lottery!

  101. Its my One Year anniversary on AC - just wanted to say thanks to some of the folks that make it a great site!

  102. Thanks for the rep!

  103. Congrats on MOTM

  104. because i have to spread the rep around before i can give you more

  105. Thank you, I hope it helps as well :-)

  106. thanks!

  107. Just wanted to say thank you for all the useful help and advice that you provide me.

  108. Thank you for the kind words

  109. Thanks for looking at my pictures!

  110. No Message

  111. You just need one of these!

  112. and the best for last! :)

  113. and another

  114. hehe, awesome job!

  115. Please ship me some antibiotics : - )

  116. I won the lottery!

  117. celebrate good times!

  118. its the happiest day of my life!

  119. Its a good day in the neighborhood

  120. It's a bird, it's a it's a guy with bugs between his teeth!

  121. Thanks!

  122. CONGRATS on your engagement!!!

  123. Will you marry me?

  124. I won the lottery!

  125. happy new year!

  126. death to trolls!

  127. merry new year!

  128. Happy new year!

  129. Happy New Year

  130. Happy New Year!

  131. Happy New year. I would sooner have a beer than a Troll for sure :-)

  132. Fellow Member of the Troll Patrol

  133. Happy New Year to my forum friend!

  134. Happy New Years!

  135. Just remember to give it enough rope :-)

  136. merry xmas labby

  137. congratulations on the comp, wins. yay!!

  138. Merry Christmas!

  139. Thanks for the help and quick ID and Happy Holidays

  140. Happy Holidays!!

  141. Merry Christmas!

  142. Happy Christmas

  143. Cheers to a new year.

  144. Merry Christmas

  145. hehehehehehe

  146. Merry Christmas!

  147. Nollaig Shona! (Christmas greetings)

  148. Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!!

  149. for making me laugh

  150. Merry Xmas :)

  151. Happy Bday!

  152. Happy Birthday

  153. bah humbug

  154. Happy Birthday!

  155. Happy B-Day!

  156. Happy bithday!!

  157. Happy Birthday!

  158. and ice cream

  159. happy birthday to you cake

  160. Happy Birthday!!!

  161. Merry Christmas!

  162. 3000 posts! YAAY

  163. Congrats on your new stuff!

  164. Thanks

  165. thanks for splitting the craigslist find with me!

  166. thanks!

  167. A gift for you :)

  168. Thanks for playing Mafia!

  169. congrats on your award!

  170. For caring about fish =)

  171. congratulations on the REP award!

  172. you are freakin awesome!

  173. you cichlid expert you!

  174. You know why =)

  175. Happy Thanksgiving!

  176. This gift is annoying

  177. You're a great friend

  178. i am glad we are friends

  179. Congratulations on your rep star

  180. Congrats!

  181. congratulations

  182. thank you

  183. accidental gift of agassizii, lol

  184. Good luck at the auction.

  185. Congrats on your award!

  186. Congrats on your award!

  187. No Message

  188. No Message

  189. Congrats on the fry!

  190. sorry..

  191. MOTM Congrats!

  192. Congrats on Motm!

  193. "coffee" is better when shared with a friend

  194. congrats on MOTM

  195. congratulations MOTM

  196. Congrats on MOTM

  197. Congrats!

  198. have one of these!

  199. Thought you may like a gourami. Thanks for the rep ;-)

  200. Have a gift

  201. for white text :)

  202. Thank you for all your advice and guidance -- you have really helped me in this hobby!

  203. For supporting adopting a dog I really shouldn't be getting! ;)

  204. have fun

  205. have one of these!

  206. Thanks for the rep

  207. Sorry

  208. movie time?

  209. YAY!

  210. congratulations!

  211. hang in there

  212. Congrats, now you can start bringing in the big bucks

  213. Thanks for the Frontosa.

  214. For passing your exams! Nice one!

  215. Congratulations

  216. Congrats on passing your tests!

  217. woohoo! you passed : )

  218. Congrats on passing!

  219. Congrats!!

  220. for passing the boards

  221. Thank you :)

  222. have another

  223. My apologies for a misunderstanding!

  224. have an akvarie!

  225. for my friend

  226. Thanks for the rep points & your kind comments

  227. Sorry I double posted in your thread!

  228. They didn't have anything similar to a llama :)

  229. YAY!! page one!!

  230. congratulations the tests are over!

  231. Ment to send you one of these oops

  232. Thank you & your welcome

  233. you need one of these

  234. Thank you

  235. i love "coffee"

  236. Thanks!

  237. Luck for your tests :)

  238. FluffyLoveMuffin

  239. Keep studying but don't forget to have fun too. Good luck

  240. Good luck for both tests

  241. For all your kind comments

  242. i'm sure the test will be a piece of cake.. good luck

  243. Thx for all the help and advice. I thought mbanas and peacocks lived together in Malawi and assumed that mention you could have both. So in other word you saved the lives of 2-3 peacocks, not to mention me 60 bucks or so and made me glad that this is

  244. Thanks for all the kind comments.

  245. for a good friend, good luck with the boards

  246. Have a gourami

  247. you are the best

  248. have a cookie

  249. thanks for the nomination

  250. Thanks for the rep points

  251. For always being there for me

  252. Thanks!

  253. Get well soon

  254. you need more tissues

  255. thank you

  256. hope you feel better soon

  257. Congrats on your award!

  258. Mafia 5.0 Serial Killer

  259. Mafia 5.0 WINNER

  260. for a good friend

  261. i won the lottery!

  262. LLAMA!!

  263. have a clown loach

  264. "coffee"

  265. hehe

  266. for being dam luck :p

  267. for saving the tank on craigslist

  268. Have a gift!!

  269. you need another gift

  270. Thanks for the rep points

  271. Thanks for your info and time!