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Nice cat.

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  1. Thanks for everything!

  2. Happy New Year Lady Hobbs.

  3. Happy New Year

  4. Happy New Year!

  5. Mary had a little Ham, little Ham, little Ham. Then she passed her plate again and had a little more! (Hope your 2014 is also a "little more")

  6. Merry Christmas

  7. Merry Christmas

  8. Merry Christmas!

  9. Merry Christmas

  10. Merry Christmas!

  11. The fishies are coming! the fishies are coming!

  12. Having a tough week? This may help.

  13. heres a severum youve always wanted :P

  14. Thanks for the Rep

  15. Thanks for the rep the other day sweetie

  16. Happy mother's day! Enjoy one on me LOL

  17. :-)

  18. For this;

  19. Sorry about your blood parrot :-(

  20. Member of the month, a toast is in order.

  21. Congratulations MOTM!

  22. Good for you and 35 days!

  23. Thanks for the rep :-)

  24. enjoy!

  25. Congrats, you know how to pick'm :-)

  26. do I need a reason to give you a sev??

  27. For a big sweet hart

  28. Take internally for relief of symptoms.

  29. I hear this makes a bad day better :-)

  30. and gifts

  31. Thanks for the birthday wishes

  32. Maybe this beer will numb your back pain

  33. It's a Christmas Bunny, Merry Christmas.

  34. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours

  35. May your holidays be as Divine as this Holiday Swine!

  36. Happy X-mas! :-)

  37. Merry Christmas Hobbs

  38. Merry Christmas Hobbsy

  39. Merry Christmas

  40. Merry Christmas!

  41. Merry Christmas

  42. Merry Christmas!

  43. thanks so much for coming to my aid!

  44. for telling it like it is!

  45. Thank you for all your hard work over the years

  46. Now maybe you can enjoy your morning coffee

  47. Hang neatly in closet :-D Thanks

  48. It's always good to have your popcorn ready.. In case there is a show :-P

  49. Well, I can't send you DR's Fstr&smth equip, but I can pour you a glass of wine. lol

  50. A toast to your generosity!

  51. For being able to explain to people why their fish swim :-)

  52. Welcome to the club, pull up a chair and have a few with us.

  53. No Message

  54. Here is a chaser for all the choking spam you swam in tonight.

  55. What are dates? @.@

  56. Oh you silver tonged devil you..... :-)

  57. Congrats on becoming a Grandmother, again

  58. For manking me laugh about the birds and bess

  59. Congrats on the comp win :-)

  60. I wish I could give you a real severum. thanks for all your help

  61. Right back at'ya my friend, thanks

  62. You are the best.

  63. Because you're a star!

  64. You'll always be a good cop to me !!!

  65. LOL, to help keep track of the moving targets

  66. Haha - I'd use the rinse cycle :-P Have a cookie.

  67. Now you don't have to run to the store

  68. Thanks for the support, Next time we will have popcorn during the horrorshow. :-P

  69. " Yes, if the fish are in the tank and not in the gravel." HAHA - Have a manatee :-D

  70. Here's to the effectiveness of 'reminders', Here's hoping!

  71. Cheers to the Hobbs rep!

  72. . . . . . I give up

  73. 3rd time lucky . . . . aaaaaargh!!!!

  74. definately female this time . . . . @#*( grrr more males

  75. Right need some females . . . . oops another male!

  76. Coffee goes best with pie-filling, thank for the rep

  77. Can't say you didn't try, Have a cup on me.

  78. Its too early for this! Have a coffee. (and thanks)

  79. For your 5.5G!!

  80. You're not the only one FG annoys!

  81. You go girl!

  82. Because no one states it as clearly as you!

  83. Thank you for the Gold Star!!!

  84. Cheers Lady Hobbs, I can always count on you being the voice of reason.

  85. This is NOT a light beer.. In fact I wont even mention the word 'light'.. ;-7

  86. I think you need more SW gifts

  87. thanks for all the rep which helped me reach my 1st star

  88. Figured after a night of celebrating your birthday you could use a cup of coffee.

  89. thanks for the rep!

  90. Have a good one!

  91. Happy Birthday! Here's to many more :-D

  92. Its a freako pico pleco

  93. For the biggest sweethart on the forum. Thank you for all of your kind words

  94. Awesome RRF pic! Thanks

  95. 6 is the number of.... your stars! :D Also - Sorry about your barbs.

  96. Have a beer for your saint like patience

  97. Congratulations on your 6th rep star!

  98. For number 6

  99. this giftbox contains a trophy for 6 rep stars - you're a great mod!

  100. For listening to me wine

  101. After all that virtual alcohol it's time to sober up with some virtual food

  102. Friends don't let friend drink alone, Cheers

  103. Another day, another round for my friends.

  104. For being an awesome Mod

  105. Thank you

  106. Have a frosty brew on me

  107. I thought i would by a round since i have all this money laying around :-D

  108. Another round for my friends

  109. three beers is the charm that brings out the troll ban hammer

  110. I like the pwetty colours, have a beer

  111. "Can I?" "No" "Can I?" "No" "Can I?" "No" "Can I?" "No" "Yes but.. Can I?" = BEER TIME!

  112. A nice beer cures brain farts . . . Can't hurt any at any rate :-P

  113. TY for the gift of points!!!

  114. Thanks for the rep, I hope you enjoy my favorite summer time treat

  115. I could not rep you again, so a gift will have to do

  116. Thanks for helping me cycle & battling fish illness

  117. I will breed the Severums if you breed the Firemouths

  118. Since you wanted firemouths again

  119. Thanks for the vals!

  120. Sorry to hear about your fish, this is the closest thing to a new parrot fish that I could find

  121. Happy easter, and thanks for the rep the other day

  122. a toast to the youngest fishkeepers!!

  123. A little early but happy Eater : -)

  124. Thank you!

  125. Thanks! For all you do!

  126. Cheers for the great advice!

  127. Tag! It's your turn.

  128. Winner MOTM, congrats my friend

  129. Thanks

  130. aww,,,ya really think so?!

  131. Patience of a saint... have one on me

  132. LOL, to the closer (you beat me to it)

  133. This is the closest thing to a ban-hammer that I could find, great job my friend

  134. Banning can be such thirsty work! :-P

  135. You will ALWAYS be my pick for MOTM

  136. Thx for the rep! I have enough for a award now :)

  137. 5 Stars, Now that deserves a toast. Cheers.

  138. Congratulations on #5

  139. Thanks for your kind words, and support

  140. thank you for the birthday wishes

  141. To melt away the stress of the day

  142. For the queen of the MODS

  143. To go with your morning coffee :-)

  144. Your patients is amazing

  145. Thanks for your help earlier this year and Merry Christmas and happy be year!

  146. Merry xmas

  147. Sweets for all my Sweets this Holiday! :)

  148. Merry Christmas!!

  149. Merry Christmas

  150. Just a little something for 35,XXX posts

  151. Merry Christmas Lady. Cheers.

  152. Hope Santa is good to you!

  153. merry xmas. thanks for all the help this year XD

  154. Happy X-Mas! :-)

  155. Christmas puppy! awwww

  156. Merry Christmas!

  157. Merry Christmas!

  158. Meryy Christmass and happy holidays my friend

  159. happy holidays!

  160. Pre-emptive christmas present for ya :-D

  161. Honey,,,,,,,,blushing

  162. Why thank you

  163. I find a margarita can help on a day like today when the ozone is ESPECIALLY thick, Know what I mean?

  164. Happy Thanksgiving.

  165. Thank you for the rep :)

  166. For listening to me wine and complain

  167. Cheers to the only green thing that grows in our tanks

  168. I thought you could use a new monitor :-P {This is that type of lizard right? ;-) }

  169. Thank you!

  170. because you knocked 4 yrs off my age while alot of others added WAY too many

  171. For all of your help for over the year and some

  172. To keep you warm this winter ;)

  173. Because you're the best

  174. Cause you know more about cycling than Lance Armstrong!!


  176. and flowers!

  177. and flowers!

  178. Candy?

  179. Thank you

  180. Because your a sweet-hart

  181. Just cause I missed ya.

  182. You're awesome!! And I can't bake a cake, but I can cycle a tank!!

  183. You got me lol

  184. My first gift ever sent! Thank you for helping!!

  185. The better man won

  186. Congratulations, I knew you would like him

  187. LOL, glad I'm not alone. Here's the first severum for your new tank

  188. guess its time I started spreading it around!

  189. For 5 years of making this a great place to hang out

  190. Thank you

  191. Thanks for the rep

  192. Thank you

  193. shoaling arowanas

  194. For dealing with second rate trolls

  195. For all the good modding

  196. Right back at'ya, and thank-you

  197. Congrats on star #4 : )

  198. #4 : )

  199. Happy B-Day!

  200. happy bday lady!

  201. enjoy a nice glass on me :)

  202. Happy Birthday!

  203. happy birthday to you

  204. For your birthday...

  205. For your Extreme Generosity!

  206. Thanks for the plants and shrimp!

  207. On and on and on it goes. When it will end, nobody knows

  208. Have a beer! Theres obviously a story behind the IP thread - Thanks for all you mods do, Now Drink up!

  209. Shrimps!

  210. 32000 posts! Dang!lol

  211. Super Mod !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. albino cories freak me out!

  213. Good question!

  214. Here's your angel, memorialized. She thanks you for giving her such great care while she was with you. Lucky, lucky fishy!

  215. You could prob use another one of these about now

  216. you need one of these

  217. Beautiful Parrot tank! Congrats on TOTM!!

  218. Hi Hobbsy =)

  219. TOTM Congrats.

  220. thanks!

  221. Happy St. Patrick's Day !

  222. Thanks for the rep!

  223. The Cardinal Tetra you need. Well close.

  224. Thank you for all your help and being so nice

  225. for posting my link. your a doll

  226. Hi Hobbsy =)

  227. Just because

  228. This Penguin heard you like making new friends ;D

  229. Eagle Eye Hobbs! Thanks for making me laugh!

  230. Why thank-you :-)

  231. Your generousity and willingness to help others astounds me!

  232. An Excel Resistant One to increase your school

  233. I heard you like bunnies too.

  234. For keeping banded members out, have one on me

  235. Here is a nice red one for you!

  236. Always lookin' out

  237. Congrats on MOTM, well deserved!

  238. you deserve one of these too

  239. congratulations on motm!

  240. Thanks Again

  241. For your laughing monkey that made me laugh out loud

  242. Well, here is some clover so you might get lucky outside the tank!LOL

  243. Your photos are lovely LH.

  244. Aww shucks, thanks for the kind words and the rep

  245. Thanks for the kind words and the rep

  246. for my biggest fan.Love ya

  247. Thank you! Merry Christmas!

  248. Merry Xmas - Thnx for the donation! :)

  249. A Sweet for someone Sweet

  250. Congrats on your third star : )

  251. Christmas easter egg Yaay!!

  252. Good job on calling 911!

  253. Merry Christmas!

  254. oh and merry christmas too

  255. congratulations for three rep stars!

  256. merry freakin' christmas :-)

  257. Merry Christmas to my forum friend!

  258. Merry Christmas!

  259. Merry Christmas

  260. Merry X-mass, and thank-you

  261. thank you

  262. Thank you for your kind comment!

  263. A piece of cake to thank everybody that posted in my anniversary thread for their kind words.

  264. After your Walmart experience, you really need a glass of wine!

  265. For making this forum excellent

  266. Thanks for sharing videos. You're a star!

  267. Cause I havnt been around much lately.

  268. enjoy, you deserve it

  269. Thank you

  270. Im just a shameless buttkisser

  271. For all that you do !!!

  272. Thanks for making me laugh

  273. you are awesome

  274. Thanks. I shot coffee out my nose.

  275. Won the lottery!

  276. Always a sweeheart

  277. You are a treasure, thanks for the nomination

  278. Thanks for the help and suggestions!

  279. Its my One Year anniversary on AC - just wanted to say thanks to some of the folks that make it a great site!

  280. happy b day

  281. Happy Birthday!

  282. Birthday Girl!!!!!!!!

  283. Happy Birthday!!

  284. For your Birthday!

  285. Happy Birthday!

  286. Celebrating Carol's B-day :-)

  287. Happy B-day

  288. Another year better

  289. Thank you very much for the gifts! Hope you like this replacement for the glolight, lol.

  290. Thanks for all of your help, I think this is the only gift that you dont have

  291. Would give rep but it won't let me. So have a gift.

  292. For solving my bubble problem.

  293. Thanks for the help :)

  294. Congrats!!

  295. Just a reminder that you are a treasure :)

  296. For keeping things great

  297. LOL.. nice one

  298. Thanks for all the great information you've provided not only for me, but all the members :)

  299. When you can't find the ban stick, you can always hit em with a tuna. Thanks for doing what you do, and doing it well.

  300. For having patience, and putting up with things you shouldn't have to. You need a drink.

  301. Congrats on MOTM!

  302. One from your stalker XD

  303. Hope it helps! Cheers

  304. Happy Easter!

  305. These won't get too big to keep

  306. No Message

  307. No Message

  308. donuts go good with coffee

  309. something to warm you

  310. thank you for all you do for the forum

  311. Thank you : - )

  312. whats that old saying a pearl amongst *****

  313. happy new year!

  314. have another for being so kind

  315. Happy New Year to my forum friend!

  316. Happy New Year!!!

  317. Congrats on MOTM

  318. Congratulations MOTM

  319. Merry Christmas! Hoping for a fast recovery for your daughter.

  320. Merry Christmas

  321. Happy Holidays!

  322. Nollaig Shona! (Christmas greetings)

  323. Merry Christmas!

  324. Merry Christmas!

  325. Merry Christmas!!! a SPECIAL one at that! (hug)

  326. Merry Christmas!

  327. For good luck! lol

  328. its a wonderful day in the neighborhood.

  329. since there is no BP for the BP lady, here is some algae!

  330. Congrats on the special new addition!!!

  331. Well deserved!For beakfast even!lol

  332. For all the thankless work you do!

  333. Congrats on your awards!

  334. Two stars!

  335. Thanks for your help with all the BP advice (and chat) you've given me!

  336. to a pearl of a girl!

  337. Time for a round of drinks

  338. Just read about your BP, sorry to hear that!

  339. sorry about your parrotfish, i know she was your treasure

  340. I couldnt find a blood parrot,sorry about your parrot fish.

  341. I'm sorry about your special girl!

  342. Thought you could use another since you are giving yours up for a good reason.

  343. for being always so helpful and friendly

  344. thanks for the good luck wishes for my exams

  345. Thxs your always there with helpful and always happy to help like the other night with the links

  346. No Message

  347. Sorry it's not the real thing, you are the best LH

  348. No Message

  349. Thanks!

  350. a round for the staff

  351. Your bud

  352. Just because you Rock!

  353. Just stopping by, showing some love! Miss you all! :)

  354. welcome back :)

  355. How do I cycle with fish and Pneumonia? lol Welcome Back!

  356. Welcome back! :)

  357. Welcome home LH

  358. For getting your LFS to stop selling dyied fish!! Right on!!

  359. Hug...

  360. This is for your lunch at work! Good luck!

  361. Thanks for all your help on varied topics!

  362. Happy Birthday

  363. Happy B/day!

  364. Whats this mean again? lol

  365. For the years of hard work around here!

  366. Glad you're still around... I got attached to ya!!!

  367. Happy Mum's Day :-)

  368. Happy Queen's Day!

  369. we agree lol

  370. They ran out of GIFTS!!!! GRRRR... (Happy belated Easter)

  371. Happy Easter Sweetie!!!!!!!

  372. Happy Easter

  373. Congrats on the Gold Rep award, awesome acheivement!

  374. Congrats on the Gold Reps!

  375. Sense of humor :D

  376. Stop winning the lotto! :D

  377. Happy Saint Patricks Day!

  378. This one is Lucky! lol

  379. For keeping your cool.

  380. for quitting smoking! WOOT WOOT!

  381. All women like jewelry! For my sweetie!

  382. To a wonderful lady!

  383. Congratulations on 20,000 Posts.

  384. thanks for the rep

  385. Congrats on passing 20,000 posts, Awesome!!

  386. Thanks for the reps! lol

  387. Thanks!!

  388. Super-Mod!

  389. Because you havn't had a gift off me yet : -)

  390. You need another little piggy, you only have one!

  391. A round of gifts for my Aqua Family!

  392. Congrats MOTY

  393. My favorite old person! :D

  394. Your 206th Gift!

  395. Thanks for the nom!!!

  396. For being you!

  397. This one is Lucky!

  398. Happy New Year!

  399. Merry Christmas

  400. Merry Christmas!

  401. Happy Holidays!

  402. A sweet treat for a sweet Lady

  403. Merry Christmas. :)

  404. Thanks!

  405. merry christmas

  406. Have a great Christmas!

  407. Happy X-Mas

  408. A Merry Merry Christmas xxx

  409. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

  410. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

  411. Seasons greetings, Have a wonderful Christmas.

  412. Seasons greetings!

  413. merry christmas

  414. Don't open until the 26th :-)

  415. happy x-mass to you

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  417. It's Super Hobbs. LOL

  418. Thank you for everything, and the gifts. I don't need anymore. Really. And also: Merry Christmas.

  419. OK, Now i am ;)

  420. Thx for your donation :):):)

  421. Happy Holidays 2 you as well!

  422. Thanks! Happy Holidays!

  423. Star Lady.

  424. Thanks for the money to give this gift, aswell as many others.

  425. thanks for all the help

  426. Happy Thanksgiving!

  427. A round of gifts for my friends at ac!

  428. peachy sev

  429. A celebratory drink. :)

  430. For being such a wonderful Mod

  431. well then here is another one, only 5 to go

  432. from the major suckup hahaha LOL

  433. Thanks for gettine me started. :)

  434. To a great member of the forum

  435. I owe you some!

  436. have a drink on me

  437. Congrats LH

  438. You are unforgetable!

  439. Thanks for your help waaayyyyy back when LOL

  440. You might need a drink ;-)

  441. You need one of these cuties - Modmum ;)

  442. A round of drinks for the mods. Thanks for your work around here.

  443. Have a rest during the move! Enjoy it.

  444. No Message

  445. 'cause I'd take you for coffee if i could!

  446. I wont the lottery and decided to spend some of it. LOL

  447. For helping us with the Severums

  448. Sugar me lady :-)

  449. U r a star 4 being there 4 me 2day

  450. Thanx for all your help & generosity!! Greatly appreciated!

  451. My Discus and I say a big thanks for some great moving tank advice

  452. Just buying a round for my fave AC Folks

  453. congrats..share a beer with me

  454. I meant to give you a beer last time but you ot algae by accident :( lol

  455. Thanks for the rep Hobbs, have a beer for the hot summer days!

  456. A Perfect Pick For MOTM! :)

  457. Everyone needs a GoldBarb. LOL

  458. Thanks for all you do

  459. Thanks for the Welcome Back

  460. A birthday treasure for our AC treasure

  461. Happy birthday!!!

  462. for your birthday, hope you'll find other pearl in your life

  463. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU - MelloCello

  464. Thanks for the Warm Mod Welcome x

  465. Heres to the enjoyment of funny weather men lol ;)

  466. Thank You

  467. A little dragon to remind you of me

  468. Happy Mother's Day

  469. I havnt gotten you anything in a while!

  470. Since you have no algae :-)

  471. For doing instead of thinking of doing!

  472. You Rock! Have a banana... why not?

  473. To help you get your threads in the right place. LOL j/k

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  475. To the shoal lol........

  476. For all of your help

  477. Here ya go buddy!

  478. Some Tuna for the Big Kahuna :) :)

  479. Always a pleasure to have a debate with you!

  480. For being so nice!

  481. To help get rid of that soapy taste

  482. I so enjoy reading some of your comments, Enjoy the martini

  483. thank you for the $$$$$$$

  484. Thanx for the donation, ur the greatest!!!

  485. thank you for donation the other day,

  486. AC Lady-- Love Ya!

  487. You're the best.

  488. Head Lady of the Forum xx

  489. kindness

  490. A gift for ME from ME

  491. Just because

  492. For a high class lady.

  493. Maybe a coffee will wake you up this morning

  494. Just b/c I think your great

  495. Because I still love ya...

  496. For passing me some lottery luck xxxx

  497. Here is a Gift for running this little treasure of a site. Thanks for this place, otherwise i would be lost when it came to needing help!

  498. For all you do around the site!

  499. Heres to chef keeping us fed...

  500. Thanks From My Lottery Winnings

  501. Back at ya

  502. Sorry about your loss. Hope you feel better!

  503. sorry about your dog

  504. Sorry about the loss of your dog

  505. thank you :-)

  506. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  507. for just being awesome and doing so much for the forum

  508. U R the Greatest!

  509. To the bestest Mod ever, Merry Christmas!

  510. Here you go, superwoman!

  511. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

  512. Merry Christmas :)

  513. Merry Christmas!

  514. Merry Christmas & because you deserve all the presents in the world ;)

  515. Thank You! Merry Christmas!!!

  516. I gave you a gif with the points you sent me! merry christmas!

  517. Merry Christmas Hobbs ;-*

  518. Good luck with your Meekis

  519. Heres To The Season Of Giving ;)

  520. cause you are a lovely person

  521. Oooooh, you said DON'T buy you a gift....whoopsie!

  522. Here, have a cup. Sorry about your bad luck day!

  523. sorry to hear about your granddaughters condition....i hope she gets better.

  524. For making me Rich and being a huge Fish lover x

  525. You seem to need a little luck!

  526. A toast to your new angels

  527. Some Universal Solvent to break down the Silicone!

  528. Have some "Universal Solvent" To get the silicone off...

  529. To clean up the silicone

  530. Thanks for the booze, and the points!

  531. 1 year! wOOt!

  532. Congrats on 1 year as a mod!

  533. As a thankyou for your kindness

  534. My bribe! lol please dont hurt me

  535. Just because!

  536. Because I'm sorry 'bout the angels

  537. closest thing to a angel i could find. good luck with them!

  538. Congrats On Your New Tank!! :)

  539. Prt.2 Her cup of Coffee...Thanks for always being there GF!!!

  540. I am baking Cookies and thought my dear friend Carol would love one with.... 2 be Continued...

  541. A toast to the gift you gave me!

  542. You'll be needing this now!

  543. Because with all the work you do, you must need lots of this.

  544. have a drink! thanks for helping me

  545. For always being helpful

  546. I got lucky! Thought I'd share- RAK!

  547. For Your Help & Friendship

  548. Congrats on being a Grandma...You must be so proud

  549. You know how to treat a gentleman ^_^

  550. Achievement deserves food! Whee!

  551. Thanks for your help!

  552. Here's a nice cold one, enjoy.

  553. Protector of the forum, and scourge of the spammers!

  554. For your honesty and dedication. Just GREAT!

  555. yay! my first lottery win! thanks to you lol.

  556. Thank you soo much! :D

  557. Thanks for helping me out the other day

  558. Just sending ya a lil note to let you know I have missed your post's & I hope all is well with you and your fishes XOXOX~Bonnie

  559. Whee! I finally won the (daily) lottery!

  560. RAK and comments about it

  561. A bottle of champers for yr BDAY

  562. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  563. boo hoo i want my money :)-

  564. Congrats, it's 493 boys and 527 more girls for you to love!

  565. Have a martini on me. It's the least I could do to say thanks for all the help you've given me.

  566. good luck trying to beat me in the lottery :)-

  567. Happy Mothers Day!

  568. couldnt eat this one!

  569. Hey, can i bum 15 grand? Im going to need gastric bypass 10x after the burgers!

  570. Laughing so hard im crying!

  571. *TOOT TOOT* next stop my thighs!

  572. Good luck with the power outage!

  573. For all the great work you do! Happy RAK

  574. This is a glass of a nice Argentinian Malbec!

  575. a great way to start the day and you don't have one yet

  576. Oh, come on. You know deep down inside, everyone needs a banana.

  577. For you fish loss

  578. Because I treasure you. You are the best!

  579. Dancing Bush...LMAO!

  580. Here you go, I'd Fed-ex some, but it would take too long.

  581. You're awesome!

  582. thanks for making me feel special

  583. thnks for the gifts and for all ur help.....

  584. This looks yummy! Here ya go!

  585. Thanks for the donation

  586. You dont cheat, your just REALLY lucky! ;)

  587. Cheers

  588. And a bottle of wine to bide the time :P

  589. Here's your plants :P

  590. here's a jordbar! lolol. what is a jordbar anyway? lol looks like a strawberry but it's not- it's a JORDBAR! lol

  591. To Celebrate Your First Lotto Win

  592. You are the backbone of this forum, and a Lady we all look up to

  593. have another one! --jeff

  594. Thanks.. I needed a laugh and the cats did it

  595. For you! Because you rock!

  596. here's some liquid enjoyment!!!

  597. Thanks for helping me out with cycling the 10g

  598. A little bauble for you in appreciation for all you do!

  599. thought you could have some ice cream! it certainly is warm enough! weird weather!

  600. soryy. i had to wait until i had over 1,000 points to get you a present which i was going to do anyway even before you sent me one. merry christmas hobbs!!! :)

  601. For all your hard work. Some flowers

  602. Super Mod

  603. Cause NB cares too!!!

  604. Cause I love MEEEEEE

  605. Merry Christmas

  606. Please accept this as a token of my appreciation

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